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This is Balaji here after a long time with an os .Guilt . read fully then comment . it’s not about love or romance.
Let I start the os.

“it’s brilliant Mr.Laksh” My CHAIRMAN hugged me lightly in excitement, we both have a professional handshake. I did, finally I made my company win a very profitable project and we completed it without any flaws. Even I have a share in profit as senior project manager. Well! First I introduce myself, I am Laksh … Laksh Rajashekaran, 30 year old man. I know what all you want to ask me. Maybe my father name sound as Tamilian. Yes ,my father was a tamilian and my maa was from north india. Both married at the marriage fixed day of my father with another women , after eloping from mandap.

Still I remember how my papa told his marriage story with an excitement about running , chasing, throwing bigger knives, wodden logs,etc… I always felt that I saw a movie.
“ Mr.Laksh… Laksh..”My CHAIRMAN Voice make me come out of my thoughts.
“Sorry Sir… just lost in my thoughts” I apologized .
“It’s okay Mr.laksh. it’s just a small gift from company’s side.”My CHAIRMAN offered me a small box. I opened it. it ‘s keys but… I looked my CHAIRMAN confusedly.
“it’s your new house keys Mr.Laksh, it’s for our new CEO” my CHAIRMAN Smiled. I can’t believe. A new house was presented to me with the unexpected promotion.

“Sir…” I just can say this word in surprise.
“ you deserve. Your smart work deserve this Mr.Laksh” My Chairman said and left from my Cabin. I just sit my chair with shock. Subconsciously , I take my mobile and pressed call to my maa, put it in speaker.
“Maa…” I called her the next moment she attend my call.
“Is everything okay Laksh ?’ my maa asked tensed.
“it’s must be midnight there, Laksh” my mind snapped me. I forget that I am in US and my maa is in India.
“maa, everything is okay. I got promotion. I will get high salary then now” I said and see My wife ragini is calling me.
“Maa, Ragini is calling me. I will speak afterwards” I said without giving any heed, I cut the call and connected towards Ragini’s call. I wanted to tell about my promotion to My Ragini.
“Laksh…”Ragini whispered my name in phone. I always love whenever she calls my name. I feel something in it.
“Haan Rago…” I suppressed my smile and talk like I am busy in work. I want to see her expressions when I say about my promotion.
“ today come soon… I want to speak to you “Ragini said. I sense something important.
“okay be Ready Rago. Today we will go out for a dinner” I said and waited for her reply.
“ok Laksh”she accepted. Well! we both did love marriage but not like my father. We married each other with our parent consent. Even my maa convinced her parents, to accept our marriage.
I walked out from my Cabin and all my colleagues and cabin wished me for my promotion, I thanked my all my team members . after an hour, I come out of my office, switched off y phone. Now no one can disturb me and get into my car, drive towards the restaurant which I want to book now for my surprise dinner. I booked the whole floor and supervised the decorations. Everything is ok.
My watch alarmed it’s 5:00 PM. Well! Now I have to go my house and get ready.

In Laksh’s House,
“am I did wrong?” Ragini asked herself when she sits before mirror. Suddenly Vomiting sensation aroused inside her and she ran towards the sink, vomited. She feels dizzy , holds the wall for support. She walked towards tap, splashed it in her face, drink little bit water.
“now, it’s ok”Ragini thought as her dizziness reduced.
Her hands caressed her belly where a little soul starts to grow . she sits in nearby chair and hold her head.
She felt someone caressing her head.”Annu maa…” Ragini said and turned her head. but there is no one. Her astonished face turned into sad one.

She come out of her flat and pressed the calling bell of opposite flat . Flat door is opened.
“Ragini… are you alright?”Pari, Ragini’s neighbor asked by seeing her face.
Ragini nodded little bit and Pari let her come inside.
“Come in Rago beta…”Suji, pari’s MIL welcomed her with a warm smile. Pari offered a coffee. Ragini take a sip Again, Vomiting sensation aroused inside her, she ran towards bathroom, vomited.
Pari holds Ragini shoulders and helps her to sit, make her drink warm water.
Suji holds Ragini hands and checks pulses as she is a doctor , smiles broadly.
“Are you pregnant, Ragini?”Suji asked . Ragini slightly nods , blushes little bit.
Pari side hugs Ragini happily.”Are you tell bhai about his promotion? ” Pari asked while raising her eyebrows.
“ no … I am waiting for that moment”Ragini said while looking floor.
“ohh! Rago… wait, first I will feed you with some sweet. How much sweet news you give to us?”Suji said with a smile and sign pari.
Pari nods and come with Rasagulla. Suji feeds Ragini with rasagulla .
“Rago beta! Don’t worry, Dizziness and vomiting sensation is common in this period.Soon, Pari and Suji starts to their work for dinner while chit chatting. Ragini stares then with some unknowing expression may be guilt or longing which makes her remember some unwanted memories .

Flashback starts…
A normal middle class house which has 2 bedrooms.
“Rago… Rago.. atleast just eat this” Annu feed her while she was checking her things.
“Annu maa.. I am already getting … .”Ragini cut in middle because of food fed by Annu.
“Maa… it’s not good. You are caring your bahu than your son” Laksh complained with pouting face.
“She is also your wife. Take this and feed her. I will come in a minute ”Annu get into kitchen
Ragini looks the plate then laksh who is smiling. Ragini looks into Laksh eyes and subconsciously eats without saying anything.
“Cuckoo..cuckoo..” an artificial bird ringed to denote it’s 9:00 AM.
Raglak come out of thoughts.
“no.. it’s late”Laksh screamed.
“maa.. we are going”Ragini yelled.
“Rago beta.. just a minute…”Annu yelled from Kitchen. Laksh takes his bike to Road and starts.
Ragini sits in back while Annu comes hurriedly.
“Laksh, in this Tiffin and Lunch both there. Don’t dare to skip it and Rago, I did your favorite tomato rice with Potato fry. Don’t skip and I don’t want any excuses. Laksh drive carefully ”Annu lightly tapped Ragini’s cheeks then handover their lunch bags .
Laksh accelerates his bike and moves while Ragini clutches Laksh shoulder for safety. Annu waves her hand in , stares the direction Raglak goes..
Flashback ends…

“Ragini.. ragini…”Pari shake Ragini a little by seeing tears flowing from Ragini eyes.
“Rago are you missing your maa? Then ask laksh, to bring your maa here in dependent Visa” Suji suggested.
“Maa..”Ragini smiled sarcastically. “for my family , I just an burden to them which they want to lost” Ragini muttered.
“ragini..”Pari said. Ragini wiped her tears and put a smile.
Suji signed pari not to speak about further.
“Ok Pari di, Suji aunty. Laksh will come this time. We will meet later with sweets”Ragini said with smile and left to her flat.

On other hand,

Laksh’s POV
I come out of restaurant and dashed with a old man.
“Sorry beta” old man apologized suddenly.
“It’s ok Uncle”I said and bend to take his walking stick.
I saw the old man who is adjusting his eye glass to get a clear vision of me.
“Uncle, there is your stick”I give oldman’s stick and turned towards his car.
“beta, one minute…”old man stopped me and I looked him questioningly .”are you Laksh, Annapurna’s son?” old man asked me questioningly. I really surprised , for the first time in my life , someone addressing me with my maa’s identity.
“haan… do you know about my maa?”I asked him with surprise. How he know about my maa?
“haan.. how can I forget her? She was worked with me . She struggled so much for your growth.”old man said. No I think he misunderstand me.
“no uncle, I think you misunderstand me.” I said to him politely.
“beta, are you Laksh, state topper even your father name Raja… Rajashekaran..”old man said. Yes, all correct , I am a state topper , even I am a IITian. But my maa never worked as maid.
“beta,. still I remember that I hired your maa for cooking in my marriage contracts. At that time , your papa was died and you were just in standard 11 and studied in hostel. “ he said. Yes, I remember my papa died in a accident and after that, my maa got insurance money even I studied with that money and it’s interest by putting it in bank . but he is saying…

“ I asked her several times by seeing her leaves. She said that she didn’t want to you know about her struggle, so she took leave whenever you came home . Even the smoke affected her health causing breathing problems, she refused to leave cooking job. Still I remember her answer.” Bhaiya, I am struggling for my Laku’s good life. See once he settled, he will take care of me as his queen.” You maa said this words to me and see now, her struggle won and I know you should keep your maa as a queen”old man said.
“he will take care of me as his queen” this words ringed in my mind. But Am I keep that words?
“papa…” my thoughts get broken by hearing a young man yell. He run towards that old man and starts to cover him with shawl.
“papa… you are already having cold. See the weather how much chill it is.” Young man , I think that oldman’s son scolded him with caring voice.
“Rajat I just want come out for some time. I don’t want to disturb you or Kavya. See you already tired because of your work” old man caressed his son hairs.
“papa I am not tired at all. come, I will take you nearby park” his son said and see me, come towards me.
“hi I am rajat . I hope my papa didn’t disturb you . you are Indian naa, he always like to speak with our country peoples”he said apologetically .
“ no it’s not like that. I am Laksh” I said.
“ ok. hope we will meet again” he said and goes towards his papa.
Maa… I just murmur. Am I did really wrong? am I broke her hope? Am I lose as a son?
I sit in my car and leaned towards seat.

Flashback starts…
It’s been a year after Raglak marriage.
In Laksh house, India,
Annu is laying in bed , her room with opposite legs and hands twisted, as a result of paralysis.
“see laksh, you know we both have to continue our job. See one side, we have to pay EMI for Car and another side, we have to pay EMI for flat and also have to take care of maa Medical expenses now.”Ragini said or yelled when I asked her to leave her job to take care of my maa.
“moreover. I can’t lose my job” Ragini said in definite tone which makes me frusturates.
“how can you say like this , Ragini? for you, your job is better than my maa” I asked her.
“See laksh. I didn’t say like that. Atleast for maa expenses, I have to continue my job. We can appoint any maid or we will admit maa in any old age home. They will take good care of maa more than us”Ragini said.
Yes, in current scenario , we both need to this job . our financial condition need it.
“Ok. Ragini. I will talk with maa about this” I said.
I entered my maa’s room. I can’t see her face. even though she is struggling with her disease, she is still smiling just for me.
“maa… we decided to admit you in old age home. They will take care of you” I said. I turned my face to see the floor as I can’t have any confidence to face her.
“it’s .. o..k..” my maa accepted while stammering. I came out of her room as I can’t see her face.
Flashback ends…

Knock…knock… I heard someone tapping my car mirror which makes my thoughts to cut down. I raised my head. there a man is standing.
“are you ok?” he asked me. I saw myself in side mirror accidentally. Tear marks are shown in my face and I am here for more than a hour .
I wiped it.” haan.. I am ok. ” I answered. He nodded and left.
I started my car and start to drive aimlessly.
In Usa, Laksh flat,
Ragini opened the cupboard and take the photo. In which Raglak with Annu, everyone is smiling .
Ragini hugged the photo to her chest.
“maa, I did wrong. I should resigned my job to take care of you. even my own maa hated me for born as a girl. I never get any love in my life until Laksh entered my life. You accepted me without opposing a word just for laksh happiness. Even after that, you treated me as your own daughter. you never taunted me for my mistakes. You supported me . you gave me love and care .but I don’t deserve this maa. I never cared about you . I let you alone…. When you need us, our support. I did a sin maa… please forgive me. I realized my mistake maa when I were here alone, when I needed your support, your healing words… I need you maa.. please forgive me… accept us back… accept us back.” Ragini said louder and cried badly.

On Laksh side,
Laksh stand near abandoned Lake and stared his face in water. Laksh turned his gaze as he can’t see his own face.
“Are you ashamed for what you did, Laksh?” a laksh lookalike asked Laksh.
“ no I did for her betterment”Laksh answered angrily.
“betterment… you left your maa when she needed you Laksh. she did everything for you but what you did for her other than betrayal ?” Laksh look alike asked him.
“ I never betrayed her”Laksh answered or may be yelled.
“ oh it’s betrayal Laksh. you grown by your parents money, your maa not only gave birth to you. she even stacked her health just for gave you a better life. But once you thought her as a hurdle, you just left..” Laksh look alike asked and laughed sarcastically .
“Stop it” Laksh yelled by holding his head.
“Do you remember when you talk with her last time properly? Do you meet her in the past two years atleast once atleast for the celebrations , diwali or atleast do you wish her birthday? ohh! To whom I am asking? A selfish person .You may know ragini’s birthday . do you remember your maa’s birthday? now you have everything just because of her but you abandoned her like throwing a waste paper to dustbin because she became useless to you. you are sinner Laksh. you are..”Laksh lookalike said.
“no.. I am not a sinner .” Laksh thrown a stone to his look alike but it just passed through him.
“Go Laksh and rectify your mistake, before time overpowers you . go”Laksh lookalike vanished in air.
Laksh kneeled down in ground.”maa…” he yelled out of his lungs. Suddenly, there rain is started. Laksh tears mixed with rain water.
Laksh stands up and walks weakly. He get into his car and drive towards his house.
After an hour,

In Laksh house,
Laksh entered his house and sees Ragini who is sitting in floor.
“Rago..”Laksh hold Ragini’s shoulder and tilted her face. Ragini hugged Laksh.”Laksh, I want to see Annu maa. Please take me there… I want to see her” Ragini burst out in cry.
Laksh kissed her forehead.”Pack your bags Rago… we have flight in two hours” Laksh said while hiding his tears from Ragini.
Ragini looked Laksh surprisedly and Laksh nods. Ragini hugs laksh happily.
The next day evening,
Ragini and Laksh landed in India. Sanskar, Laksh friend, received him .
“Sanskar, can you take us to nearby saree shop?”Laksh asked while Sanskar looked him confusedly.
“Maa Loves cotton silks that too vengatagiri cotton silks. I want to gift her”Laksh answered.
Raglak both done shopping for Annu and drive towards old age home.
Laksh entered old age home office while Ragini entered the place where old aged people lives to see Annu.

In Office,
Laksh sees a man who is sitting in chair and doing someworks in note.
Laksh knocked the door and entered.
“ I am Laksh. I come here to take my maa with me. her name is Annupurna Rajashekaran” Laksh said. The man removed his eye glasses.
“beta, even we are waiting for you. con you come with me?” man asked Laksh while Ragini ented the office while crying.
“Laksh.. maa…”Ragini stammered as she can’t able to deliver what she want to say. Laksh sees Ragini eyes and understands something is not good.
Office man tapped Laksh shoulder friendly and take them to nearby hospital where Annu is admitted now. Laksh and Ragini entered ICU where Annu is laying in bed while so many wires and machines connected to her, while Sanskar just stand outside watching them through mirror.
“beta, two day before night, your maa received your call . After that she is so tensed that you called her in midnight. She is continuously trying to call you , she started to panic as you didn’t receive her call. We tried a lot to convince her that you are well. We thought that she was convinced. But she had a massive heart attack yesterday morning. We can’t reach you. we called your PA the no which you gave once. She only informed us that you are arriving here. Sorry beta..”Office man said in a sadtone.
“Am I responsible for my maa’s condition?”Laksh asked himself. Laksh kneeled down beside Annu’s bed.
“maa..”Laksh called Annu with moist eyes.

Annu opened her eyes and sees laksh and then Ragini. her eyes scans both that they are okay or not. she take her hand and put it on Laksh head.
“Laku…!”Annu whispered through in breathing mask.
“Maa..”Laksh choked. A smile appeared in Annu’s face while a long tear escaped from annu’s eyes.
“beep…”ECG machine shows a horizontal straight line while Annu’s hand fall down from Laksh head lifelessly.
“maa…”Laksh looked annu with frozen tears.
“Maa..”Ragini burst in cry and sits with a thud in floor being lost all her energy.
At outside,
Sanskar phone vibrated and he answered.
“hello sir, we are from xxx old age home. We need you to complete some procedures to admit your parents ” other side said.
Sanskar Looked Annu and Raglak.
“no sir. It’s not needed . “Sanskar cutted the call, wiped his tears and get inside as his friend need him now.


Hi friends, do you think Laksh will be normal? Some wounds time can’t heal like this. The wound which made up of doing unforgivable sin, will haunt us still he alive.
I don’t know friends, once in this nation, we respected elders but now we are just abandoning them just because they are old and can’t work. someone sent them to old age home but someone just left them in street. I heard about a old lady which made me to write this os. She is no more now. She commited suicide being heart broken when her three sons left her in street after taking her properties. But I have a question. When time rolling, what is the assurity their sons also will not do the same when they become old?. Tell your views about this problem .

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  1. SRSL

    This is a really true fact story you have on..people just leave their parents after all the needs ….they never think that it’s the same parent who worked for them giving all their might thinking that their children will love them the way when the grow old..it’s such a sad fact…. ..

  2. Tulina

    Awesome update and you are aalso right nowadays people are becoming selfish that they are not even taking care of their elders for them their so called needs come first……..parents are our God as they not only gave birth to us but also they sacrifice their needs and happiness for their children happines….it’s the duty of the children to take care of their parents and elders……..

  3. Sindhura

    Awesome and true to
    No wordsyar

  4. Bitter Truth of Life….. ?

  5. Aashi

    Best OS till now…it’s a fact. ..we are now being selfish and leaving our patents!!,,.. Just cant say anything…

  6. Deeksha

    It’s truly touching dear…..!!!!!! That’s true….!!!!!!!!

    And dear where is love me or not….?????? Post it soon .. .!!!!!

  7. awesome no words to describe plzz yaar continue the story as raglak guilt increase and separation plzzxx

  8. Omg omg..I’m crying here..Anna Neegalum akka Mari unga story ala ena cry panna vaikiriga…coming toooo the story It’s true Anna..IPO irukura generation la elaru ipdi daan avuga parents oda value Teriyama avugala Nadu roadla vitutu poiduraga…they are thinking that their parents are burden to them..Indha Mari avuga parents avuga pasagala burden ahhh nenachi irudha avuga ena pani irupagala???parents mattum pasagala nala pathukanum ahhh..yen pasaga pathuka matagala…yaar lam avuga parents ahhh pathukama irukagalo avuga lam sinner daan Anna…samma story Anna..u made me cry

  9. Original angle of current situation

  10. Raglakholic

    Outstanding os
    Totally really fact which we are seeing in out society currently
    U said totally true Laksh will live in guilt until he loves
    Before abandoning their parents everyone should think that one or another day theI top will b in d say position after some years
    Parents struggles so much nd sacrifices all their happiness just to see their children to satisfy their needs nd not male them feel burden
    But what children do is they will grow their parents like a waste paper when they become old
    When parents need their children time nd love they just ignore them
    Nd u know what very few people recognises their mistake still there r so many people who think that they did right by throwing their parents in old age home nd on roads
    U did a very great job by writing this
    Hatts off to u
    My respect towards u nd d way u think had increased million times by reading this

  11. Mica

    so emotional and so true

  12. It’s was definitely true .
    Very heart touching.

  13. Devihaa

    Hai na….eppadi irrukinga ….I really missed Sara Akka….swaragini my friend ff na…. I told u before itself that u always write something moralistic…. And see u always do that….naa…. Now coming to the story…
    Super na….u bundled every emotions….superbly… Na… Innum sola ponna….its the current affair happening in every house…….
    Idha Makkal yen purinjika mattranga nu therila na….. Ne Ella emotions ah super ah portray panninga na….
    Our parents….sacrifice everything for us…. But few people doesn’t understand this….na….
    Its our duty to take care of our parents in their old life…
    Actual ah….namaluku vaiyas aga aga …nama oru kuzlandhai pola avom nu soluvanga…..
    So appo nama dhan namma parents pathukonum…..when we were small kid…they took care of us….we have responsibility to take care of them when they become child…..
    Kadavulae amma appa Ku apuram dhan varakr…appo. Nama amma appa adaval maari pakakudadha…
    Seri na…. Indhu ingulo illa naano…solli puriyira veshayam illa…
    Idhu avang avangalu ke theriyunum…
    Come soon with another os soon na….

  14. Asra

    Bala bro thz s not fair…nenga ena aluga vachudenga anna…laksh Aala Andha guilty sin la irundhu velivara vey mudiyathu….Indha ulagathula ipadiyum neraya Peru irukangala anna….nama China vayasa irukum pothu nama pana ella thapana visayam ellathaiyum poruthukidu namaku nalla life va thedikuduthu namala Indha society la nala life’a lead pana vacha nama parents’a avunga life oda last time la avungala pathukira kastama iruku pala peruku…idhey mathiri avunga China vayasa irukum Pothum avunga parents nenacha avunga yeapadi Indha world la irundhirka mudiyum…i really hate thz type of people….life mirror mathiri nama mathavangaluku yeana panramo adhey than namakum varum…nama yeapadi nama parents’a naduthuromo Adha pathu thana nama pasankalum valaruvanga apa nama pasankalum adhey mathiri thana namala naduthuvanga…Idha neraya Peru purunchukira madikurangala bro….avungaluku ellam Andha God than nalla puthiya kudukanum…
    nenga oru padiya vachu thana Indha story ya ealuthunenga…Andha padi Ipa illaila….pavamla anna Andha padi….na Andha padi kaga pray panren anna…avungal oda 3pasangalukum inimeyavathu Andha Allah puthiya kudukadum….na yeadhavathu thappa solirntha Indha sister manichirnga anna…
    Sara akka amma Appa yeapadi irukanga anna…tkcr anna….

  15. Astra

    sry for late comment… at first… I felt as crying at end. it’s emotional and yes..u have said truth. children happily put thier parents in oldage homes and they never realize their mistake. i can say, such children are waste on this earth. parents sacrifice many things for kids and at last some of them betray them..!! Those kinds of kids are not supposed to live. i think I’m saying too much.. but i really get angry in such type of people qho think parents are burden. our country is such a country in which parents are treated as gods. and our culture is inspiration to whole world. but today it’s happening in our country also..!!! hmm, i reall feel bad about it..
    thanks alot for sharing such an emotional story whichh is an eye opner…

  16. Scooby

    Awesome emotional…. congratz for making effort for writing this…

  17. IQRA222

    awesome simply awesome

  18. loved it

  19. No words yaar…. heart touching

  20. Awesome and it’s very emotional. Loved it a lot

  21. Aasthu

    superb !!!!!!!!!!!!! This problem is increasing……when we get money many tend to forget the way they have come…..they forget the hardships, sacrifices and much more of their parents……one thing every human should remember is that had it not been for their parents they would not have been in whatever position they are…….I liked late realisation that occurred to Sanskar…..even raglak too had the realisation but they were late…….never let a tear escape ur mom’s eye…..it will be a curse for us……this is smething everyone should remember…..

  22. It’s soo heart touching…!! loved it soo much…!! You potrayed current general situation soo well!!!

  23. So amazing. Whatever you have written is true. Not everyone are like this. But even I have heard many leaving their parents for their job, their own selfish happiness, etc. We are nobody without our parents. While giving birth to us or while raising us sacrificing their happiness,needs,sleep,etc they would have never thought that their future would be in an old age home or in Street. Our happiness was their priority. Why can’t we be like them, it’s a gift to take care of our parents who are the reason for our lives… In whatever situation they may be their thoughts will be abt us. U have very well described abt it. Thanks for this. Take care

  24. Ragz_teju


  25. Hemalattha

    You wrote true story bhai. Every children doing this to their parents. Really heart pains when our parents struggle so much for us but we didn’t appreciate their

  26. Hemalattha

    You wrote true story bhai. Every children doing this to their parents. Really heart pains when our parents struggle so much for us but we didn’t appreciate them. Please continue with another.

  27. good message

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