Swaragini-A fresh start of love! chapter-2

HIII GUYS!!!.. Sorry for late update…. This is the second chapter!! Here we go!.
Swara and sanskar sit in a scooty and leave . laksh asks Ragini to accompany him in his bike. Ragini shyly sits in his bike.
Laksh asks Ragini to hold him. She shyly holds him and jot u mera hamdard tune is played in the bg. They stop near a park.There is an awkard silence between them breaking it laksh asks ragini would she like to eat pani puri to which ragini agrees. They eat. While eating pani puri ragini coughs due to the spice and laksh pat her shoulder and make her drink water. They realize that they are so close to each other that they can feel each other’s breath. They have an eye lock and jot u mera hamdard song is played in the bg. Ragini turns backward and shyly smiles. Seeing this laksh too smiles. Meanwhile swara is driving the scooty at a very high speed. Sanskar is frightened and asks her to slow the speed. To which she replies noooo. She asks him to not fear. She says don’t worry nothing will happen and she laughs. Sanskar holds swara due to fear. Suddenly a speeding car comes from the opposite direction and swara is unable to handle the scooty and hits the car. The car owner comes from inside and starts scolding swara. When swara tries to make him understand that it was his mistake he put his hand her shoulder and tries to misbehave with swara. Unable to bear this sanskar beats the man . soon the police man comes and take the man with them. Seeing sanskar injured swara parks her scooty on a side and takes out the first aid box and applies a band aid on his hand they share an eye lock and main rang sharbaton ka is played in the bg. Sanskar gets a call from laksh and lasksh asks him to come to a park where he and ragini are waiting for them. He says yes. He asks swara for the scooty keys. Swara asks why? He says that he will drive . or else swara would again hit someone. They laugh. Swara sits beside sanskar and holds him and smiles. Sanskar sees this from the mirror and he too smiles. They reach a park and they four sits on a bench and talk among themselves. Suddenly swara and sanskar at a same time says that they wan to say something. Sanskar asks swara to say first. Swara says that she is swara and not Ragini.Laksh and Sanskar both scream what?? Why you did so. She asks them to cool down and says that she wanted to test her sister’s would be husband. Ragini asks sanskar what he wanted to say. He says that he is also not laksh! Ragini screams W-H-A-T?? they acted because laksh wanted to test his would be bhabi! They all four brust laughing! Then they deceide to go home as it was too late!
At home : everyone is waiting for the four. Uttara says that they are coming. Everyone is anxious to know what are theirs deceision. Arnapurna asks lash and sanskar theirs deceison. Sanskar says he likes swara and laksh says he too like swara. Meanwhile sumi says ragu and shone say what do you want!! Ragini says that he likes swara and swara says that she like sanskar. Sumi hugs her daughters. She comes outside and says this to shekhar. Shekhar says to durgaprasad that they are ready for this proposal. Durgaprasad too says that they are also okay with this relation. And they both hug each other. Sumi gives everyone sweets.

Precap:Sanskar was sitting in his balcony he saw a girl walking towars him. He could not see her face.he kept on staring at her to find who she was. When she came closer he noticed that she was swara. He kissed her hand and said I LOVE YOU SWARA. And when he turned she was not there. Laksh too was thinking about Ragini..

  1. I cudnt undrstnd da part where swara says she is swara n nt rags nd sanskar sayng he is sanskar nt laksh…..i mean r both boys n both girls r identical twins actually i didnt read ur intro epi…

  2. It was so nice and cute

  3. there is confusion in the final para I think

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