Swaragini – Friendship and Love is different Character Intro 1

Hi friends. I’m the one who is writing swaragini haters towards love. I going to make swasan and raglak ff.

To story starts with,

Ragini arora : She is a cute, modern as well as traditional girl . She like music a lot. She has finished her college. Now waiting for a job. She lives in Delhi with her mom,brother, sister. Her father died in a accident. Her brother is taking care companies when he was 19. She loves her family a lot. She is a pet for everyone.she has a close friend sanskaar. They were friends when they were in 1 standard.

Sanskaar : He was a very handsome guy as well as a caring,cute. He was the one and only son of maheshwari. He loves music a lot. He lives in delhi. He has friend called ragini. He loves her very much as a friend. He can do anything for her. He takes care of maheshwari business. He hates girls because of his bitter past. But not ragini. The girl which he can share was one and only ragini.

Siddharth arora ( Aditya redji). : He is ragini brother who was elder than 3 years to ragini. He is a big business magnet. He can do anything for his two sisters. But he loves ragini from childhood. He is very arrogant but very nice from heart . Only his family members and sanskaar know well about him. He like sanskaar and treat him as friend.

Jeevika arora ( krystal dsouza ) : She is sister of ragini. She is elder than ragini by 2 years. She is a big criminal lawyer who fought against wrong. She loves her sister a lot. She is very caring,cute,beautiful girl but when it comes to her family and truth she can do anything for that and can go any extent for that.

Anuradha arora ( deepali kamath ) : A very good women who runs an ngo to help people. She was really a caring mother. She loves her daughters and son a lot. She suffers a lot so now their daughters and son don’t make her a little suffer in her life.

Guys tomorrow I will introduce the remaining character. Please do comments.

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