Music of the heart – chapter 11

Pragya went to the office canteen to only find that it was empty.She could not find anyone there. Abhi who arrived after five minutes saw Pragya standing there sadly.

Abhi”What happened Anamika?” Pragya”No one here sir.” Abhi”Whatt?!! But i need coffee now!! I cant work until i have my coffee.”

Pragya thinks for sometime and tells”Idea!”Abhi”What is your idea?” Pragya”sir..hmm..if you dont mind,may i make coffee for both of us?”

Abhi thinks and says”But Anamika,I dont drink the coffee like everyone does. I have a different taste.”

Pragya”Sir, Let me try once sir!”pls pls pls. Abhi smirked and said”OK Ms.Anamika!” Pragya went and started to prepare Abhi’s favourite coffee!

After a couple of minutes she came outside with his coffee.Abhi”It is safe to taste na Ms.Anamika?”

Pragya frowned at him.Abhi”I was just joking Anamika. Pragya”I don’t find it funny sir!” and turns her face.

Abhi”Oh! YOu lok like a fugga Anamika.” Pragya”What!!! How can you tell that i look like a baloon?”

Abhi”Yes Anamika.yYou look like a balloon when you are angry.” Pragya” sir,stop making fun of me and drink your coffee.

Abhi smiles at her and takes a sip of the coffee and says”Wonderful” Pragya smiles at him.

Pragya”i think sir likes my coffee.” Abhi”Seriously Ms.Anamika! It is very delicious.” Pragya gives a proud look to him.

Abhi gives her a suspicious look and asks”But..How do you know what i drink. And how do you know that i drink only this coffee?”

Pragya looks shocked.Pragya”…” Abhi”Acha.” and comes closer to her while pragya moves backwards.

Pragya hits the wall and Abhi traps her so she couldn’t escape. Abhi”The type of coffee i drink is only known by my family,my fuggi and the person here who runs the canteen. Now tell me how did you know to make this coffee?” and comes even more closer to her.

Pragya shivers because of the closeness between them.She could feel his hot breath and his heart beat which beats only for her.”

Pragya closes her eyes because of the closeness.When she opens her eyes, she found herself standing and saw Abhi sitting in the chair.

She was confused.Abhi is sitting in the chair and acts like nothing happened.

Abhi”What happened Ms.Anamika? Why do you look so tensed? and what are you doing there?”

Pragya was already feeling dizzy so that she fainted. Abhi was shocked to see that his fuggi fainted and carried her in her arm and rushed to the giant sofa which was beside his room.

He called the doctor.Doctor arrived.He checked Pragya .Abbhi”What happened sir?Why did she faint all of a sudden?”

Doctor”There is nothing to fear Mr.Abhi.She is just weak.She has not eaten anything from morning.So that’s why she has fainted.Make sure that she takes her food on time. Here are the tablets Mr.Abhi. Give her these tablets after she takes her food.”

Abhi”Thanks doctor. When she will be awake doctor?” Doctor”It’s okay Mr.Abhi.She will be  awake within sometime.”

After sending the doctor,Abhi was sitting beside Pragya waiting for her to wake up. 

After sometime,when Pragya woke up Abhi hugged her protictively. Pragya”Dont panic Rockstar.I am okay.”

Abhi”Do you know how did i feel when you faint? I Felt like the whole world stopped. How can you be so careless fuggi? I was again panicked. Afear crept up me again.A fear of losing you again.I can’t afford that fuggy. I really can’t take that. Why don’t you take care of yourself? hy fuggy? Why?”

Pragya was lost in his care.Both had tears in their eyes.Abhi”Fuggy,Are you okay?” Abhi’s voice brought Pragya back o her senses.

Pragya realized that she was hugging Abhi very tight and pulled off from him.Pragya”I am okay sir.”

Abhi was irked of her behaviour and walked out of the room furiously leaving an teary eyd Pragya behind.

Pragya{Sobbing}” I am sorry Rockstar.I am really very sorry.”

Other side Abhi comes to his cabin and punches the door with his leg. Then he gets a phone call.

Abhi”WHaat?! I will kill him..” he mutters while his eyes turn red with anger.

The screen freezes here..

Hii guys..I am really very very sorry.I left this aloof as I was concentrating on some other works. I will try to update it regularly guys. I  know it is a very short update.Next one will be big guys.. Read and comment and tell your reviews guys. I am sorry if there are any mistakes.. Take care guys..Bye..

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  7. I think that phone call is from someone who told abhi about the blackmailer

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