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Sorry guys…actually some part of my character sketch and intro are missing so i am updating it once more with new episode..
Some connections are made by heart not by two bodies…what ever distance they may go by separating each other heart..their souls connect them together.. sometimes we are unknown about this dil ki connection.. yeah connection dil se banatha hein aur dil mein juda hein (this connection is made by heart and is linked by heart )
This is a story tells about this fact….but the way this heart connect make them to be away from each other..but even then they come together..
Kaisa yeah ishq hein ….( what is this love ???)…
What you guys think about love…i knew few of you are in love.. and some of you wish alot to be loved by someone…some of you have crush on someone..is love and crush are same..is love is complicated or simple…i knew it’s too difficult to answer right..
K….first I wish ask you something…marraige are two types ..love MARRAIGE and arranged MARRAIGE.. in former one love starts before marriage and in latter one it happen latter MARRAIGE.. but in both cases failures too happen in relationship.. so no one can choose which among these too is right…k I am not going to confuse you all with all these…but my story is dealing with the concept which I tells you earlier.. .its highly imaginative story…if anyone feel resemblance with anyone of the characters it’s just your imagination…
So cast of kaise yeah ishq hein

Famous renowned singer known by the name rockstar…who is son of neil and ragini…but hate his parents to the core.. that’s why didn’t add his dad name on his name.single and ready to mingle with every girl’s …Egoist …arrogant person who spend each day with new girl..

Father and mother of ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA… both are business tycoon..running their own business…helping each other..loves their son alot even seeing their hatred because they knew the fact that it’s result of what they did in past..

Mother of neil…super dadi of abhi…only her which abhi consider in his family..living in Jaipur not with them …usually visit abhi once in an year…

A young talented girl lives in Jaipur.. who was well educated …daughther of sarala arora and Shanker arora. Married …but living with her family..

Mother of pragya arora..lovely care her family alot.. nothing is valuer than her expect family…

FATHER of pragya arora…doing small scale business on Jaipur.. .middle class family ..love his family especially his Angel daughter..
The day i am fearing about is coming soon…my 23st birthday…as at that day I wanted to go from my home…to my house.. no not my house but in my mother’s words it’s my house ..which means my husbands house..when we get married life will change to this angle.. the house which we feel as our own become not ours ..people which we considered as our family will go far away from us..in that place new members occupy…
Everyone is happy as I am going to my husbands house ..but only me who is upset in it…ya..i have the right to upset n.a… as a girl who get married at an age 12 and now after 12 years she is going to see her husband.. is he is husband for me..no right.. I remember as I am married when I see myself on mirror..at that time this mangalsutra and sindoor remains me I am married to him…
I knew in life there is no delete key ..if it is there then I will delete that MARRAIGE.. no not like that..if I have born in this era..then I will be luckier as now child MARRAIGE is an offense.but my bad luck…i get married …if his dadi didn’t return back to this village leaving him and Family there this won’t happen because.when she saw me and become company with me this idea of MARRAIGE popped out in her mind…no it’s my fault to behave so sweetly to dadi…i knew I have said this to you alot…and I have no other way expect going with him..
Did he still remember that he get married…or not..chances are less right.. as within this year’s he didn’t see me..and same in case of me too..no how can I say so as I am seeing him on tv..newspapers magazines..not only me..the whole world knew him and call him as rockstar..he may be rockstar for everyone but fault star to me…

Look at this pic.. .we both are smiling alot.. we will do it n.a… as we don’t knew what the real meaning of this..but now I knew the meaning behind it..i respect this kumkum and mangalsutra..but how can I live with him..his status …culture ..everything is different from me…how we will able to adjust…i wish my birthday to come slow..i don’t want to go there…
End of pragyas pov..
Screen shifted to a concert place..

His concert is going on…all are shouting calling abhi abhi…..suddenly abhi comes in between audience and come close to a girl and said..
Ab;So you are the luckier girl who can spend one day with me..
The girl get surprised..
All girls shout abhi. Me..me..
Ab;wait..wait you guys today it’s her day we all can meet in coming days…
Abhi goes to backstage..
A boy among audience..says to his friend..
Boy:look ..whats his behaviour..roaming with different girls each day..
Friend: he is rock Star n.a. he can do anything..
Boy; yes you are correct…even his family has no objection..not only that …even knowing truth about him.. girls too are crazier on him..
Friend;don’t worry …when he get married ..all this be changed..
Boy:no yaar ..because such persons will marry some models or celebrities and they have no problem such kind of extra affairs..
Screen shifted to green room..where abhi is sitting and started to drink…he is drinking alcohol just like as water…time flies..
Manager :sir it’s getting late..if you have no problem can we move on to your home.. so that after dropping I can also leave..
Ab;home….home..do you knew what s the meaning of it..how can you call that place as my home…how can you stay with a person whom you hates to the core..no n.a… but iam doing it right..do you knew the reason k..i Will tell you because ..i want to make them irritate to the core…i want to make them suffer alot..
Manager;sir..can we..
Ab:k..with managers help abhi reached home..
Manager press calling bell.

Neil;ragini…open it..your son has came…
Ragini open it and get teary eyed seeing his state..
Manager drop him to room..and says goodnight to them..
Neil placed his hand in her shoulder..
Neil;ragu..why are you shedding your tears for such a son..
Ragini; because we are the reason of him current state..
Ragini goes from there and get into abhis room..abhi is lying on bed ..she removes his shoes and socks..and take blanket and cover him..gives a peck on his forehead..at that time tear drops falls on his face…
Screen ends by dividing to two half.. one with pragyas face and another with sleeping abhi…
So guys what you all think about this now…because your comments will tell me to whether continue it or not…drop your views…

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  1. sooo nice dear proceed

  2. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………???????? I loved it…. Pls continue….. Waiting for next episode……

  3. It’s awesome chechi…looks interestingggg..and ya u should continue..who stops my Chechi???loved it a lottttt ..love you chechi????and hw r u??

  4. Conti pls u always rock it dear n love u…

  5. B_Ani

    this is superb! a really different story line. no way, u r not stopping this.
    this is awesome and do continue.
    always love u chechi

  6. Saranya24

    Omg abhi is like tis but he is married to pragya ohh no poor pragz but diff stry love it a lot dear waiting fr it love u loads darlu??????

  7. Fantabulous dear…. Pls continue it yr and try to update other FFs also pls… I miss u and ur updates badly…….

  8. Impressive lines di(introductory para)…I am not speaking about character sketch di..that’s true…pragya married abhi.. child marriage..interesting story di..but I don’t like abhi being like this.. and I also know that he will change after their meeting…it will be interesting di..many twists..suspense…wow…. and how can u be in a dilemma to continue or not…how dare u di…we all know that u will rock in this too di…pls don’t have any negative thoughts di..sorry di if I had spoken beyond my limits di…waiting for next episode di..love you so much di…

  9. Nice intro…continue

  10. superb episode ma loved it eagerly waiting for the next one

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