SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 43 (+16)

Episode 43 9
Ragini unbuttons her shirt and throws it on the floor now only in her hot pants and bra… Lakshya pulls her closer holding her by her bare waist and starts kissing her neck hungrily under the shower while Ragini closes her eyes in ecstacy and leans her head back while moving her fingers in his hairs… Suddenly she recalls something… She then cups his face and makes him look at her… She shakes her head negatively herself breathing heavily due to activated hormones and cold water falling on her from the shower… Though,she was denying him,but was snuggling close to him for he was warm… Lakshya denies her request by pinning her to wall and interwining his hands with her starts kissing her even more hungrily… Ragini, unable to resist her lover boy reciprocates with full passion… They part and Lakshya is looking intensely at her… She returning the same gaze…

Lakshya ” I want you…!! Now..!!”

He again grabs her waist and is about to feast on her lips again when she stops him… He looks questioningly at her…

Ragini “Lakshya no…!! We can’t consummate!! You know what will happen… And we will be caught..!! We can’t afford to do that now..!!”

Lakshya gets angry… He hits his fist on the wall just beside where Ragini was standing and turns around showing his back to her… He pulls back his hairs and closes his eyes trying to calm himself but was failing miserably… He was getting frustrated due to that… Ragini was understanding his situation and was feeling sorry… But something tickles in her mind… She smiles and steps forward hugging him from back… He takes a deep breath feeling her touch…

Lakshya “No Ragini… Don’t do this… I will loose control and we cannot afford to fall in danger…!!”

Ragini turns him and makes him face her… She cups his face and pecks his forehead,eyes,cheeks,nose and then lips… He opens his eyes and looks at her…

Ragini “Stupid… We just can’t consummate!!! Rest all is allowed…!! The compensation for our separation can still be done…!!”

She winks at him… Lakshya’s face lightens hearing this and he has a never ending smile… Ragini chuckles at his expressions and hugs him keeping her head on his chest… He wraps her arms around his waist…

The bathroom door opens and Lakshya peeps out…

Lakshya (a little loud whisper) “Alan..!! Alex..!! (They both come out of the vase and look at him teasingly… Lakshya has a blush!!) Hi Alex… But will meet you later… For now… Get out of here!! Go to Swara’s room!!”

Alex “Dude… Are you dumb or think us to be?? Sanskar is there in her room and the same scene is going on..!!”

Lakshya “Whatever..!! But just be out!! Understand Dude!!!”

The ghost brothers huff and floats out of the window… Lakshya comes out half naked and covers the window with curtains… As he came out,the door got locked… Lakshya wiped himself and changed to dry clothes… White transparent shirt and white pants… The top three buttons of his shirt are open… The door of the bathroom opens and Ragini steps out in her tank top and shorts… Her long brown wet hairs, falling on her milky white cheeks with natural blush was making her look breath taking… Her seductive walking style was cherry on the cake… Lakshya smirked looking at her and sat on the edge of the bed keeping both his hands on either side…

Ragini comes to him and sits on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck… Lakshya instantly holds her waist with his hands… His one hand went down to caress her thigh… Shiver runs down her spine feeling his touch… She bites her lower lip and closes her eyes… Meanwhile Lakshya has buried his face in the crook of her neck planting wet kisses there… Ragini was encouraging him by ruffling her fingers through his hairs… He moves to her collar bone nibbling her skin slightly… She gasps… He goes even more crazy… He moves down deeper to her cleavage kissing all the while… Now starts pulling her top down which was revealing her bra and her half uncovered curves…
Ragini,afraid that he will rip apart her top,stops him for 4 seconds and moves her top and throws it aside… Lakshya was even more satisfied now… He unbuttons his shirt pulls Ragini even closer to him by hee waist making her skin touch his… Ragini was caressing his bare chiseled chest looking with desires at him which both have to control for Sometime… She started kissing his jawline and his neck constantly rubbing his skin seductively with his… Lakshya also gasps when she bites him under his ear on his neck… He was caressing her bare waist and belly sending tickling sensations in her stomach… +
Lakshya unhooks her bra and makes her lie down on the bed and comes over her balancing himself on his hands… He looks at her with intense, passion and desire… Ragini blushed under his gaze… She hold one of his hand and took it to her br*ast… He parted the cloth with her body and threw it aside… He took one in his mouth and was playing with another… Ragini arched her body when felt his wet tongue playing with her body… He was pinching the other which made both of them pointed… His weight was all over her body now… Ragini was caressing his back which was sending tickling sensations in him… It was making him go more wild and his wildness was felt by her… He gave her a bite on his curve… She covered her mouth from moaning out his name… She knew that he loved it whenever she moans taking his name,but situation is different here… She feels getting him harder… She was about to stop him but he went down kissing her belly to her navel… He started licking around her navel… She arched her body again… She forgot what she about to do and clutches his hairs and ruffling it… She then pulls him up and turns over kissing his lips… Now Ragini was over Lakshya… She was ruffling his hairs and kissing him vigorously while his hands were on her back making circular motions… She was arching her body due to his finger movements on her back… It was pressing more to his body and he was liking it… She stops kissing his lips when they both fall short of breath… But Ragini starts kissing his jawline,moving down to his neck,his shoulders,his chest… Lakshya couldn’t take it anymore… He holds her changes their position… They both are looking at each other intensely while breathing heavily… He moves the hair strands off her face and caresses her cheek…

Lakshya (in a low whisper) “We need to stop right here or else we will be loosing control… (Ragini nods) But before that,I know how to satisfy you without really going down…!!”

Ragini was about to deny but he seals her lips with his pinching the points of her curves and playing with it making Ragini arch her body Everytime… He was then vigorously kissing her neck,his one hand playing with the curve while other one with her navel… Her breath was getting struck in her neck as she was moving her body close to him while tightening her grip on Lakshya… She then gasps taking a deep breath and lies tiredly on the bed… Lakshya looks at her and kisses her forehead… She closes her eyes feeling it… He gets off her and lies beside her taking her in his embrace… She also keeps her head on his chest… He caresses her hairs and kisses it…

Ragini “I love you..!!”

Lakshya “I love you too baby doll..!! But give me sometime… I will be back…”

She nods and moves off him… He gets up and goes back to the bathroom… She blushes and gets up to dress up again….

Lakshya took almost thirty minutes inside… He came out buttoning up his shirt when Ragini stopped him… He smiled at her and swept her off the floor in his arms… They both lied on the bed, embracing each other, finally getting peace…

Lakshya “I Love you…”

Ragini “I love you too…”

Lakshya “I love you three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine, ten and till infinity..!!!”

Ragini “I love you beyond infinity…”

Lakshya “I cannot defeat you in this or anything!!” +

Ragini “Why do you even try??”

Lakshya “How you all came here??”

Ragini was about to say when Kavya was banging on the door shouting his name… Ragini frowned and cursed her… Lakshya chuckled seeing her and pecked her lips… She smiles… He kisses her forehead and gets up to open the door… Ragini stops him and opens his shirt… Lakshya looked into her eyes and understood… They smirked…

Lakshya opened the door and peeped outside… His naked chest visible… Ragini was behind the door checking him out or rather drooling over him…

Kavya “What took you so long to open the door??”

Lakshya “Kavya… I am almost naked!! You can see that right?? I was in a midst of a relaxing bath when you banged on!! And now scolding me??”

Kavya “Oh!! I am sorry Lucky… I didn’t… Anyways… Sorry… I thought you ran away!!!”

Lakshya (acting to get hurt) “How can I Kavya?? I made an Unbreakable Promise to you!! Still?? Don’t you trust me??”

Kavya “No no no Lucky… It’s nothing like that..!! (She moves towards him to cup her face but he moves back… She looks at him… He signs at his condition… She nods) Remember I told you,this evening of yours will be made special by me?? (He nods…) I am waiting for you at the pool side… You finish your relaxing bath first for I want you to be totally relaxed and fresh… And Come soon…”

He nods acting to get excited… She winks at him and goes from there… He sighs in relief as he closes the door only to find a glaring Ragini clutching his shirt tightly… She steps dangerously towards him while he gulps and move backwards…

Ragini “What was the special thing she was talking about?? Is that lizard planning something else to cling to you??”

Lakshya “How would I know baby doll?? You are doubting me???”

Ragini “That won’t work on me..!! (Now Lakshya can’t move back more due to wall… Ragini keeps her hands on his either side pinning him to wall) Listen Mr. Lakshya Durgaprasad Maheshwari,I am warning you!! Don’t you dare overflow in your emotions and Let her get close to you more than necessary… Else you will see the worst of Ragini Gadodia..!! Got it??”

Lakshya nods vigorously… Ragini realizes their position and looks at him… She moves more close to him sliding her hands on his chest, going up to his neck finally wrapping her arms around it… Lakshya also wraps his arms around her waist… She tip-toes and puts her lips on his… Lakshya instantly grabs her lower lips sucking on them while she continues the same with his upper lips… They have a short passionate lip lock… She makes him wear his shirt and was buttoning it up decently while he was looking at her without blinking… He kisses her forehead and goes to window removing the curtains… The ghost brothers were floating outside a little away from window… He calls them in…

Lakshya “Alex,Is Aisha also here?? (Alex nods…) Can you just give her the message that she needs to come to my room… How,they know… But plz,ask her to be quick…”

Alex nods and flies out of window… After about 10 minutes,there is a knock on his door… Ragini hides behind it while Lakshya opens it a little and peeps outside… He relaxes seeing Rohan… He lets him in and closes the door… Suddenly he feels as if someone jumped and hugged him… He smiles… Ragini hugs Rohan…

Lakshya “Aisha relax… I am absolutely fine… But you are invisible!! I can’t see you…”

Lakshya gets the feeling of being freed… Aisha appears in front of them… They hug again…

Rohan “What happened Lucky??”

Lakshya “Bhai… That lizard has taken my fun thing a little too seriously and has planned a surprise for me… I want to take Ragini with me keeping her invisible but know her anger… (Rohan nods… He then speaks to Aisha…) Aisha… You can see even invisible things… And so I want you to come with me being invisible alongwith Ragini and handle her in case,the situation gets out of control… And also I cannot take risk to go there alone… I don’t trust that Kavya and leave my Ragini restless…” +

She looks lovingly at him while he is speaking… Aisha happily nods… Rohan smirks teasing him… Lakshya frowns… He then wishes them luck and goes back to his room… Aisha and Ragini become invisible again and follow Lakshya to the pool side…

They look with widened eyes at the decorations at the pool… The dim lights and the candles were making the atmosphere romantic but upon realizing who did all that, Lakshya wasn’t interested… At the middle of the pool,there was a platform at which a chair was kept…

Aisha (whispering) “Lakshya… Go to the platform… I think the chair is for you…”

Ragini (whispering as well) “Be careful and remember what I said…”

Lakshya gives a stiff nod and moves forward… He slowly stepped towards the way leading to platform… Ragini and Aisha stand there itself a little far… Aisha was holding her hand… As Lakshya reaches the platform,they all hear music… Kavya emerges from pool all wet as the music plays… She is wearing a s*xy red two piece dress… Her crop top is off shoulder while her lower dress is a side slit long skirt… She is looking stunning but since,she is Kavya Arora, therefore she is nothing more than a lizard for Lakshya…

Dilbar dilbar
Dilbar dilbar
Dilbar dilbar
Dilbar dilbar 2
Kavya emerges out of the pool upto her chest combing back her wet hairs trying to look s*xy… Lakshya, instead closes her eyes and recalls his moment with Ragini when they consummated first… How Ragini came out of the pool in the same way and was looking heavenly beautiful… Lakshya smiles recalling her… Ragini sees Lakshya’s expressions and guesses what he is thinking… She also smiles…

Chadha jo mujhpe suroor hai
Asar tera yeh zaroor hai
Teri nazar ka kasoor hai yeh
Dilbar dilbar dilbar
Kavya comes out of the pool and walks on the way leading to platform to reach Lakshya… His eyes were closed and he was remembering his moments with Ragini and smiling… Kavya mistook it for her and smiles… She traces her one finger on his face seductively and then traces his lips… Lakshya with a jerk comes out of his Dreamland and shivers seeing Kavya so close to him… He takes two steps backwards… Ragini boils…

Aa paas aa tu kyon door hai
Yeh ishq ka jo fitoor hai
Nashe mein dil tere choor hai
Dilbar dilbar dilbar
Kavya grabs his collar with one hand and pulls him closer to her… She then touches his body with hers… Ragini tightens her fist… Lakshya gulps imagining Ragini’s expressions… Kavya caresses his face from forehead going to cheeks and then coming down to neck… Ragini is gritting her teeth…

Ab to hosh na khabar hai
Yeh kaisa asar hai
Hosh na khabar hai
Yeh kaisa asar hai
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar
Kavya pushes Lakshya and he falls on the chair and sits on it… Ragini and Aisha look on… Lakshya looks other side… Kavya holds his chin and makes him look at her… Ragini is boiling again… She turns back and tries to sit on his lap… Ragini widens her eyes… Kavya is about to sit but Lakshya gets up on time and Kavya sits on chair instead… Ragini relaxes… Kavya pouts…

Dilbar dilbar
dilbar Dilbar
dilbar Dilbar
dilbar dilbar
Kavya pulls him towards her… He prevents himself from dashing on to her… She again pushes him on the chair and he sits there… Ragini is again clenching her fist…

Karti katal na aise tu chal
Paheli ka is nikalo koyi hal
Husn ka pitara khilta kamal
Kar loon main sabar
Kyun ki mitha hai fal

Kavya goes behind Lakshya swinging her waist which was not at all natural… Lakshya recalls how Ragini walks with that natural swing in her waist… She slides her hand on his chest from behind on which he makes a constipated expressions… Ragini and Aisha suppress their laugh seeing his face but next moment she starts boiling when Kavya comes in front of Lakshya… She puts her leg on the arm rest of the chair which is revealing due to the slit on her skirt… Lakshya closes his eyes tightly… Ragini moves forward to charge at Kavya but Aisha pulls her and holds her back… She looks furiously at her…

Tu mera khwaab hai
Tu mere dil ka karaar
Dekh le jaan-e-mann
Dekh le bas ek baar
Kavya slides her hand on her bare leg kept on the arm rest all the way to her knees… Ragini and Aisha turn their face in disgust… Kavya notices Lakshya has closed his eyes and pouts… She keeps down her leg down and makes him stand… She encircles her arms around his neck and moves close to his face… Ragini is now getting tearful…

Chain kho gaya hai
Kuchh to ho gaya hai
Chain kho gaya hai
Kuchh to ho gaya hai
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar
Lakshya feels a cool breeze on his face and feels two hands hugging him from the back… He holds the hands opening his eyes and brings the person in front… He gets a sweet surprise seeing Ragini in same outfit instead of Kavya but looking infinity times more beautiful than her… No comparison could be made… He smiles naughtily as he slides his hand on her waist and pulls her closer to him… She wraps her arms around his neck and they both shake their hips to the tune… This turns out to be his imagination and he realizes that he was holding Kavya… Tears roll over Ragini’s cheeks as the music of Oud (Arabic string instrument) and flute plays instead of refrain dilbar… She turns around unable to see that… Aisha consoles her…

Ab to hosh na khabar hai
Yeh kaisa asar hai
Hosh na khabar hai
Yeh kaisa asar hai
Tumse Milne ke baad dilbar
Tumse Milne ke baad dilbar
Kavya gets elated seeing Lakshya responding… Here Lakshya realizes his blunder and he leaves her waist at once and also freeing himself from her arms… Kavya pouts and makes him sit on the chair again… Ragini walks off from there to Lakshya’s room and Aisha follows her… Lakshya stops getting Ragini’s presence feeling and realizes that she left… He winces at his mistake… 1

Oh yeah!

Dilbar dilbar

Lakshya is sitting there cursing himself for his mistake whereas Kavya is hovering around him literally trying to climb on him… He clenches his fist as he unable to tolerate her anymore for his baby doll got hurt due to her but can’t do anything…

The song ends… Kavya is about to go really close to Lakshya… Lakshya closes his eyes and prays to Gopal to save him for he doesn’t even has his wand… Just then Kavya feels someone holding her arm and stopping her… She turns around and gets a slap on her cheek… Lakshya opens his eyes and for the first time in 19 years he was glad seeing his Sujata Masi… She slapped her in rage…

Kavya (looking at her furiously) “You..!! How dare you!!! How dare you slap me!!!” +

Sujata ” Just shut up girl!! Else you will be gifted with another one… (Kavya fumes) Don’t you have any shame?? You are doing such a thing with your would be husband openly!! And that too before marriage??”

Kavya “But I am fulfilling his wish only… He said he wants to have fun before getting married… Right Lucky?? (Lakshya nods embarrassedly not knowing what to do) see…”

Sujata “Yes… He said that… But tell me you dumbhead girl… Will he have fun with his would be wife only?? Then what will you both do on your first night?? Play chess?? (Kavya is about to open her mouth to retort when Sujata stops her…) No more arguments… Go to your room… Now!! Ramprasad Ji is there to take care of his and my Rohan’s fun… (To Lakshya) you also go to your room and take rest… All the marriage rituals will take place tomorrow only… And your special demand as well… Go now both of you…”

Lakshya heaves a sigh of relief… He nods and goes towards his room… Kavya fumes at Sujata and also leaves… Sujata curses her to be shameless and mannerless and goes from there as well…

Lakshya runs into his room and latches it well… He turns to look at a sitting Ragini with tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes… Beside her, Aisha is consoling her… Lakshya again curses himself for his mistake… Ragini looks at him and gets up furiously… The ghosts brothers are also there in the room… They know everything for Aisha told them…

Alex “Seriously Junior Maheshwari!! This was so unexpected from you!! Couldn’t you control a little more???”

Lakshya glares Alex and he turns silant… He then looks at Alan… Alan signalled Lakshya that he is gone… Lakshya gulps and starts hiding all the possible things in his room with which harm can be done without Ragini’s knowledge… Ragini furiously gets up and Lakshya freezes on his place… 1

Ragini “Alex… Call Sanskar… Ask him to come to window in his animagi form and take me and Aisha out of this room..!!”

Lakshya looks at her shocked… He looks helplessly at Aisha who is giving him a sympathetic look… Alex at once goes and comes back within five minutes with an eagle Sanskar… He turns to his human form… Lakshya gets Happy seeing him… He goes to him to hug him but Sanskar stops him glaring him… Alex look smirking at Lakshya… Lakshya glares him…

Sanskar (whispering and only audible to Lakshya) “Really Lucky?? You really got seduced?? That too by a lizard?? By the way… You are ok right?? They didn’t harmed you right??”

Lakshya (In same tone after nodding at his last to questions) “I am alright Bhai… And I didn’t get seduced!! She was horrible!! Nothing compared to my Ragini!! I just did a small mistake imagining Ragini and overflowed in emotions!! Plz Bhai… Help me out!! I rarely ask you for help… Plz…”

Sanskar nods and goes to Ragini… She looks at him…

Sanskar “Ragini… I know everything… But at least give him a chance to explain himself… (Ragini is about to retort when Sanskar stops her) Plz… For me!! And if the explanation isn’t satisfactory,then you can hit him until you cool down… After all,he is all yours…”

He winks at her… This makes Ragini smile amongst tears… Lakshya and Aisha heave a sigh of relief… Alex gets disappointed… This time Lakshya smirks at him… Alex makes faces… +

Sanskar “Now I am giving you two privacy… Sort it out… (To Aisha) let’s go from here… I have to meet Rohan as well (Aisha nods… He then says to ghost brothers…) You both also… Give them some time alone…”

Both of them nod and fly out of window… Sanskar also turns to eagle and flies out of window… He increases his size and Aisha gets on him… They both also go…

Lakshya comes towards Ragini who turns her face away from him… He turns her back to face him… She is still not looking at him… He lifts her chin makes her look him… They both look at each other intensely… He cutely holds his ears apologizing to her… Ragini’s heart melts at once and she forgives him then and there but she thinks to tease him more… She sniffs and looks other side… 1

Lakshya “My baby doll!! I am so sorry… I know I did a blunder but I realized it instantly and I am apologising… Please talk to me… Please look at me…”

Ragini “No Lakshya… You go and dance with that Kavya shaking your hips… And do one thing,marry her only… I will go away—-”

She is unable to complete her sentence as Lakshya has sealed her lips with his… She is shocked… Lakshya is hungrily sucking her lower lips… He is a bit frustrated about what Ragini was about to say so he is kissing her hungrily as ever… He gets annoyed when she doesn’t responds… He grabs her waist pulling her closer and takes her arms up wrapping it around his neck… He then takes his hand back on her waist and pinches her there… Ragini comes to her senses when gasps due to pinch and starts reciprocating to him and allows him to enter her mouth… Lakshya,now calmed, caresses her waist where he pinched her asking for her forgiveness… She ruffles his hairs lovingly as an answer that she forgave him… They break the kiss when they feel going out of breath and merge their foreheads…

Ragini “I am sorry… I will never talk about going away from you!!”

Lakshya “I am also sorry for the act of mine which hurted your heart..!! But there was a reason… I was not holding that lizard… You saw right that my eyes were closed,it’s because I didn’t wanted to open them because your face was there in front of me… I was there holding you by your waist, pulling you close to me and shaking hips on that song with you… You,you and just you… No one else… You are the only one Ragini… And no one else is… Trust me…”

Ragini gets overwhelmed and hugs him tightly… Lakshya smiles feeling contended and reciprocates… Lakshya carries her in his arms and takes her to the bed… They both lie down and close their eyes in each other’s embrace…

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