SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 44

Episode 44 +

All the three couples were in their rooms… Hugging each other and lying on the bed… They tried to sleep… But sleep was nowhere near them… Their eyes were wide open and they were all lost in deep thoughts…

Aisha “What is going on in your mind Rohan?? I can sense you are worried… Are you worried for SSS..??”

Rohan “I am my love… (Kisses her forehead) I was just thinking that in last one year so much happened and in another one day,so much will happen… Just going through it… I just hope that whatever we have planned,it works out…”

Swara “But… I am afraid Sanskar… What if we are caught?? What if it fails… Will we be able to handle it??”

Sanskar “Till you and SSS are with me,we will be able to handle anything and deal with any situation… No one can beat us till we are together…”

Lakshya “Still… Are you afraid?? Are you feeling scared??”

Ragini “To be honest,I am… For the first time in my life,I am afraid… I am afraid of failure… Earlier it was my passion which became my identity… RAGINI GADODIA NEVER LOOSES… But this time,I am afraid for I have everything on stake… My family,My friends and my love…!!”

Lakshya tightens his grip over her… He leans in and captures her lips sucking them to pleasure her… She reciprocates and they pull back after sometime… They smile at each other and close their eyes hugging…. But still not sleeping…

Here Aisha is closing her eyes but her eyebrows are frowned and Rohan is wide awake caressing her head and kissing it at intervals…

There Sanskar and Swara are also awake and lost in deep thoughts…

All of their minds goes into flashback of whatever happened one year back…


One year ago…

The faculty along with Parvati are heading towards the Arete common room… Inside,the SSS are sitting and discussing….

Aisha “Something clicked my mind!!! Our parents could be here any moment!!”

Rohan “She is right… Till now,even they would have realized… And frankly speaking,I think we should tell them everything…”

Sanskar “But if we would tell them everything,we would have to begin from the beginning… From where this all started…”

Swara “And that means that we have to tell them about the terrace attack and wand connection as well… (She realizes something and widens her eyes!!!) THE WAND!!!!”

Lakshya “Yes… What about the wand?? Do you know something??? Swara,I can see you disturbed from yesterday even before than the confrontation was done..!!”

Ragini “Yaa Di… Tell us… We are a team right..?? We cannot confide any thing from each other… It will hamper our unity… You widened your eyes saying about wand… Do you know something related to the wand and the third possesser of the wand??”

Swara nods looking at them… They all look at her questioningly and expectantly… She is about to say something but the shuts her mouth… She just gets up and picks up her wand… She then goes and collects other five wands as well… They all look on cluelessly at her… She then keeps all the wands together and mixes them…

Swara “Except Ragu and Lucky,three of you come and tell me which is Ragini’s wand..??” +

They all look on cluelessly at her…

Aisha “Swara… There’s not even need to come… Anyone sitting here would point out and tell that one of those two shining wands belongs to Ragini…”

Sanskar ” And since we are their close friends so we even know that the one which is 0.05 inches bigger,that belongs to Ragini…”

Rohan “Exactly… Their wands do not look at all like other ordinary wands… It has visibly distinct features… And since its special, it’s visible and recognizable from far only…”

Swara nods and returns the wands to their owners… She then sits at her place… They again look at her…

Swara “I just wanted to proof that I am not lying about whatever I am going to say to you… And neither was I hallucinating… ( They all nod…) Guys,I think I know the third possesser of the wand… (They all widen their eyes in shock…) It’s Jaanki Gadodia!!”

Ragini “How can you be so sure Di?? I mean you saw her?? The third possesser isn’t victim?? But attacker??”

Rohan (recalling something and realizing) “Damn!! How can I ignore this!! I was so grief stricken that I didn’t noticed it… When we went to the forest, along with my so called parents,there was one more person there and maybe Swara noticed the wand and could make it out(Swara nods approvingly)… But we didn’t see the face and before that we had to run as well…”

Lakshya “Ok… Since the third possesser was with Sujata Masi and Uncle Ram,we now know that the third possesser is not victim but the attacker… But how are we sure that it’s Janki Gadodia only??”

Sanskar “Simple logic Lucky!! Like we are a team…SSS – Six Striking Stunners,so are they… TTT – Team Threatening Trio..!!! (They all throw him a disgusting dirty look for his lame name… He smiles sheepishly) Hey!! Don’t give me that look… Focus on the logic!! (They all roll their eyes…!!) So,since beginning the Mehta duos were working for Janki Gadodia and were doing everything upon her instructions,so it’s proved that the third possessor is Janki Gadodia herself!!”

Aisha “That means… She is here to take her revenge!!! She was searching for Dad in that bar means she knows that he is alive!! And with the faculty!! That means the attacks on you weren’t coincidences…!! Nothing was a coincidence here!! Everything was pre-planned!! Except for that terrace attack cause it was done in haste and with carelessness!! Guys!! We have to inform this to our parents!! The Hecate is in danger!!! We have to inform them!!”

They all nod and get up to leave… They all turn towards the door to go… But just then the door opens and the faculty along with Shashwat are there…

Sharmistha “Shona,Ragu we need to talk… Our talk yesterday was incomplete!!”

Aisha “We know Professor Gadodia… That’s why we were coming to you all…!! Look we have to act fast!!!”

Shashwat “Act fast?? What do you mean??”

Rohan “Mr. Mehta Hecate is in danger… We cannot just sit here and discuss everything… We have to do something about it…”

Shekhar “We know Hecate is in danger… But we need to talk about—”

Swara “Dad!!! We don’t have time to talk!!! We need to act!!! Now!!!!”

Parvati “But before that this talk is important!!! We cannot do anything before that!!”

Ragini “No Dadi!! By talking we are wasting our time every second is important now..!!”

Durgaprasad “Nothing is more important than what we want to know!!!”

Lakshya “Dad!! You are not understanding!!! We are wasting our time here!!! Life at Hecate is in danger!!”

Annapurna “What time?? What are we not understanding??? What danger??”

Sanskar “Mom we have intruders in Hecate!!! Rohan’s parents and Janki Gadodia are hiding in Forbidden Forest!!!”

They all gasp…!!!

Shekhar “And how do you all know it???”

Sharmistha is shivering… She is sweating very badly… Annapurna notices her goes to console her… Her daughters see her and run to her out of concern…

Sharmistha “She ………… She came back!! She reached here!!!! She………… She came here!!!! She will snatch them!!!! Shekhar!!!! She will snatch my everything!!! She will snatch my daughters from me!!! Shekhar!!!!! Shekhar do something Shekhar!!! She will snatch my daughters from me!! My Shona and Ragu are my life!!! I won’t be able to live without them!!! DO SOMETHING SHEKHAR..!!!” +

Swara and Ragini are tearing badly seeing their mother so scared… They have never seen her this way!! She had always been a strong personality… They both hug her to console her…

Swara “No one will snatch us from you Mom!!!”

Ragini “Plz Relax Mom!!! We won’t go anywhere leaving you..!!!”

Sharmistha calms down a bit… Parvati looks on tensed…

Parvati “If whatever they said is true then we have to move children out of here… To the secret place… We can’t risk their lives… We will talk about your part of yesterday’s story after we assure your safety… You all can’t stay here anymore…”

Shashwat “Principal Gadodia is absolutely right… We cannot take this chance… They will hatch every possible way either right or wrong to deny the Prophecy..!! We need to move out of here as soon as possible… And I know where…”

They all look on and nod… SSS go to their rooms and pack their necessary things… They all then walk out of the college building towards Ficus…


Aisha opens her eyes with a jerk and gets up from Rohan’s chest… Rohan also gets up and looks at her concerned… He caresses her head…

Aisha recalls Shashwat’s words They will hatch every possible way either right or wrong to deny the Prophecy…!!!

Aisha “Rohan!!! We got the thing which we were missing!!! We got it!!!”

Rohan “What?? What were we missing?? Are you talking about the reason of these happenings??”

Aisha (nodding) “Yes Rohan… And now we know it… It’s… THE PROPHECY..!!! We urgently need an SSS meeting!!!”

Rohan nods…

Jaanki is sitting on the chair with a grave expression on her face… She is lost in her thoughts… She has become weak… Now,she needs support for some work… And she cannot walk without help… But that doesn’t mean that she is completely disabled… Her mind works as sharp as before… She has become weak just physically but that is also disturbing her to some extent… She tries to get up and take her glass for drinking water… She holds the handles of the chair for support and tries to reach the table for the glass but she stumbles very badly and is about to fall but Ramprasad comes on time and holds her by her shoulders… Sujata also comes running there and holds her… They make her sit again and gives her the glass… She drinks water…

Sujata “You could have called one of us or those useless brats… Why were you doing it on own Jaan Di..?? What if something would have happened to you??”

Jaanki “Look what has become of me!! It’s just because of them… Those six!!! They did this to me even being unaware of the Prophecy!!! I never knew that this would become of me!!!”


One year ago…

The night when the SSS consummated…

Jaanki,Sujata and Ramprasad were at their hiding place… They were all thinking to plan something to attack the Gadodias and Maheshwaris… Suddenly Jaanki starts feeling uneasy… But she ignores it thinking it to be normal restlessness due to staying at one place and worry… She starts sweating…

Sujata “Jaan Di, you are ok right??”

Jaanki forces a smile and nods… She is sweating profusely (it’s the time when SSS are having their foreplay… They did had hard romance before but it didn’t effect her earlier… This time it’s effecting her for they are heading way ahead of romance to become one forever…) She feels uneasy and slight pain… She puts off her hoodie…

Ramprasad “Are you sure Jaan Di you are alright???”

Jaanki “Yes… I think due to staying at this place from yesterday is making me feel suffocated….”

Ramprasad and Sujata nod… But they are still not convinced… Jaanki stands up to Walk to feel better… As she takes two steps,she stumbles and falls down (it’s the time when the guys entered their girlfriends and lost their virginity…) Ramprasad and Sujata get worried and run to her… They both are about to touch her but she starts screaming in pain (its the time when they all are busy in their work…) Her whole body is paining very badly and she is having a burning sensation throughout her body which is being unbearable for her… Ramprasad and Sujata try their best to control her but whenever they would touch her,she would jerk their hands away and would scream even more writhing in pain… Soon her screams becomes less and she turns silent (it’s the time when they are really close to climax…) She breaths heavily while sweating profusely and then she faints (it’s the time when the climax finally consumed the couples and they come out of each other…) Ramprasad and Sujata get shocked seeing her state… They pick her up and make her lie down properly… Ramprasad goes to get water for Jaanki meanwhile Sujata wipes her sweat and fans her to make her feel better… Ramprasad returns with water and he sprinkles it on her face… Jaanki gets conscious… +

She gets up with a jerk and stands up to go to the forest to confirm her doubt… But she stumbles and is having a slight and little less than unbearable pain…

Sujata “What happened to you Jaan Di?? You suddenly started screaming and sweating!!”

Ramprasad “And then after that,you when you stopped screaming,you fainted!!! What happened to you???”

Jaanki “Something which we all feared!!! The Prophecy has started to show it’s effect!! Those kids!!! They consummated with their destined mates!!! Their power of pure emotion and love showed it’s effect!!! Arrrrggggghhhhhh!!! Why didn’t I think about it before!! I thought that Maheshwari’s and Gadodia’s so called culture and teachings would stop them from getting into physical relationship!!! But they consummated!!! (Her leg pains as she stands up again… She sits down again..!!) Aaahhhh!!! We cannot sit here anymore!! Their growing proximity and physical relationship will render us powerless!! I never knew Prophecy would be this powerful!!! Ram…!!! Sujata…!!!! We will attack them tomorrow anyhow!!! And on face!!!!”

Ramprasad and Sujata nod agreeing to her..!!!


Jaanki “Only if I would have thought about it beforehand then this wouldn’t have happened!!! I wouldn’t have been disabled!! But better late than never…!! Just one more day… When they will consummate with someone else than their partner after marriage, I will start gaining back my powers…!!!”

Sujata “But Jaan Di,this process will be very painful!!! And it may hamper your health..!!”

Ramprasad “We got your legs back by Skele Grow Potion… That was painful but your legs had no strength… In order to gain your strength,you will have to go through even painful experience..!!”

Jaanki “I know Ram… I know you both are worried for me but in order to achieve big,one has to bear pains!!! And I am ready to bear any pain to deny the Prophecy!!! I just want their destruction who snatched my everything from me!!!! I will ruin them after tomorrow!!!!!”

Ramprasad and Sujata nod smirking evilly… Jaanki starts laughing hysterically while imagining herself getting back her powers and then ruling the world after killing the Gadodias and Maheshwaris except Lakshya and Swara… Ram and Sujata join her…!! 5

Parvati is in her Cabin trying her best to know about SSS’ whereabouts… She is unable to find where the other half also went… She then drowns into flashes of past… There is a knock on her door… She allows the person in… It’s Shashwat…

Parvati “What happened Shashwat??”

Shashwat “What will happen Principal Gadodia… I am worried for children… No one knows where Jaanki and others have kept half of them captive and now,the other half if also missing…!!” +

Parvati “Don’t worry… They all are together… Our children are way ahead and smart in their ways… I am sure they would have reached them…!!”

Shashwat (smiling awkwardly) “I know… They are way ahead…!! And the effect of them being ahead was visible on Jaanki!! I never knew that the Prophecy would be so powerful!!!”

Parvati “Even I didn’t know that… If I would not have seen the effect on Jaanki that day..!!!”


One year ago…

The next day after the SSS consummated…

The SSS along with the faculty were heading towards Ficus to the exit…

Durgaprasad “We have to head out of here fast…!! They must be here any minute finding ways to harm us!!!”

Annapurna “And the children are not even trained yet to fight them!! We need to ensure their safety!!”

A voice “Safety from whom Di?? Us…????”

Annapurna freezes at her place hearing her voice… All of them get shocked..!! Annapurna gasps and mouths her name which came merely as a whisper..!! Sujata stands in front of them smirking beside her husband who is doing the same… Lakshya recalls the day when he misunderstood his father because of these two!! He clenches his fist angrily…

Ramprasad “Nice to meet you my friends…!! 13 years!!! So long!!!”

He smirks evilly… The faculty move close to each other in order to cover the SSS behind them… The SSS look on curiously… Rohan is drained out of colour seeing his parents but poses strong… The other five hold him giving him strength… Just then another voice drops on their ears… Sharmistha shivers and sweats hearing her voice… All stiffen… It’s Jaanki… She comes from behind Ram and Sujata all stumbling and stands between them smirking evilly… Swara and Ragini are dazed seeing her…

Jaanki “But I have waited for whole 18 years to meet them again…!! Remember?? I was in Magicó Fylakí (Magical Prison) for five years… And Pavitra Mehta was incharge of it!! I was released only after her death… Poor woman… Unnecessarily had to loose her life!! Her only fault was befriending my little sister and being her secret keeper!! Tch tch tch… By that I remembered!! How are you my beloved Sumi?? Missed your Jaan Di?? And Shekhar!! My love!! I missed you so much!! Maa!!! How are you Maa?? I hope my little sister is taking care of you!!!” +

Parvati “You still have that guts to come in front of me??? You forgot what happened 18 years ago??”

Jaanki “How can I forget that baby shower Maa??? That day ruined my life!! If only I would have killed this Sharmistha and her child then I wouldn’t have been stumbling like this!!! DO YOU blo*dy HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HELPLESS I AM FEELING??? YOU BOAST SO MUCH OF YOUR CULTURE AND UPBRINGING!!! WHERE WERE THEY WHEN YOUR CHILDREN WERE SLEEPING WITH EACH OTHER!! THAT TOO BEFORE MARRIAGE??? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PAIN I HAD TO BEAR BECAUSE OF THAT?? But then,why should I alone bear the pain?? Let my little sister be the partner of me… (She suddenly points her wand at Sharmistha) Crucio…!!”

A green jet of light emerges from her wand and heads towards Sharmistha… Just then Ragini pushes Sharmistha and comes in front pointing her wand towards Jaanki…

Sharmistha and Shekhar “Ragu!!! No…!!!!”

Ragini “Protego…!!!”

A mirror like structure forms in front of Ragini which reflects Jaanki’s image… The green jet of light seems to be stronger so it was forming cracks on the mirror… SSS look at each other and nod… They all come in front and stand beside Ragini… They all point their wand together at Jaanki…

Six Striking Stunners “Protego…!!!”

The cracks on the mirror gets repaired at once and it becomes very strong and reflects back the Cruciatus Curse towards Jaanki… As The green jet of light reflects back and hits her,the mirror disappears… Jaanki starts withering in pain again and screams loudly… Ram and Sujata get shocked… They are about to attack them angrily but Rohan stands in front covering them as a shield!!! They stop being emotional seeing Rohan…

Jaanki had stopped screaming and gets up huffing badly… She had never expected that the unforgivable curse could be reflected back… But the six wands together had done that and that power was just beyond defeat… That reflecting mirror was the most powerful one… Created not just because same spell was cast by six wands but because of the unity which the six hearts had in them… Even the death curse would have been reflected if casted on that mirror… She mentally Pats herself that she decided only to torcher Sharmistha and not kill her else she would have been killed and all would have ended… Her gaze then falls on Ragini… Who was holding her mother… She angrily points her wand at her…

Jaanki “You—”

But just then Swara stands in front of her covering her… Jaanki stops looking at her… Tears come to her eyes… She saw her daughter after 18 years!!!

Swara “Before harming my Ragini,you have to cross Swara!! We are SwaRagini… Swara comes before Ragini and will always be..!!”

Gadodias look at her filled with proud… Maheshwaris are happily smiling… And SSS are grinning like anything… Ragini is tearful… She hugs Swara from back wrapping her arms around her neck…

Ragini “I love you Di…!!! But (she comes to stand beside her and holds her hand interwining their fingers…) As you said we are SwaRagini… There is no before or after… When our names are taken together,then how can we be before and after? We will also be together..!!”

Now all of them are over inflated with pride and happiness!! Jaanki and team fume…

Jaanki “You are denying your own blood for your so called half—”

Swara “My own sister!!! My own blood!! We share the same DNA if you don’t believe,you can happily check!!”

Jaanki fumes even more and points her wand still at Ragini… She is about to curse them but Ficus uses his branch and makes them all fall… Their wands fall away from them… Parvati looks at him thankfully and he allows them way to exit and then quickly closing it..!! +

Ramprasad gets up and tries to go out but it is late by then… He helps Sujata and Jaanki and they all go inside the hostle building using the secret passage… They reach knockturn alley but the Gadodias and Maheshwaris along with SSS have apparated to secret place by then…

The place where Swara and Ragini spent their whole childhood….

The sisters happily squeal being back to their house!!! Their own house!!! Where they spent the major part of their lives…

Parvati “You six will be living here from now and your training and studies will happen here only…!! Any questions??”

Ragini “Dadi..!!”

Dadi “I was expecting… And I guess I know your question… Is it about what Jaanki said related to her condition and cause of it??” 1

The SSS look at each other and awkwardly nod… The parents are equally awkward..!!

Parvati “Well… Yes… We all know about your relationships and that also that happened last night between you and your respective partners..!! (SSS are blushing..!!) And Jaanki was right… You all are connected so when you all consummated,she became weak…!! And………….. Well………….!! I don’t know how to say………………… But it is………….. Kind of way to render her………………… Powerless…!! The more you will be involved physically,the more she will become weak!! BUT!!! THAT DOESN’T MEAN IT WILL GO ON DAY AND NIGHT SINCE YOU ALL WILL BE ALL ALONE FROM NOW!!! More than half of the time,one of us will be with you to train you to fight all of them!! But before that… We need to discuss what we left back there incomplete… You part of the story…”

The SSS nod… They all take their seat and sit patiently…

Sanskar “This all started with the mystery of the missing form… Lakshya and Ragini met in the market before orientation yet faces covered and with their logic they unlocked the fact that the forms would help them reach each other… But when we intruded Mom’s cabin for the first time,we didn’t find the forms…!!”

Annapurna “And how you got in?? You all didn’t know the password!!”

Ragini “I knew it!! Earlier that day in morning I went with you to the cabin!!”

Lakshya “And I accidentally and unknowingly spat it out!!”

Annapurna facepalms herself… RagLak grin sheepishly… 1

Swara “After that we found that only Our forms are missing and that became a matter of tension for us…!! Then on their wand registration day,we were worried about missing forms but they were with you all and our worry doubled… We thought that the forms went in wrong hand… And on the same day something happened which we hid from you all!!”

Shekhar “And what was that Shona??”

Aisha “Ragini and Lakshya weren’t attacked first time at the Alley!! Before that,they were attacked on the wand registration day at the Arete Terrace during the first shower!! (The mothers gasp..!!) And with our calculations,we found out about the wand connection…!!”

Shashwat “What about the forest part??”

Rohan “Day before yesterday,while Anu maa was busy with detention, Aisha and I were busy with our date… But then we felt someone watching us and we followed them… Of course they were my so called parents but we missed them that time and only got a map of Hecate which had all the ways and the secret passages in it…!!”

Durgaprasad “What you did with the map??”

Lakshya “We studied it and made two more copies of it… And thus we realized that we have three mysteries to sort out… And evolved the mission tri-mystery… We divided into three groups and involved six college ghosts as well..!! We had to solve the ancient mystery of missing forms,the terrace attack emerged mystery of secret passage and Rohan-Aisha’s found mystery of Forbidden Forest…!!” +

Sharmistha “So that was the reason you all very cleverly missed your college… (They nod smiling sheepishly… She glares them…) And what was the conclusion??”

Ragini “Whatever happened yesterday was the conclusion of mission tri-mystery… Sanskar and I went to secret passage to find out about the knock-turn Alley and Shashwat uncle staying there as unknown person… Lakshya and Aisha successfully solved mystery of lost and found forms and we got to know your and Shashwat uncle’s connection also the reason why our forms were kept separated… And Rohan and Di found out about the intruders and who they were which eventually helped the relations to mend…”

The whole senior package was looking at SSS with an awe expression on their face… They were just flabbergasted!!!

Parvati “No doubt you all are the special ones!! Even we couldn’t hide anything from you all!! You all successfully managed to know everything right under our noses!!!(SSS were smiling sheepishly…) Since now everything is clear,so it’s done… Children will live here and we all will train them to fight the final battle… (all nod approvingly…) One more question Ragu…. How you knew that reflecting back spell??”

Ragini (smiling sheepishly) “I sneaked into one of Dad’s dueling classes which he conducts with Professor Maheshwari being invisible and learnt it..!! And then I taught the others as well!!!”

Parvati shakes her head unbelievably while Shekhar and Sharmistha palm their foreheads… Others are busy suppressing their giggle…!! 2


Shashwat (laughing) “Ragini!! She is surely Shekhar Gadodia’s daughter!!! Infact way ahead of him!! She does which no one even thinks of!!! You see what they have done of Jaanki!!! And we all know how they did it!! She has a genius mind of another level…”

Parvati “I know… She says that one way to defeat the opponent is by making him/her weak!! And Lucky being an obedient boyfriend never denies her!! It’s so awkward talking this being her Grandmother!! But then I am Swara and Ragini Gadodia’s Dadi!!! But that worries me sometimes… That cute little devil of mine is a Daredevil as well and even Shona is no less!! Ragu has trained her as well!! I just hope they are safe!!”

Shashwat “They will be… Don’t worry… What I am worrying about is, nothing can be hidden from them for long… And till now,they all must have known about the Prophecy as well… And they will do anything to know what was the Prophecy and we cannot hide anything from them now… It’s the time to reveal everything…!!”

Parvati nods…

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