Mere Angne Mein 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari calling Nimmi shameless to eye Lucky now, after eyeing Nandu. Pari taunts him for seeing other’s husband. Nimmi taunts her back. Sarla asks them to come for selfies. Shivam takes their pics. Preeti smiles seeing the ring. Nandu says ring is beautiful right, it looks more beautiful on your hand, what happened, are you not happy. She says no, I m very happy. He says don’t worry, you are going to become my beautiful wife, you will always smile with me. She says I know.

Lallan says I will see your cousin sister’s face now. Rani and Amit worry. Lallan gets mesmerized seeing Amit’s face, as Amit is in woman’s disguise. He imagines romancing with that woman/Amit. Bol halke halke…..plays………… Pari, Sarla and Ashok play music. Imagination ends. Amit turns away. Rani says she is my sister, her name is Amit, Amita…. Lallan says fine, I was just seeing face. Rani says she is shy, she will feel bad. Lallan says I m not a wrong man, I will apologize for my mistake.

Rani says Amit is not here, do you trust me. He says I will never trust you. She says fine, Babloo will tell you when Amit comes. Lallan says I will not go till I beat up Amit. Amit worries. He asks Amita to come and talk. Rani says she is shy, she will not come. Lallan sends Rani to cook food. He asks Amita to come and give him water. Rani worries.

Shanti and everyone talk. Nimmi asks how did Sarla benefit by helping Preeti. Kaushalya asks her to talk well. Sarla says I m doing good and she is taunting me. Shanti says what did Nimmi say, she is not taunting, she said right, I m also thinking the same, why did you hurry to get Preeti divorced with Nandu and marrying Lucky so soon. Sarla says if Preeti got pregnant and Lucky left her then…. what would happen, Nandu is also gone. Kaushalya agrees. Sarla says I will come for haldi tomorrow. Sarla and Pari leave.

Shanti thinks of Nandu and gets upset. She thinks of Preeti. Kaushalya feels sorry for Nandu, as she is helpless in Preeti’s love, she can never get free of his death sin. Preeti is happy seeing the ring. Shanti goes to her. She throws the phone. She scolds Preeti and asks can’t you have some shame, Nandu was your husband, he was a good man, he saved you from defamation, how can you marry, Kaushalya is adamant and I will never forgive Kaushalya for this, I will not let Shanti Sadan bear this, poor Nandu died because of Preeti.

Shanti says what will happen of Nandu’s final rites, no I can’t keep this marriage, it will be sin. Kaushalya says Preeti’s life will be ruined. Shanti says why are you adamant, we have to pay for Nandu’s death. Shanti says Raghav has turned deaf, maybe for this day. Amit gives water to Lallan. Lallan sees the manly hand and asks Rani about Amita’s hand. Rani says she is shy and does not go parlor. Lallan laughs and says why to be shy to look like woman, go to parlor. Rani says yes, she will go with me tomorrow.

Shanti drags Preeti and Kaushalya begs Shanti to leave Preeti. Shanti scolds Kaushalya. Shanti throws Preeti in her room. She shows Nandu’s clothes and asks Preeti to burn it with respect, he was your husband, he was a good man, he knew about your character and held your hand, apologize to him. Preeti says I did not wish bad for you, forgive me. Shanti scolds her. Shanti asks Kaushalya to stop her drama to cry. Shanti makes Preeti burn Nandu’s clothes. She asks Preeti to take rounds and apologize. Shanti cries. Nimmi thinks I can’t tell Dadi that Lucky is Nandu, his plan can flop.

Shivam gets angry. Kaushalya asks him to get ready, they have to take haldi to Lucky’s house. Preeti argues with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Where will they take haldi? I think shanti suspects sarla’s motives.

  2. It’s enough already and this serial should finish in a week or so before it turns into one of almost all crappy never-ending serials.

  3. Now is the time to finish this serial on a Happy note before it turns out to be of if many crappy never-ending serials.

    1. I meant … before it turns out to be one of many …serials.

    2. I meant … one of many …serials.

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