Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 13)

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Hai every one. I am back. I was bus in special classes so I couldn’t update this week. Sorry for that. Now let’s start this update.

Scene 1: At mansion

Ragini was first to wake up. It was 7 am in morning. She noticed swara was not beside her and thought she would have went for out for joking with laksh and went out. She noticed the mansion was calm and went to kitchen to see if sanky has finished preparations for food or not. She noticed he is not there and went towards sanlak’s room. She entered the room with bang and noticed no one there. She gazed the whole room and saw some shadow in the garden nearby. She went near the window and was shocked to see the scene in front of her.

She saw a guy doing exercise. His perfect muscles and six packs made her to stare more at him. She didn’t notice that she is inside the room. She without breaking her stare jumped the window and accidentally fell down. The guy noticed her and laughed seeing her. It’s sanky. She was so surprised to see she was eyeing sanky till this time but she should admit he is looking so handsome in his six pack body.

Sanky noticed she is staring at him and smirked nearing her. He came near her and shakes her to bring her back to the real world. Ragini was startled. Sanky told I know I am looking that even witches can’t stop staring at me. Ragini said me staring at you my foot. No I didn’t. I just came here to enjoy the weather. He said I can see it. All that matters you is your hotel and it’s customers na. Just then reality hit her that sanlak should be in girl attire but they are not. What if some one saw them.

She neared him and hugged him to make sure no one sees him. Both was so lost in each other. Ragini came to sense and composed saying you are not supposed be here as a boy. You know our deal na. come. Saying so he dragged him and both got into the room via window. She gave sanskar her salwar and told him to change to this and prepare food for picnic. Ragini left from there. Sanky taught I couldn’t understand her. Sometimes sweet and at the same time sour too. What a girl but she is making me something ahh god save me. I am thinking more about her nowadays. Then he went to freshen up.

Ragini was lost thinking about what is happening to her. She is feeling something different whenever she is around sanky. She is more attracted towards him but why. Godd save me…What is this god?? At that time she hears a voice from back saying it’s love. She was shocked and turned to see who is it. It’s swalak. They were fighting about which title suits my next story. Laksh said you won shona its “it’s love okay. Swara said that’s good.

Ragini was standing there thinking if it’s really love. She felt it is but also felt how can someone love a person whom she hates more. She said it’s not love a bit loudly. Swara said no di it’s love. Ragini said shona I am saying na it’s not love. Swara said but di. Ragini cuts her and said it’s not and told laksh to get ready soon.She told him to be careful and wear female attire when he is outside his room or going any where. Laksh nods and went to his room.

Ragini told swara to freshen up. She then went to the kitchen and saw sanky making breakfast and packing it. She was admiring him from far unknowing to anyone. She noticed laksh coming and composed herself. She told lucky to help and told him to give a wake up call to everyone. Swara joined laksh and both went to give a wake up call to everyone. By this time sanky finished preparing breakfast and prepared lunch also. He packed the lunch so that they can have it picnic spot and arranged the breakfast in table.

Soon the student and teacher came and had breakfast. Uttara was more suspicious after eating it. She thought to find about that. Then after breakfast everyone packed their things and went to bus. Sanlak kept the food carefully in luggage area. They came near the door. Swarag to them to go to back seat. They agreed. The teacher got before them but her feet slipped and sanky caught her. Sanky was so worried and the teacher was starring at him(he is in girl attire). Ragini was feeling jealous and angry she steeped before them and helped the teacher to get inside the bus. Then sanlak entered. They sat on back seat.

The teacher taught to sit near them. She went near them and asked about from where they belong to? and many questions. She was sitting in a swat before them and was asking more questions to sanky. He gave a fake smile and answered her. Ragini saw that. Her anger raised. She taught something and called the teacher in front. She told she should sit front as she wants to talk something with her and made her sit beside her. She told swara to go to back seat. Then she also made an excuse and came to back seat.

She noticed swalak was sitting in one end busy in chatting. She turned to the other side and saw sanky who was seeing outside the window. He turned and noticed ragini standing there. He moved a bit giving her space to sit and continued his starring outside window session. Ragini sat beside him admiring him. She was so immersed in him that she didn’t notice they have reached the park. Sanky brought her back to reality. She was so embarrassed thinking what she was doing and composed. Everyone got down.

Scene 2: At park

Sanlak brought the food and swarag helped them in carrying it. Finally everything was set. The girls requested swarag and sanlak to join them. They agreed and everyone played throw ball. Sanlak were in one team and swarag were in opposite team. The game was going so interesting. Sanlak’s team was in winning stage. Ragini couldn’t take it and throws the ball with full force. Sanky jumped to catch it but he missed it.

Lucky noticed that the teacher is coming one that way and he pushed the teacher safely aside. He got hit by the ball. He didn’t get any injury but felt little pain in his arm. Sanky and swara was so worried. Ragini is feeling guilt for this she apologies to lucky. Sanky gave a glare to her but lucky calmed him and said it’s okay. The teacher was so taken by his act. She neared lucky and blessed him. After sometime they had dinner. Then rested for sometime on trees shadow.

Swara noticed a guy selling bubbles nearby. She was so excited. She asked ragini to get her that but she didn’t agree. She then turned to lucky who told he will buy it for her. Swalak went to the vendor and bought three bubbles bottle. Swara asked why three. Laksh told one for you one for me and other for my brother. She laughed hearing that. She said you brother like to play with bubbles like kids. Lucky said we are never old for ourselves.

Lucky gave the bubbles bottle to sanky who was so excited. Soon the three of them started making bubbles. Ragini was so surprised to know sanky loves to play with bubbles. She was starring at him, smiling seeing his happiness. She didn’t notice when she started dancing around it. Swalaksan are shocked to see ragini dancing around bubbles. Swara said di wait I am also coming and joined her. Laksh was making more bubbles but sanky was so lost in ragini.

He was mesmerized by her beautiful smile and her cute expressions while dancing. He came back to reality when laksh told him to make more bubble as swarag are asking him. He agreed and sanlak started making more bubbles and swarag danced around it. Both sanlak where lost in swarag(their respective pairs only). Sanlak felt they have already sawed this and remembered the bus dance. They smiled knowing it’s swarag who were dancing in bus that day.

Later they took selfie’s. At evening everyone returned to hotel. On the way swarag and sanlak are in back seat. Swalak are already asleep in each others shoulder. Sanky smiled seeing it and took a picture of them. Suddenly he felt something on his shoulder. He saw ragini sleeping in his shoulder. He smiled seeing her and admired her. He caressed her hair and taught how cute she was while sleeping and adjusted himself and slept.

He woke up hearing some giggles and found swalak clicking his photo but not his but their’s. He was sleeping so close to ragini. Ragini also woke up and saw their position. Both were embarrassed and composed. Swalak laughed seeing them and pulled their sibling’s ear. Then sanky showed the pic he clicked and now swalak where embarrassed ragsan laughed and soon everyone laughed. They reached hotel.

Scene 3: At mansion

Sanlak prepared lunch and everyone had it. The teacher informed that her sons are coming here tomorrow. She told she need an extra room tomorrow. Swarag agreed for that. She told them to get ready specially may be saree because my sons are coming to take my daughter in laws that is you to our home as my bahu’s. I won’t get such sanskari bahu for my son’s the you two. Swarag was shocked and said but aunty we are willing. Sanlak was so angry on the teacher.

The teacher told I am not talking about you and told I am talking about them pointing towards sanlak. Sanlak was so shocked to hear that. Swarag was also as much as shocked as them Before they could say something the teacher left from there. They were so worried and hears some laughing more. They turned and saw ram who was on the floor rolling and laughing. They glared at him. He composed and went out.

Sanlak looked at swarag who gave a helpless look to them. Ragini told we will do something. As for now get some good sleep and went from there. Sanlak was also worried and went to their room. They changed and layed on bed. They are not getting sleep and was so tensed. Same with swarag. The episode ends on tensed face of swalak and ragsan.

Recap: Entry of sanskari and lakshana’s to be groom’s. Swarag to get more angry and jealous and many more funny moments.

So how was that guys. I hope you all liked that. Next epi will be still more and more funny. I promise. See you all tomorrow. Bye for now.

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    A great episode. ……….but my only request to you is to please do some more justice to swalak………put some more swalak scenes please…….

    1. Inu

      Thank u so much. Firstly i gave some swalak scenes, now ragsan. In next epi I will try to guve both couples scenes

  7. A great episode. ……….but my only request to you is to please do some more justice to swalak………put some more swalak scenes please…….

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      sure. Thank u so much.

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