Swaragini (true love win)

This is after the karwachauth drama.
Scene -1
laksh was totally shocked by the attitude change of sanskaar.he left the hope of uniting with swara.he go to his room and take out one of swara’s best pic from his collection.he talk to the image this time rags enter the room and seen everything. First time she really regret for her doing.she said sorry to laksh. But he did not show any interest to her talking.
Swasan’s Room:
sanskaar feel dizzyagain. Swara and parieenta help him to lie. Everyone scold sanskaar.but swara stand with sanskaar and protect him .meantime sanky show sign that he need water and swara go for getting water.she help him to drink the water .aftr everyone leave she scold him.
In Hall
Ap(annapurna) informed everyone execpt swara that swara start to love sanskaar becoz a women show concern only for his beloved. Her ation show it’s the begin .laksh get shocked and leave the place .he ran to the the room and closed the door. Ragini who smell something fishy ,informed everone to upside.swara in swasan room heard some one shouting laksh name.she ran to his room .everyone feel panick.ragini told swara to call laksh.sanskaar feel insecure .mean time accidently daadi sumi and shekar came there they also get shocked and insist her to call him.nick time sanskaar broke the door and enter there .swara saw him in unconcious state. She ran to him and rags stop other.tell them to watch swara.swarahug laksh and insist him 2 open his eyes .she lie on his chest and cry hardly .meantime laksh open his eyes and saw swara .he have a fainting smile and told to her that before closing his eyes forever he can see her cute face ,shona.she hug him and call him u loser lucky this time u win . I came near u and she do his aid .everyone got revealed.she began to scold him.that time laksh told did u love sanky. Swara got shocked and think abt her marriage with sanky & confession etc.she leave the place swiftly.

Precap:Swara inform everyone that she love………

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