Swaragini – Me and my best friends Season 2 (RagSan) CHAPTER 2

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Hey !! thanks everyone who read , liked and commented on chapter 1. I hope you will like this chapter too. Please comment if you want me to continue.

Me and my best friends

Chapter – 2


Ragini’s POV

I was still not able to believe that we were going to trip. I looked at Swara and Laksh, although lucky was driving but then also the two seemed totally lost in each other.
I smiled thinking how it feels to be loved and love someone, I was lost in my own thought when I saw Sanskar who was looking at me smiling… damn what he would have thought about a girl who is simply sitting and smiling at her own thoughts. I felt embarrassed and avoided his gaze. He laughed at me.
And then I started talking to myself about how hungry I actually was ,I think it was loud enough for sanskar to hear though , he offered me cookies , I took it and thanked him. And then I don’t know when I fell asleep .

‘Ragu wake up!!! We are here in Goa.. wake up rags’ . Swara said shaking me to wake me up.

‘yes.. I’m up… when did we reached here‘. I said coming to my senses.

‘When you were asleep on my shoulders …’ . Sanskar said to me rolling his eyes . I didn’t responded.

“do u even know I didn’t even moved a bit for hours so that your sleep won’t get disturbed and my shoulders are paining like hell”. he continued.

“atleast I deserve one thanks”. he said widening his eyes.

I smiled and said “sorry and thank you”.

“now if your sorry and thanking speech is over so let’s go the reception and ask for room keys.” Laksh said mocking us?.

We then went to our rooms. I and swara shared a room and Laksh and sanskar shared another.
And I don’t have any idea how laksh is going to be in the same room as sanskar because he doesn’t like him at all?.
Swara and I unpacked our things and we started to get ready for our first day in goa . I dressed in a floral printed mid length jumpsuit and left my hairs open.

All of us went to beach …. It was so nice there. After that we went for shopping and now it was night….  that means party time… we came back to our hotel to change for party. We went in our rooms and got changed.

I wore a black dress and came out of my room.
Sanskar was standing there.

“woww… u r looking sooo hot”. sanskar said perhaps mesmerized by my look.

thanks … u too”. I said complimenting him back .

Swara and laksh came by then and we went to club.

I was dancing when I saw him… wait was it really him…

“oh noooo is he really in Goa right now“…. I jumped in excitement .

I pulled swara and told her that he is here. I couldn’t stop blushing … and she like a typical bff started teasing me. I couldn’t believe my eyes ,the boy I had crush on when I was in 12th class is here…. I saw my crush after 3 years… like was this a dream or he was really here….

“oyee, now don’t waste time standing here , go and talk to him … and I don’t think today that today he could say no to you…you’re looking just too hot to say no”.  Swara said teasing me.

I looked at him …Arjun … my one and only crush…only I know how much I stalked him .. and now finally he is before my eyes.


precap : Arjun meets sanskar .

hope you enjoyed reading . Please like and comment and tell if I should continue. Next chapter on 24th march ? if I get positive response and also tell who would like to play arjun’s character, which actor … comment below and let me know.

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