Ek anokhi kahani Episode 48

Hi frd sry i couldnot reply on each comment
Somethong went wrong with my net yesterday
And ya i am going to end this ff soon at 50th episode as i am running out of my ideas
Thank u so much for liking my ff i will write another ff

Episode starts with rags waiting for shaurya
He comes and they both hug eachother
All congrates them.
Soon they all congratulate them.
Arjun and sheena marruage happens successfully.

After 4 months if swara .
And now rags having 5 months.
Swara starts feeling labour pains she shouts
Sanskar informs to all so all starts reaching hospital.
Sanskar says calm down yar why r u shouting.
Swara slaps him and says who is getting pain me or you.
Sanskar touches his cheeks and widens his eyes
All starts to laugh.
Finally they send to swara to OT.
Sanskar sits down on relief abd says.
I am getting feeling of indepwndances day.
Shaurya:-do u ever fractured your bone.
Sansky:-ya once.
Shaurya:-how it pained.
Sanskar:-unbearable yar.
Dev sits next to him and says .
When girls gets labour pain you know its pain like 306 bones fractured at onces .and for them after giving birth its like a rebirth
Sanskar:-seriously that much pain they e
Will get.
My god then we should salute to all girls.
Arjun asks rags to sit as she is standing for long time.
Shailaja comes and says baby boy sanskar.
All gets happy.

After sanskar takes that baby in hands and cries.and thanks to swara for giving a wonderfull and price less gift.
Swara also have tears in her eyes.
Rags checks some patient files .
Laksh comes and hugs her from back and says thank u for being a girl ragini.
Thank u for what u r going to give us and tounches her womb.
Rags hugs him .
Swara and sanskar name him as prudhvi.
Shaurya name him as samrat.
Few months later .
Rags delivers a girl.
Laksh and all gets happy.
Dev and shaurya starts fighting over that girl.
Sanskar comes in between and says in that case even i am in queue after all my bestiee girl
Dev and shaurya looks at him angrily.
Laksh sits with that baby next to rags .
Arjun:-stop fighting yar let my princess decide whom she will chose that after 25 years
All laughs.

Few years passes.
Dev is having boy and girl. Sameera and sameera
Shaurya is having boy and girl. Samrat and kaira
Swara is having two boys. Ajay and vijay
Rags having two girls. Pranate and sandhya
Arjun having one boy and on girl.
Suraj and shalini.

Dev and shaurya asks pranate that whom she will marry.
Pranate shows dev son sameer.
Shaurya asks why.
Pranatee:-because he has blue eyes like u and hugs him.
Mean while swara daughter comes and says that she will marry samrat.
All laughs.
Family pic
All stands together with their kids.

Sry frds that i ended so fastly but what to do i sm running out of my ideas and i am unable to satisfy all fans as they are so many heros and heroines are their in my ff.
I hope untill now i didnot disappoint u all.
Thank you for showing your love towards me and my ff.
Enjoy my remaing two ff and later i will come withmy another ff.
Bye frds miss u all.
Take care .
And plss support my decision.

  1. You were brilliant. Thanx for the fiction it was just too good…. You too Take Care !! We will miss you and ur writing… What are the names of the other 2 ffs ??

    1. Four different world
      All alone ragini

  2. Dear it’s more enough for this ff yar, ya ur right too much of main leading so it’s better by having happy & satisfied ending..

    1. Thank u so much rasha for understanding

  3. Really really loved ur ff .will miss it badly 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. U r too good yaar… Ur ff was marvellous… thanks for such a beautiful ff… Im reading ur other ff too… They r also brilliant… Take care dear…

  5. start another ff with fresh storyline that to about ragini, tc dear

    1. I did rosy infact 2 ff
      All alone ragini
      Four different worlds

    2. all alone ragini is my favourite, your ff’s are awesome

  6. superb plz write another ff

    1. All alone ragini
      Four different worlds
      These ar two ff in which ragini is there

  7. Superb year.I am fan of ur every epi.ur happy ending epi is really awesome.

  8. What ending noooo plzzzz atleast come back with another story plzzzz

  9. nic one dear n thanks for ur wonderfulll ff …..

  10. Happy ending
    Superb journey

  11. Ur ff was one of the best ff’s of swaragini 🙂
    You thoroughly maintained the standard of ur ff, we always enjoyed it.I will miss u so much 🙁
    And love u

    1. Thank u so much tania

  12. A great work done by u sindhu dr…..a big applause for u…..love u nd enk….if u can plz start a season two of this with a different storyline like all girls r sisters nd all boys bros……or something like that but if u want only then

    1. All alone ragini
      Four different worlds
      These two ff also ragini there
      And one thing by these many characters only i got confused if i star continution
      I will first get confusion but definetly i will try to make season 2

    2. Thank u so much dia

  13. superb ending dear. i love your all ff very much

  14. U r just awesome di. U r my inspiration to write a ff. Plz come back with another one. Love u loads

  15. Ranaji(narendran)

    Nice one I did not comment on any epi but your ff was superb I mean all alone ragini a big applause for you I loved it yesterday only I started reading all ff epi of ek anokhi it is also nice…but I love your all alone ragini only??????????????

  16. Its so no villian no twist I just love it 🙂

  17. I loved it till the end

  18. super dear I really feeling good u know in off I have have enjoyed from 1 st to last and important thing s everything s positive that’s y waiting fr off of urs tq fr this good ff

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  20. the most wonderful family drama has ended….I thought u will continue but it’s ok Dr ..Will see u in ur Next ff

  21. Awsome plz season 2 plz plz plz

  22. it was awsome stry .. am surely moss it.. devrag shaurya bond n all

  23. It was a grt attempt … And this attempt became a success too …. U gave equal imp to all and moved on the story well …. It happens yar tht U r out of ideas….
    Hats off for 48 episodes …. Tht too wih four pairs … Cool thanks

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