Swaragini: The forgotten sisters part 9

Hey guys I’m sorry again for late update bcoz it was my result today and I was so tensed about it but Mashaallah my results are very good

So let’s begin
Swara is sewn sitting in her cabin
Sanskar enters without knocking
Swara:don’t you know Mr kapoor that u should
knock before entering the cabin
Sanskar:Swara I know you’re angry bcoz of last
night but I’m sorry na
Swara turned her face
Swara:let’s begin with the meeting

They completed the meeting
Sanskar:acha now atleast forgive me
Swara:and why should I forgive u Mr
Sanskar:bcoz I’m your bestie
Swara:and who told you this
Sanskar:oh god plz swara OK I’ll accept your any condition but forgive me

Swara:hmm I’ll think about it for now Mr kapoor
see u
Sanskar:are u going somewhere
Swara:none of your business Mr kapoor
Sanskar started to fake cry

And between his fake cry he said
Sanskar:my bestie my swara isn’t forgiving me
god what should I do where should I go
He said all this dramatically
Swara couldn’t help but smile
Swara:OK OK now stop your drama I’ll forgive u
but on one condition
Sanskar:condition accepted
Swara:arre let me say you’ll take me to ice
cream parlour and give me treat
Swara:so sanky
Sanskar:finally you called my name
Swara laughed
Sanskar:so I’m going to my office now I’ll pick
you up in the eve OK bye
Sanskar left and swara continue her work

On the other side
Ragini was doing some work in her cabin when her phone rang
The screen flashed lakshs name
Ragini:hey Laksh
Laksh:hi ragini are u free now
Ragini:umm a bit work is there why
Laksh:actually I was passing through your office so thought if u could accompany me for lunch in
the near by hotel but if you’re busy
Ragini:no it’s OK I’ll meet you in 10 mins OK

Ragini finished her work fats and head towards
the hotel
Ragini went and sat near Laksh who was
already present there waiting for her
Laksh:you’re late
Laksh:so let’s order
Waiter:order plz
Raglak:italiano pasta
And looked at eo
Raglak:u also like it
And the laughed
After eating their lunch they headed out
Laksh:do you ha e some imp work In office
Ragini:not really
Laksh:so can we go for a movie
Ragini:yeah sure but I always tend to doze off
during movies if their boring
Laksh:don’t worry I’ve the same habit of we
sleep we’ll sleep on eo shoulder and plus the movie is interesting so let go

They went to a Theatre and sat to see the movie
Ragini:beginning is interesting
Laksh :yeah it’s
After the interval
Ragini:Laksh I
She saw Laksh sleeping on her shoulder
Ragini smiles at his innocence
Ragini:how cute
Ragini(mono):what cute seriously ragini have u
gone mad hea your friend not bf huh what am I thinking

She brush her thoughts and saw the movie after sometime she also slept

After the movie
Laksh for up and saw ragu sleeping on his shoulder
Laksh:ragini I get up
She got up and both of them headed out
Raglak were walking when they came across a ice cream stall
Ragini squealed like a baby
Ragini :Laksh ice cream
Laksh:ragini it isn’t hygienic
Ragini:oh come on
She dragged him and made him eat the ice cream
She was enjoying g her ice cream
Laksh smirks seeing g her
Some ice cream was left he signed her to wipe it from Whr lips but her couldn’t understand where so he took her permission and cleaned it with his hands
They had and eyelock
Ragini I said blushing
Laksh:your welcome
Ragini:so what next
Laksh:now my home is near so if you don’t mind plz come to my home I’ll show you my home and some of my paintings
Ragini:ooh so you paint also
They headed towards sanlak house

On the other side
Swasan were in the ice cream parlour
They both had a great time have g ice cream teasing eo and engaging in eyelock whenever there hands touched and blushing

After the ice cream treat
They came out and saw a flower vendor
Sanskar went and bought a white rose for Swara
He gave her the rose and she accepted
Swara:white rose interesting
Sanskar:yes it signifies the purity of our relationship and my good intentions
Swara:aww so true let’s head back

Precap:ragini in sanlak home
Swasan long drive

Sorry if anyone is feeling g that I’m giving more importance to any one couple and if it is the case then plz tell me I’ll Improve on it

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