Swaragini- my friend (Episode 30)

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Let I start the episode.
Laksh/Laxmi stares floor cealing and thinks about Aditya and Uttara. Kalyani enters the room and sits beside Laxmi.
“Laxmi beta..”Kalyani called Laksh and Laksh comes out of his thoughts.
Laxmi sits”haan maa.. can you need anything?”

“Nothing beta… can you come with me temple at evening?” Kalyani asked.
“haan maa… maa what is time now? I have to go.”Laksh/Laxmi hurried to go from here.
Kalyani holds Laxmi hands.
“Laxmi beta.. I always consider you as my beti. Can you stay with us?please..”Kalyani pleads and Laksh nods subconsciously.
“hmm..thanks beta..”Kalyani caresses Laksh chin and Laksh realized what he said.
Arjun smiles by seeing this.

On another hand, Ragini is so busy in her bhai’s love. Subatra stands in hall and Sathya sees her and runs to her.
“this tommy.. he left me in hall itself . I don’t know anyone .now what can I do?” Subatra thinks and feels someone hugs her and bends to see the person.
“Arre my cute prince…”Subatra takes Sathya in her hands.” I missed you so much. Now only you see ma naa”Subatra pouts.
Sathya pulls her cheeks”Sorry.. you are my sweety naa.”
Subatra smiles” kalla..(thief). You always know how to convince me..”
Sathya laughs.

Janki and meenu comes to hall by hearing their voice .
“she is Arjun’s wife naa. We forgot about her .”Meenu whispered in Janki ears.
“see. It’s new place to her. She should be scared”Janki worries.
“ behanji..”Meenu called Subatra.
Subatra smiles to them.
“ bade maa, choti maa, she is my sweety.. but Arjun bade papa took her with him”Sathya introduced her and pouts.

“we are sorry Sweety… we forgot..”Janki starts to apologize.
“I can understand bhabhi.you all see Tommy I mean Arjun who is considered as dead and Rago’s and Laksh.mi state made you emotional”Sweety said and janki smiles to her.
“you are so friendly Sweety”Meenu complimented directly.
“Vaise seems like both are love marriage. When did you married?” janki asked.
“Arre bhabhi, just before Arjun said naa they married in ooty”Meenu said.
“Actually we both were married when I was 11”Sweety said and Janki and Meenu shockingly looks at her.

In Laxmi room,
Kalyani and Laxmi speaks about random matter finally it comes to love.
“Love is so different maa which makes a mad person into normal and normal person into mad. Just take you and papa, your both love is playful, Sanskar is selfless love towards swara, Aarav bhai’s is caring love for janki bhabhi, sweety’s and Cutie love is sacrifice . when some one loves leaves them, someone live with their memories, someone leaves the world and someone get another.”Laxmi said.
“then, you also get someone in your life beta” Kalyani said.
Laxmi smiles and feels sleepy.
Kalyani comes out.

In Arjun’s room,
Raksh hugs Arjun and cries.Amrit and Aadi stands with moist eyes.
“ I missed you so much buddy. Why did you inform us?”Raksh punched Arjun’s chest playfully.
“ give punch from my side also”Raj said while wiping his tears.
Sanskar enters and punches Arjun.
“Arre my devils. Don’t sent me to hospital”Arjun defended himself.
“ you don’t know Arjun . we got about bomb blast that too on your engagement date. Do you think about our state?”Sanskar asked Arjun.
“ I know Sanskar you all would be shattered. Laxmi saved me after so much struggles and I lost my mental stability. Laksh took me to ooty and rest you know. When I got my mental stability everything is out of control Sanskar. Laksh and Dadu made everything normal “Arjun said.
“ once I get that JC in my hand, I will ruin his face to make our bhai far away from us”Aadi clinches his fist.

“Don’t worry Aadi. Just a week, we will get our house and industry back”Aarav said and everyone looks him surprisingly.
“we will get our old position back as his promise he should gave back our industry . if he hesitates, we have our own way”Aarav and Amrit smirks.
Arjun looks them shockingly .
“Sweety, can you tell your love story?” meenu asked sweetly when Radhu and Suji comes there in search of meenu and janki.

Sweety starts to tell her story and stops when she falled in coma . At that time, Ragini comes there as Sathya informed her.
“ it’s my mistake to call him for my remarriage. Everything happened only because of me.”Sweety sobs.
Ragini side hugs her.”Arre Sweety, it’s not because of you. it’s just our fate”
Suji and Radhika wipes their tears and make Sweety drink water and caresses her hair.
“Sweety beta, you are this house’s daughter and it’s all fate. Don’t blame you.Meenu beta take her to Arjun room” Suji said.
“Janki beta, never let Rago out of her room. Amar already said she needs complete rest. I will make milk for Adittra.”Radhika said and go to kitchen.

At night,
Everyone have dinner and Aarav receives a call and his expression changed into smile.
“Badepapa, that JC starts to transfer our properties on our name. we will get our properties back within two days and third day we will land on VR Mansion”Aarav announced and everyone become happy .
Ragini looks Laksh/Laxmi while Swara looks Sanskar . Arjun try to observe what is running in Laksh mind.

In Laxmi room,
Sathya comes there with melted chocolate.
“Papa, take your tablets..”Sathya said in low tone.
Laksh surprisingly looks Sathya.
“how do you know?” Laksh asked in low tone.
Sathya looks around and then says” I can recognize your touch…”
Laksh overwhelmed and take Sathya in his hand, kisses his cheeks and Sathya kisses Laksh cheek.
“papa, first medicines..”Sathya said strictly and Laksh pouts and then smiles.
Sathya dips tablets in chocolate and then gives it to Laksh. Sanskar who comes to see Laxmi and sees this.

“Laku also have the same habit. Is Laku is Laxmi bhabhi? No how can be? Nowadays you become mad in thinking about laku.”Sanskar taps his head and walks towards terrace.
Laksh eats the tablet and takes Sathya in his embrace. Sathya soon slept.
Laksh lays Sathya in bed and walks towards Aditya room and knocks.
Aadi opens the door “Bhabhi..Aap..”
“can we speak in terrace, Aadi?” Laksh/laxmi asked and Aadi nods.

In terrace,
One side,
Sanskar stares moon and thinks about recent happenings.

Another side,
Laksh/Laxmi stands and Aadi stands before infront of her.
“Aadi, I want honestful answer”Laxmi said.
“haan bhabhi..”Aadi looks Laxmi confusingly.
“who is the girl in hospital?” Laxmi asked and Aadi looks her shockingly.
“ she is Uttara bhabhi. I saved her and admitted her in hospital. I feel a connection with her. But she falled in coma. I don’t know why I always want to see her face. I searched about her and got to know she was raped by minister son and he also tried to kill her. I took revenge on that minister and someone killed his son .One day when her condition got critical, I realized I love her. Before four months, she come out of coma and I made her my friend. Slowly she falled for me but when I propose her, she rejected me. but she really loves me” Aadi said about his feelings.

“Aadi, how can you love a impure girl?”Laksh/Laxmi asked intentionally.
“bhabhi, I never expected this from you.She is very pure at her heart and no one can’t stand before her ,this society is impure who can’t provide a safety for a girl”Aadi roared.
Laksh/Laxmi smiled.”Aadi, I feel so proud of your decision. just have some patience. If she really loves you, I will make you both marry. It’s my promise”
Aadi looks at her surprisingly”Aadi, she is already hurt and never raise her past before her and help her to overcome her past”
Aadi nods and leaves. Laxmi signs Kalyani to come from her hide out.
“maa.. Aadi loves uttara most..”Laxmi said.
Kalyani nods.” I want to see her tomorrow.”

Laxmi nods and Kalyani leaves.
Laksh/laxmi sees Sanskar and walk towards him.
Sanskar feels Laksh presence and turns ,sees Laxmi.
Laksh /laxmi: Sanskar, what happened? Didn’t you get sleep?
Sanskar: just thinking about Laksh bhabhi. He is hiding something from me .
Laksh/Laxmi: when a correct time comes, you will get know about him.
Sanskar smiles faintly.”bhabhi, I don’t know why I feel Laksh presence whenever you come around me”
Laksh /Laxmi smiles and keeps silent.
Sanskar starts to leave.

The next day morning,

Laxmi/LAKSH and Kalyani arrives hospital and gets into Uttara’s ward.
Uttara looks at them confusingly.
“Beta, I am Aditya’s mother Kalyani and she is his bhabhi Lakshmi”Kalyani introduced herself.
A light comes in Uttara’s eyes then faded. Kalyani sees it.
“beta, I know you love my son Aadi and don’t try to lie”Kalyani said softly.
“haan maa, I love him but I never deserve him. I am.. a.. I can’t deserve his love”Uttara sobs.
Kalyani sits beside Uttara and hugs her.

“beta, you both loves each other and forget about your past. It’s not at all your mistake and we don’t want to care about society which always taunts women and if you think my aadi will marry another one, no he will never marry any other girl and he will live with your memories. if you want this, it’s your decision “Kalyani said and takes Uttara face in her lap.
Uttara cries and composes after some time.
Kalyani takes her bangle and put it in Uttara hands. Aadi who comes to see Uttara , stunned.
“Maa..”Aadi choked and have moist eyes.
Kalyani walks towards him”take care of my bahu, if you make her cry, I will make meenu beat you with broom stick”
Aadi smiles which makes Kalyani smiles.
“Maa.. you can go. I have some works..”Laxmi/laksh said.
Kalyani nods and go.

Aadi comes and holds Uttara hands.
“not that much soon Aadi.. till another one should agree for this marriage”Laksh/Laxmi starts his riddle.
“bhabhi.. now who ?”Aadi asked in frusturation.
“Ree..”Laxmi/Laksh called Rehan and Rehan comes inside.
“bhai…”Uttara called Rehan and Rehan is shocked.
“uthu..” Rehan called and hold Uttara hands on another side and Aadi leaves his hold and sees Laxmi/laksh.
Laxmi/Laksh signs Aadi to comes outside.

“ is Rehan, he is bhai’s PA in LS Industries naa. But Uttra’s bhai, he was killed by that minister’s mens”Aadi asked confusingly.
“Rehan is Uttra’s bhai and he was not died. He thought that they killed his behan and tomorrow morning, you will get whole truth”Laksh/Laxmi said.
“now how will I make him to accept me? she loves her bhai more and she never crosses his word”Aadi said worriedly.
“ trust your love and by seeing your love, he will automatically accept you . but gave her some time to come over past and never let her past affect future”Laksh/Laxmi said.

After some time,
Rehan comes out and sees Laksh/laxmi. Being so emotional, Rehan hugs Laksh/Laxmi and Aadi become anger by seeing this and before he react,
“Arre ree, it’s time to be happy. Go and enjoy your time with Uttara. You have seen her after so much years”Laksh/Laxmi cups rehan face and said.
Rehan kisses Laksh/Laxmi cheeks and go inside and Aadi watches it in open mouth.
“Pagal.. in his love”Laksh/laxmi muttered and smiled.

“Arjun bhai said that bhabhi loves some another one. Wait! Is it rehan? Bhabhi knows Laksh bhai and Rehan also. so, both loves each other otherwise Laxmi bhabhi never allows anyone. Hurray…!” Aadi clearly misunderstand and smiles to laxmi/Laksh.
“Bhabhi, I am going home. I have some important work”Aadi said and leaves with a smile.
In Vrindavan,
Everyone packing their bags to go VR Mansion. Swasan discusses in their room.
“Sanskar, what happened? Why are you looking tensed?” Swara asked.
“baby, I can’t get details about Shekar. All the detectives simply refuse even though I offered high money”Sanskar kicked the chair.
“Sanku, tomorrow we are returning to our house and Laksh also return. If he hides means, he have reason. Let it be..Sanku”Swara try to convince Sanskar.

“no..Baby. you don’t know about him. he always hides his pain and I sense JC is an imaginery person because he come to business world just before a year and JC Industries is the subsidiary of SM Industries. important thing is SM Industries is the one who helped us initially. If my guess is correct, laksh is JC and JC is abbreviation of Jaan cutie.”Sanskar said about his guess and Swara shocked.
“ wait baby…”Sanskar takes a white paper and starts to write.
“Laku tried broke the family to save us. He knows about Shekar and only way to broke the family is Broking bade papa’s heart. wait ,JC entered after the entry of Laku’s return. He said that he was Amrit to prevent my questions. SM Industries is helping us to get back position and also JC is it’s subsidiary. If I get to know about SM Industries, I will clear this”Sanskar said confidentally.
Sanskar hears some sound in hall and both Swasan goes to hall and sees Aadi stands with smile.
“what happened Aadi? Why you shouted to come everyone” Suji asked.
Aadi holds Suji shoulders and shakes” if I say the news, you will also jump in happiness”
“ what is that much happy news?”Radhu asked.

Everyone sees him with eager face.
“Do you remember rehan, Laksh bhai’s PA a year before?” Aadi asked.
“haan we remember but he died in accident naa” Veer said.
“ no papa. He is not died. He is alive and Laxmi bhabhi loves him a lot. I saw with my own eyes.”Aadi exclaimed in happiness and everyone become happy.
Arjun and Sweety looks each other shockingly.

“first me.. now rehan.. Laksh, what will he do? wait I will speak about this to Rago”Arjun said himself and goes towards Ragini’s room.
“Rehan is a good boy. He will definitely keep our laxmi happy”Radhu said happily.
“how did you know about Rehan?”Amrit asked.
“he is my would be saala..”Aadi said and bite his tongue.
“that means…” Amrit asked with a stressed tone.
“Arre yaar.. don’t you see he is blushing. Then he also falled in love.”Raj said.
“bhai don’t pull my leg.”Aadi said blushingly and runs from there.
Kalyani enters the house and Suji shares the news.

In Ragini room,
Arjun enters the room and sees Sathya is playing with Lakshman.
“Arre rago.. outside they are planning for your hubby’s marriage with my bhai Rehan. now you are packing your bag calmly..”Arjun said teasingly.
A paper falls on his feet and he takes it and sees ragini shockingly.
Ragini takes the paper and put it in suitcase.
“Rago, what are you doing? How can you?” Arjun asked shockingly.
Ragini smiles faintly” I don’t have any other way bhai to save my jaan”
Ragini says something hidden and Arjun stands with moist eyes.
“but…”Arjun holds Ragini hands and pleads through his eyes.
“ I can’t risk Arjun bhai and they also need some time” Ragini said.
“ahh! I finished my packing “Ragini announced.Arjun looks at her helplessly
Time runs…

At Evening,
In Park,
Sanskar(in mind): why Laxmi bhabhi asked me to come this park?

In Vrindavan,
Everyone packed their bags and waiting for Sanskar.
Kalyani:where is Sanskar? Even Ragini and Sathya also missing.
Swara:Bade maa, Sanskar went outside and Rago went to temple along with Prince and Laxmi bhabhi.
Suji:Amrit beta, call Sanskar , I will ask him to come soon.
Amrit calls Sanskar .

In Park,
Sanskar receives Amrit call and attends it.
“Sanskar..”Laxmi/Laksh called Sanskar.
Sanskar turns and forgets to cut the call.
Amrit hears laxmi voice”Laxmi bhabhi..”
Amrit shrugs and on the loudspeaker accidentally while cutting the call.
“ I want to speak about laksh…” Laxmi said to sanskar which hears Everyone in Vrindavan.
Amrit sees Kalyani .

In Park,
“About Laku..”Sanskar asked.
“haan.. Sansku..ar.. it’s about the 8 years of laksh life which you don’t know and which you want to know, which he hides from you”Laxmi/Laksh said calmly.
A cool breeze flows and thunder blows as a sign of coming rain.

Sanskar looks Laxmi shockingly.
“ Sanskar, he left you all at the date of court hearing. One side, he lost his cutie who is his life and another side, someone is trying to frame you in that case. Being confused and heart broken, he left the house to find about the mystery. In his way, he saw a Rehan, who is struggling to save his life. Laksh helped him and Rehan took him to his house and take care of him. he named Laksh as Chirag Kashyap and renowned as his choti bhai. a brotherly bond grown between them and Laksh got perfectly cured. in earlier, Rehan hide his real identity Gunday of Sultan. When Laksh knows about his identity, he asked rehan to train him as gunday. Rehan hesitated but Laksh won finally. Laksh starts to wear a burnt face mask and trained under Sultan dadu. by seeing Laksh’s talent, Sultan Dadu sent Laksh to kolkatta to take control of city. Here only, Laksh new phase started the don K, the angry cruel don” Laksh/Laxmi paused.

“K.. the kolatta’s don who died before someday”Sanskar asked him in shock.” No bhabhi. He can’t. he is innocent, he can’t hurt others” Sanskar said in determinate tone which produces bitter smile in Laksh/laxmi’s face.

“ he can Sansku. He can when it comes to his beloved ones. One side he already lost his life Cutie. he can’t able to loose anyone. He became don even goons scared by hearing name. he always hide his face by that burnt mask. After that 2 years rolled, one day, Swayam got kidnapped by that fake shiv kapoor who acted as raksh bhai’s papa. You all thought it to blackmail raksh bhai, he did. No.. he did this to trap Amrit. Laksh saved Swayam and Amrit by using his mens and then he got to know the truth about Ragini’s pregnancy and fake shiv’s revenge plan, he planned to kill you by kidnapping at your marriage night and make fall the accuse on Amrit . In anger, Laksh did his first murder by throwing his father’s teachings and qualities , he killed Shiv kapoor. He thought that no one knows about this. But Adittra bhabhi got to know about this. He used that shiv’s plan and made you and Swara married. He trusted that your love will make Swara fall for you and she realize Laksh is just a attraction.I entered in VR Mansion to unite the family and take care of them by blackmailing Arjun as Laxmi.”Laxmi stopped and Sanskar looks at her with moist eyes.

Laxmi smiles and takes her mask and wig, necklace Laksh pulled a string which makes Saree fall down and stands in normal men cloth .Laksh talks in his own voice.
Sanskar kneeled down in shock. The moments which he shared with Laxmi, his terrace talk with her at his marriage night everything comes into mind.

At that time,
In Sathrapathi Shivaji Railway station,
“ Train no. xxxxxx,the Chennai-Mumbai superfast express which halted in platform no 3 will depart within five minutes” Mike announced.
Ragini and Sathya boarded into First class and sits in seat. A person entered in the coofay and Ragini smiles by seeing that person.

In Park,
“ I entered to took care of my own family and I longed to spent some time with them. I entered as Laxmi in my own house. Everything is going perfect until the engagement day. Amrit and Aadi also united with us. I started to live by enjoying a little little moment of my life once I forgot I were a don. But Arjun bhai got to my real identity that I was Laksh. he did his maximum to keep me with him. even he decided to enter the dark world . he convinced me to return and while returning Rehan informed Arjun bhai about bomb in car.

Arjun bhai saved me but he caught . he lost his mental stability. I decide to keep him safe and I took him with me and went to Ooty. There , I met my prince and cutie,sweety. until Arjun bhai cured, I decided to live there but everything went upside down when Shekar entered ,Sansku. I saw my cutie falled in my hand with bleeding head as she got hit by rod, I was shot and Sweety was stabbed and both Ajju and prince poisoned. My little world struggled for their life infront my eyes. Again rehan saved me but he lied me that Ajju and Sweety died,Cutie lost her memory. They thought that cutie’s state will stop me from getting revenge. At that time, only I know about Shekar. I started to live double life , in morning a normal man and at night ,a don. One day, cutie know about this. She acted as leaving me and forced me to leave revenge.

I acted as leaving kolkatta but not my revenge. Ajju cured in this disastrous event. I met Dadu and planned everything. one side Ajju acted as K and removed Dadu’s unloyal mens and I took loyal mens with my side . again I entered into my house as I lied I and Cutie have memory loss. I started to protect again from shekar as I know his plans already. At that time, SM Industries tried to secure shares. I got to know SM industries chairman is our mamaji, Arjun’s papa Durga Prasad and Annu bua also alive. Mamaji acted as drug dealer, we united all the international don’s against us and destroyed them not their power. The day after marriage, Shekar decide to kill my blood relations. I have to broke my family and I don’t want to risk other life because Shekar’s aim is the property which is in my name by Great Grandpa’s will and Sultan dadu’s throne. I decided to broke our family to reduce risk in rest members. I kidnapped Raj bhai and my prince in the name of JC and make others stay away from VR Industries. I manipulated their lives eventhough my aim is good. I needed three months to clear all the problems and now all the problems are cleared.eventhough I made my family safe Sansku, I gave them pain. If they can, tell them to forgive me Sansku because I have no rights to manipulate their life.” Laksh said.

“ no Laku… I can’t again tolerate your separation..”Sanskar said with tears,stands and try to hold laksh hands but he can’t.
“ it’s my hologram Sansku. I left this place before a hour. It’s the truth I have hidden from you Sansku, my dark shade. Still I have happy memories with my family. I can’t see hatred for me in their eyes. I leave with happy memories and take care of them. I always with you sansku.. once again tell them if they can forgive me for the pains which I caused..”Laksh vanished in air. A little burst sound from bushes and the speakers and device which produced Hologram image destroyed automatically.
Sanskar kneeled down and yells” Laku..”

In Vrindavan,
Swara comes out first and takes car keys , drive towards Park.
Kalyani and veer stands with frozen tears. Everyone is frozen and tries to digest the truth.
Kalyani hugs Veer”Rudra, I want my Laksh. I can’t lose him again”
Aarav comes out of shock first.

“Bade maa, still he must be in Mumbai. I will find him at any cost and make him return”Aarav promised and walks out and other men joined him, walks towards out.
“Atleast now let Laksh live for him bhai. “ Arjun said in a calm tone yet stronger.
Everyone looks him shockingly.
“Mamaji, you left Laksh at the age of 11. He thought that you dead. But he can’t digest your sudden separation that too infront of him. just imagine, he was 12 years old at that time, lost you when he saw you in pool of blood. He was not immature at the same time not mature. He immersed himself in various activities. He made himself as a intelligent, flute artist and sculptor to get over the pain of losing you. Simply he lost his own identity . At a point, he started to live with your memories . you taught him to help others. He started to find you in helping others, he imagined the chain which was given by you as you.”Arjun stopped.

Raj remembers how Laksh missed his Appa and his talk in car when they went to pub.
“ he lived more than 7 years like that only, Mamaji. Then, Sanskar entered into his life. Only Sanskar broke his shell and we all saw the naughty Laksh, who was doing pranks and makes other happy in his prank. It’s his real shade which he lost . that too it comes out after he thought to be dead because of some disease. Then, again his struggle started. He became a don but do you think it’s so easy for him. he is stucked between your policies which you taught and his revenge and result was such a disaster, he became cruel don. Only to reduce his pain, he became Laxmi and helped others. Once he completed his revenge, he came to his family as Laxmi to mend it. even once, he longed to hisfamily but hesiatated Because he thought Kallu maa couldnot see his son life is at stake as he can’t marry any other one than Rago. He give happiness again in everyone life. He makes his family complete without him.But he was not happy. Then , when he decide to return, miseries started. In this 8 years, he only have pain.. just pain in his life.when he broke his own family, do anyone think it’s easy for him.no.. “Arjun stopped and plays the recording which Laksh blurted out his feelings to rehan.

Arjun takes a glass scale and bends it.
“Flick..”Glass scale break down.

“Just like this scale, he broken down Kallu maa. He attempted suicide that to by using spider to frame his death as accident. Even that time also he thought about his family not him. He can’t bear more pain now and his will power fully drained. First he pretended to be strong now he will pretend to be normal, Kallu maa. He will just act to be happy for the sake of his family but whenever he sees you all, it will remain him his deeds as he is not normal now.”Arjun paused and sees everyone expressions.
“Kallu maa, don’t mistake me. till Laksh understands everyone , everyone needs, wishes and also their pain. Just reverse it. is anyone understand Laksh, Laksh needs, wishes and pain?. If Sanskar can understand his pain, why didn’t you? why did you let him in create shell? he is not failed maa.. he thought that his parents will hate him after knowing his dark shade. He thought his own brothers abandon him, he thought his dark shade will result a storm in his joint family, he thought his friends will ignore him. We failed to give belief that we will never leave him at any condition but we give him a belief in this 8 years that his absence never make a change in his family. his family will be complete without him. he always says his family is going to complete without him and now it become real”Arjun takes a long breath.

“Atleast from now let him live for him not for his family just for a year. He will live as himself because rago’s love will return his real one and atleast His prince know how to keep his papa happy. He himself return to his family when he needs”Arjun said and walked out .

In Park,
Sanskar kneels down and cries.Swara comes there and hugs him.
“finally I happened Swara which I scared. I lost him. whenever I saw his eyes, it always shows some sort of pain. That’s why I want to know about the truth. But I never think he gone through this much. Swara.. how did he think I will left him after knowing the truth? He is my laku swara and it will never change whatever happens and I know who will answer my question”Sanskar said determinately.

At outside house,
Arjun comes out and Sweety puts her hand on his shoulder.
“where is Rago?”Sweety asked.
Flashback Starts…
Arjun sees train tickets and before seeing the destination,Ragini snatches it.
“what is this Rago?”Arjun asked angrily.

“we are leaving today bhai”Ragini answered calmly.
“no Rago.. everything will be fine. Just have patience..”Arjun said.
“no bhai. not.. in all possibilities, Laksh will affect. Since I took him here and make him stay here, to gather strength to tell the truth himself. It will reduce his guilt”Ragini said determinately.
“Rago..”Arjun asked shockingly.
“ bhai, we can’t expect them to understand Laksh . if they get anger on Laksh, Laksh will broken. It’s not good for health in his current condition. if they accept Laksh decision and behave normal, it will also affect Laksh as he is guilt for his acts. he will become over emotional and this will kill him ”Ragini said while wiping her tears.
Arjun looked at her with moist eyes.
“ I know how I will make My jaan normal and come out of guilt. But it will take some time. I can’t risk in my jaan’s life now and they also needs some time”Ragini said in determinate tone.
Flashback ends…
Swasan who hears it ,comes infront of Arjun and Sweety.
“what is his medical condition, Arjun? please don’t hide” Sanskar pleads.
Arjun looked him with moist eyes.

“ Please Arjun..”Sanskar folded his hands before and Arjun holds his hand.
“ he falled in depression Sanskar when he saw Mamaji’s accident at his small age. It’s resulted him in immersing himself in various activities. Because of recent happenings, he falled in deep depression. If he become over emotional in any way, it will snatch him”Arjun said in expressionless tone.
Sanskar looks shocked.
“ yesterday, he fainted because he became emotional and the tablets which we are giving is stress reducing tablets. Only Rago and Prince’s love will cure him, Sanskar. Let him to be alone with Ragini because she only understands him after you . stay away from him for his health. When the correct time comes, we will see him”Arjun said and left with sweety.
Swasan enters Vrindavan Mansion.
Meenu hugs Swara and says everything what ever Arjun said.
Sanskar looks everyone” it’s true naa.. we never understood what is running in Laku’s mind even we didn’t felt to know. He lived these years just for us, let him live his remaining life for him…”
Sanskar goes to his room and Swara follows it.

In train,

There is a heavy rain .
Laksh sits near window,stares the rain and Sathya sits oppositeto him with Ragini.
Sathya sees tears in Laksh eyes and wipes it ,sits beside him, takes Laksh head in his lap.
Sathya caresses Laksh hair with his tiny fingers and sings lally which Ragini sings for him.
Laksh starts to sleep. After laksh slept, Sathya kisses his forehead and smiles and Ragni feels happy by seeing the bond between Laksh and Sathya.
Ragini sits beside Sathya and side hugs him. Sathya leans on Ragini and sleep but his hand caresses Laksh’s hair in sleep also.

To be continued…
Friends , next episode full of Raglak light heartened moments and Laksh and Sathya moments then finally Sanlak and then family happy moments.
In my second and third episode, I asked a question now I have two more questions to proceed my last episode and epilogue.
1)what do you think about Laksh in this ff now?
2)do you think Arjun words about Laksh is correct?
3)what do you think about Ragini’s decision?
Please answer, it’s my kind request.

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