SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 28

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Episode 28

It’s night… All are in their rooms…
Swara and Sanskar have just returned to their room after their regular meeting and have fallen asleep…
Ragini and Lakshya were pretending all the while to be asleep so that they aren’t caught… Now they feel the time is right…  They secretly sneak out of their beds and move towards Terrace…

She went up to terrace and looked around… She knew that Lakshya must have planning something or other as he didn’t get opportunity in the party… And his eyes were a proof that he wanted to do more than just the confession… So she changed… Checked White Cold shoulder shirt with denim hot pants and white sneakers… After all she is Ragini Gadodia… She has to maintain her image of the best and she cannot afford to loop hole in her looks for any of the situation…
She looked for Lakshya all around the terrace… Then her eyes fell on her destination who was standing there smiling…

Lakshya was standing leaning on the railing waiting for his Ms. Fresher… At first he thought to go as he was after all he is Lakshya Maheshwari… Every looks suits him… But then remembering his plans,he thought a casual get up would be a better option and what if Ragini looks better than him… Well of course she does but he has to look equal to her… He also went for a white tee and a blue denim… He reached terrace first and was waiting for Ragini when he felt her coming and smiled looking at the way…

As he expected… Ragini can never compromise with her looks… Her aim in life is to be perfect… And to some extent,she is a perfectionist… But he has a upper hand in potions…
Poor Gadodia sisters… They both are weak in potions but Ragini is improving really fast…
Lakshya looks at her without blinking… Everyone knows she is beautiful but suddenly or due to confession and realization,she seemed even more beautiful to him… He just thought whether Ragini knew that he has planned something… Well not a big deal… She is a mind reader… Moreover his mind reader,his Ms. Mystery… The one who captured his heart… She is bound to understand him…

Ragini was smiling all widely when she saw Lakshya waiting for her… His expression informed her that he very well approved of her looks… She chuckles seeing him staring at her like a romeo… That means she was right… Lakshya had definitely planned something as he was also dressed… Well they are definitely a perfect pair… Unknowingly,they colour coordinated… White with blue denim… She definitely has some connection with the guy standing in front of him… They are so similar yet different… Both can read minds,both are impatient,both are hyper,both react instantly… But… Where Ragini keeps smiling, Lakshya keeps frowning except for the past few days where he was busy flirting with her,where Ragini mingles with everyone except for Kavya and group ?, Lakshya behaves a kind of introvert,Where Ragini is sweet smiling lady, Lakshya is the angry young man,where Lakshya is a guy of few words, Ragini speaks a whole lot, both react instantly but where Ragini acts in haste, Lakshya behaves in a calm, composed way…
In their difference also,they complete each other…

Lakshya (smiling) “Seems like Ms. Fresher has an increase in her attitude after wearing the crown… That’s why she is making them wait for whom she is special…”

Ragini (blushing and smiling) “Seems like Mr. Fresher was too eager to meet Ms. Fresher so he was standing here even before the decided time so that he doesn’t misses the first look…”

Lakshya smiles as he got an equally good reply… Another thing in Ragini he loves… She has the ability to make him quite which no one can…

Lakshya “Ready Ms. Fresher??”

Ragini “Lakshya!! Stop calling me that… It feels weird… You can call me that in front of Kavya… I would love to see her expressions but not here…”

Lakshya “Ok… Ragini… Is that ok?”

Ragini nods… Lakshya takes out his broom bike and makes it big…

Ragini “Lakshya… (He looks at her) wait… We can’t go out of Hecate… Specially at night… You know we are already attacked twice and I don’t want the third time at least for now… Mom Dad Dadi and other professors are keeping an eye on us… Plz… We won’t go out…”

Lakshya goes to Ragini leaving his broom suspended in air and goes to her… He puts his hand on her cheek…

Lakshya “I know Ragini… And even I am worried about that… Specially for your safety… So… Don’t worry… We aren’t going out… And you can’t fly off Hecate just like that… You have to go out of the boundary on feet… ”

Ragini “Oh! I forgot!! But Then this bike??”

Lakshya “Have you ever seen the top view of Hecate at night??”

Ragini shakes her head… Lakshya holds her hand and takes her to his bike…

Lakshya “Will I make you fall down??”

Ragini smiles… So does Lakshya… He sits and holds the handle… Ragini sits behind him and holds the broom… Lakshya smiles mischievously… He moves the broom up from back using handle and Ragini slides towards him…

Lakshya “Now stop acting like other girls… I know you are not one of them…”

Ragini smiles and holds him tight while hugging him… He holds her hand pulls her even more closer… She smiles… He also…
He starts his bike and they fly up…

Ragini “This is good about the broom bikes… They don’t make a huge loud noise when Started unlike the muggle bikes… You cannot really have a secret ride on them…”

Lakshya “So have you ever tried secret drives??”

Ragini “Of course… Though I was a minor but who checks late night… We… I mean me and Di used to crawl our bike without any ignition upto almost five hundred metres then we used to drive late night along the beaches in Mumbai… Luckily Mom Dad never got to know… Else to bike would have gone…”

Lakshya “You miss being a muggle??”

Ragini “At times,I do… But being a witch is far more enthusiastic… Anyways I have lived eighteen years of my life believing that I was an ordinary muggle… All those magical novels used to fascinate me so much!! Now that I finally know that I am a witch,I want to explore this life as well…”

Lakshya chuckles hearing her talks…

Lakshya “Look down once…!!”

Ragini looks down and is mesmerized seeing the view… The Hecate lake is looking thousand times more beautiful in this full moon night… The crystal clear water with white water lilies is magnificently reflecting the night sky with those uncountable tiny twinkling stars and the beautiful full moon… The magical flowers around the lake are shining in the moon light giving coloured twinkling lights…

A spellbound Ragini murmurs “Mesmerizing!!!”

Lakshya “Not more than you..!!”

Ragini blushes…

Ragini “Will you take me there??”

Lakshya “Why do you think I have brought you here..?”

Ragini smiles and holds Lakshya tightly… Lakshya sweeps down his broom downwards in the direction of lake… He flies over the lake before landing… Ragini looks at their flying reflecting image in the lake water and blushes as it shows their sitting position… But… They looked good together… Infact perfect…

Lakshya takes his bike to the lake side and Ragini gets down… Lakshya also gets down and keeps back his bike…

(Music plays in the background)

Kissi sham ki tarah
Tera rang hai khila
Main raat ek tanha
Tu chand sa milla

Ragini moves to run to the lake but Lakshya holds her hand and stops her…Ragini stops as Lakshya holds her arm… She senses him coming closer to her… Her cheeks start feeling hot and turning red…
Lakshya comes to her and opens her hairs… He whispers in her ears…

Lakshya “Your open hairs suits you… You look even more beautiful!!”

Haan tujhe dekhta raha
Kissi khwab ki tarah
Jo ab samne hai tu
Ho kaise yakeen bhala

Lakshya keeps looking at her in awe… While she stands there standing and blushing over his praise… The light breeze which was slightly touching their face caused her hairs to fly lightly… The beauty of night was best personified in form of Ragini… Her long hairs as the beautiful night,her face as moon and her shining eyes as twinkling stars… He comes closer to her and tucks her hairs behind her ears… His touch on her skin always causes her to close her eyes…

Toota jo kabhi tara
Sajna ve
Tujhe rab se maanga
Rab se jo maanga
Mileya ve

Ragini could feel her heart beat increasing and thousand butterflies escaping her stomach… It’s not that he has touched her for the first time,they have had more than just the touch on the first day itself but tonight was different as it displayed the unsaid feelings…
Lakshya kisses her cheek… She smiles and moves forward forgetting that Lakshya is still holding her hand…

Tu mileya toh
Jaane na doonga main

He stops her again and pulls her towards him… He lifts her face by her chin… She opens her eyes… They both look into each other’s eyes… They both see each other’s reflection… Lakshya smiles and leans in towards her… Ragini again closes her eyes… He kisses her forehead… Ragini smiles and hides her face in his chest and hugs him… Lakshya smiles and reciprocates her hug…

Haan maine suni hai
Pariyon ki kahani
Waisa hi noor tera
Chehra hai tera roohani

Ragini breaks the hug and goes to lake side… She sees her refection in the lake… Moon’s reflection is also visible beside her head…
Lakshya smiles seeing her and moves towards her… His reflection appears in the water beside moon… Now they are looking at their water reflection…

Ragini “Moon is looking so beautiful!!”

Lakshya “Which one?? Wait let me clear my confusion…”

He pulls Ragini towards him slightly and her face covers moon’s reflection…

Lakshya “Yes… The moon is looking very beautiful…”

Ragini is falling for Lakshya every moment… And Lakshya… He is already head over heels in love with her…

Aa tujhko main apni
Aaja meri
Baahon mein chupa loon
Haan apni iss zameen ko
Kar doon main aasmani

Lakshya moves towards Ragini and moves her hairs to one side and keeps it on her shoulder… He keeps his head on her other shoulder and back hugs her holding her waist…
Ragini moves closer to him putting her hands over his and looking all the while at him through the reflection…
He takes out his wand and slightly points it at their feet… Ragini looks at him… He holds her hand they both proceed towards lake… Amazingly, They could walk on water surface…

Zindagi rok doon main
Ab tere samne
Pal do pal jo ruke
Tu mere sath main

Lakshya takes Ragini to the exact middle of the lake and makes her stand in front of her holding both her hands… There is a small water Lily just between them… Lakshya leaves her hand and kneels down on his one leg… Ragini is looking at him in amazement…
He carefully picks up the small water Lily from bottom holding it’s leaf from the water… Ragini is smiling… They start talking through their eyes… He asks her to touch the petal… She does so… What follows next,amazes her to the core…

Toota jo kabhi tara
Sajna ve
Tujhe rab se maanga
Rab se jo maanga mileya ve

The Lily opens it’s petals even more and spreads becoming big like a fully matured flower… The middle there was a solitaire which was shining brightly ever due to moon light…
She looks at Lakshya amazed… He asks her to pull it off… She follows his every instructions…
The petals detaches from the core of the flower and goes up in the air and bursting themselves and releasing pink magical dusts…
Ragini looks at the activities happening in the sky.. Lakshya also stands up to come beside her witnessing the scene…

Tu mileya toh
Jaane na doonga main

The magical dusts starts taking the form of alphabets and start arranging themselves… When finally done,they reveal the unsaid feelings of both the hearts…
Ragini is ecstatic… She doesn’t have words… She turns to him and hugs Lakshya out of ecstasy… Meanwhile the dusts in the air turn back to numerous petals and it starts showering on them…

Itni bhi haseen main nahi hoon yaara ve
Mujhse bhi haseen toh tera yeh pyar hai

Ragini breaks the hug and looks at the showering petals… She enjoys them spreading her arms… Lakshya is also Happy seeing her happy… He goes to her and turns her around… She looks at him smiling…

Haan itni bhi haseen main nahi hoon yaara ve
Mujhse bhi haseen tera pyar…

He again goes down on his knees… He takes the ring from her hand and holds it in front of her asking permission… She nods happily…

Ye tere mera pyar ye
Jaise khwab aur dua
Haan sach kar raha inhe
Dekho mera khuda

He takes her left hand and slides the ring in her ring finger… He then kisses her hand… She spreads her other hand… He smiles looking at it and puts his hand on her hand…. She makes him stand up and cups his face going close to him… He also slides his hands on her waist and holds it…. She kisses his forehead… He smiles… She encircles her hand around his neck… He pulls her closer to him and merges his forehead with her…

Ragini “Lakshya…”

Lakshya (closing his eyes while enjoying the moment) “Hmmmm….”

Ragini “I love you too…”

Toota jo kabhi tara
Sajna ve
Tujhe rab se maanga
Rab se jo maanga
Mileya ve

Lakshya at once opens his eyes and looks at her… She smiles looking at him… Happiness is visible in his eyes… He puts one of his hand on her cheek while other still on her waist…

Lakshya “What did you say?? Say again!!”

Ragini “I love you too Lakshya…”

Lakshya “Again…”


Lakshya (cupping her face with both his hands now) “I love you three four five six seven eight nine ten and till infinity!!! I love you Ragini…”

He again merges their forehead…

Tu mileya toh
Jaane na doongi main

They stand like that while the flower petals are continuously showering on them….

Ragini “Lakshya…”

Lakshya “Hmmm…”

Ragini “Won’t you kiss me???”

Lakshya at once parts from her and looks at her shocked while she looks on with a cute innocent face…

Lakshya “Ragini!! I am going to have a tough time dealing with your deadly combination of innocence and boldness!!!”

Ragini chuckles “The most desired girl of this college is offering to kiss you and you instead of obliging the offer, passing comments on me…”

Lakshya “OK… So my girl wants her first kiss from me??”

He pulls her closer by her waist… She encircles her hands around his neck…

Ragini “Lakshya… If by chance this happens,this will be third one in proper and fourth if we count the almost done one…”

Lakshya (unbelievably) “What by chance??? This will definitely happen tonight… And everyday!!! Wait a min!! You were counting all the time!!!”

Ragini “You see… I am Ragini Gadodia… I have so many stuffs to look after so I need to keep the record of everything…”

Lakshya “So… Ms. Ragini Gadodia,be ready… Coz from now on, this department will not have any records coz you won’t be able to record it… If you are Ragini Gadodia,even I am Lakshya Maheshwari… And Lakshya Maheshwari has the habit of breaking records…”

Ragini blushes but manages to be bold “We will see Mr. Maheshwari…”

Ragini turns to go but Lakshya again pulls her… He leans in to her lips but she stops him… He looks at her puzzled…

Ragini “This is so ordinary and used to way!! I want my first kiss after relationship to be something unique… Just like the proposal and confession…”

Lakshya “As my girl wishes..!!”

Lakshya takes out his broom bike again… He sits on it and makes Ragini sit in front of him but facing him… She also sits close to him encircling her hands around his neck… They both smile looking at each other…

Lakshya “Ready Ms. Gadodia??”

Ragini “I hope that the experience is going to be as amazing as your imagination…”

Lakshya “I think you forgot what I had said… I can be really wild while kissing… Well this time,you can replace can with will…”

Blush is visible on Ragini’s face… Lakshya mutters another ‘Haaye’ and her cheeks are totally crimson again!!

They both fly up in the air… He stops his bike in the mid air and keeps it suspended…
He slides his one hand to her waist while other goes sliding from her neck to nape… She closes her eyes feeling him… He brings his lips closer to hers… Even she moves towards him… Their lips touch and they both feel a shiver…. Lakshya makes the move and sucks her lower lips… Ragini sucks his upper lips… They enjoy this foreplay kiss… Lakshya hears slow moans from Ragini… He gets the signal to take another step… He sucks her lips harder… Ragini now moves her fingers vigorously in his hairs… He is getting turned on slowly by her actions… Now Ragini literally moves towards him and he lifts her by her waist in the sitting position only and now she is on his lap in the mid air… Hugging him with her hands as well as her legs while kissing him wildly at mid night hanging in the air…
Lakshya bites on her lips… Ragini moans out of pain but Lakshya sucks her lips again to soothe her but she is Ragini Gadodia!! Soon she took her revenge… Lakshya feels a slight pain but he clutches her waist very tightly pulling her more into him so that there is no space left in between them for even the air to pass…
Now he traces her lips with his tongue to seek permission… Which he easily gets and they both explore their mouth… War of dominance going on between the equanimous!! Finally when no decision comes out and they fall short of breath,they both part….
They both breath heavily looking at each other with equal intensity… Ragini still on his lap with her hands encircling his neck and Lakshya holding her waist… Their faces,only an inch apart…

Lakshya “I bet that if we do it one more time,I will loose my control over me… Your actions will activate the beast within me!!!”

Ragini “Can’t you look at my condition?? You were literally trying to fuse my body into yours!! Do you have any slightest idea how good that feels while kissing!!! Even my hormones were being activated!! Thank Gopal that we need oxygen for breathing else everything would have happened here in the mid air itself!!!”

They both chuckle merging their foreheads…

Lakshya “Shall we leave now??”

Ragini “I don’t wish to but I am sure Di and Sanskar will worry if they won’t find us… And it will a fuss… So we have to… But I am not going to change my sitting position…”

Lakshya “Trust me… Even I won’t let you change that baby!!”

He winks at her… She pecks his lips…

Lakshya “Ufff!! I am going to have a tough time controlling me in public…”

Ragini “You should better learn it soon… Coz I haven’t planned to reveal this anytime soon…”

Lakshya nods and starts his bike… They both go back to the Arete Hostle terrace… After giving each other a last good night hug and a short kiss,they both depart to their room….

So… Was this upto what you all had expected from me?? Coz I honestly had no idea what I was going to write… I hope this is up to your expectations… Plz do post your reviews(silant readers as well… Plzzzzzzzz)… Coz I really need motivation… First of all I am lacking it and second I just broke up so I think my ex prayed that I don’t get good ideas for few weeks… Such a jealous he is of my writing for I used to write his speeches and essays… But anyways… Past is past… Your views matter so do tell me… And one more thing… After few days,I might be a little more irregular due to some personal work… I know I already am… But just informing that I will be a little more… So sorry in advance ? plz… And before being a little more irregular, I will try to update soon… Pakka… So my bak bak is done… Happy reading ????

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