Swaragini- Anokha rishta (Episode 2)

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Here goes our 2nd episode…..

Recap: intro……..

@ clg…..
Swara was walking in the campus thinking how can she adjust the money fr hostel rent. She didn’t look around her surroundings. Suddenly a car comes near her, applies break suddenly……… Swara falls down due to tht. She gets shocked.

A person comes out of it. Itz none other than Ragini. She was wearing white banana top and jeans. She has made her hairs open.
Ragini: Hello madam, plz do look at ur surroundings while walking.
Swara: I’m sorry.
She was still on ground. Ragini lends her hand to get up.
Ragini: Fresher?
Swara: no, 3rd year.
Rags: wat? Evn I’m a third year student. But I haven’t seen u before.
Swara: you’re right. I’m new here.
Rags: I see…. Oopz!! I forgot. My name is Ragini Gadodia. U can call me Ragini or Rags.
Swara: hi Ragini….. I’m Swara.
Ragini:Come let me introduce our gang to u.

Rags takes her to her frndz.
Rags: this is duggu, angel, chinki, rocket, milkha Singh, cadberry, motu.
She introduces them. Swara gives a weird look at them for their names. Rags laughing at her.
Rags: Don’t think much. These r not their real names. In fact v hav forgot their true names calling by these names.
Angel: whoz this Rags?
Rags: This is Swara, new arrival. Shez not of our type. Soon v shall make her…..
She winks at all. Swara just gave a simple smile.
Swara forgot abt her rent being vth them.

@ class…..
Ragini was sitting beside Swara. Lecture was started, all were pretending to listen…….
Rags started using her master mind.
She started making chits and was throwing among their frndz. Swara noticed this but ignored.
Rags started giggling and was cracking jokes vth others. Lecturer noticed this….
Sir: Ragini….. Get up? Wat r u dng?
Rags: uhh… Hmmm.. Mass communication sir.
She said in a firm tone, while others tried to control their laughs…..
Sir: wat? Mass communication?
Rags: If u want I can explain. Now a days I’m not busy. Many of my frndz r getting trained under me fr this. I wud b glad evn if u join us….
All started laughing. Swara felt bad regarding Ragini’s behaviour.
Sir: badtameez….. Don’t u hav manners to respect ur teachers? I don’t want students like u in our class. U can walk out.
Rags(smiling): thank you sir!!!! And sir, U’ve solved the eqn incorrectly. The roots should get negative sign……
Backbenchers: hota hai Rags!!!! Sir is not well trained like us.
Rags walks out and many ppl goes behind her.
Swara:Rags was right abt the equation. But is this the way? Oh god!! Wat kind of clg hav I joined to?

Screen shifts to Maheshwari Mansion…..
Sanky: lucky, don’t u hav ur clg today? Y r u here still?
Lucky: bhaai, I’m going on a date.
He winks.
Sanky: enough lucky. I know U’ve to enjoy ur student life but not in this way. At least get serious on ur career frm now.
Lucky: Y shud I? Tum ho na? Big brother. Don’t u look after me?
Sanky: Yes lucky boy, I’ll always b there fr u. But think abt ur parents, at least badi maa. She is suffering due to ur actions.
Lucky: bhaai, wat shall I do? Dad impose me on everything. Whatever I do he makes it a big issue out of it. Plz don’t involve me in these emotionally.
Sanky: I’m a fool to talk to u regarding this.
Lucky: No no, u r my sweet buddhu bhaai.
Uttara: oye Mr. Lakshya, wat were u addressing my bhaiya?
Lucky: lo aagayi tumhari laadli. Ms. Uttara, he is my bhaai, I can address him anything. He won’t mind. Hey na bhaai?
Uttara: oh is it? Shall I tell him abt tht incident? U and tht girl in coffee shop…….. Then u’ll come to know wat all he’ll mind…
Lucky gives her a terror look. Uttara makes her tongue out.
Sanky: guyz watz going on? And whch incident is she talking abt?
Uttara: new girlfrnd. Uhh….. Wat was her name? Amy….
Lucky: no no, Amy at mall. At coffee shop it was Maya…..
Sanky stares at him. Lucky bytes his tongue.
Uttara(laughing): now did u get who is a fool?
She makes funny faces.
Lucky: devil!!!! I won’t leave u. Wait……..
They started chasing each other while sanky was smiling at their childishness……

Precap: pairs revealation…..

Guyz how was it? As I’m new here, I don’t know much to make it interesting. But I’ll try to improve if u guyz guide me. Thank u fr reading and love u all..

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