SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 13

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Episode 13

After checking the forms…

SwaRagLak (together on their respective place) “WHAT!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS… THIS CAN’T HAPPEN…”

Swaragini looks at each other startled while Sanskar wakes up with a jerk hearing Lakshya shouting like that…

Sanskar “What happened??”

Lakshya “How is that possible??”

Sanskar “What??”

Lakshya “My form is missing!!!!!!!!!”

Sanskar “You’ve got to be joking…!!”

Lakshya “I swear on my broom bike!!”

Sanskar “WHAT!!!!!”

Lakshya nods….

Swara “Wait a minute… Let me check once more…”

Ragini “I have checked it thrice… Our forms are missing…”

Swara “No..!! I want to know something else… If my doubt is correct…”

She checks the forms once more…

Swara “Even my, Sanskar’s and Rohan’s forms are missing!!! How is that possible??”

Ragini “That’s what I am thinking… I did so much… Took such a big risk… Broke into Hecate before time…. Was almost caught–”

Swara (interrupting) “Put me into mess… Secretly entered VP’s office… Stole… Sorry copied this forms and still we got nothing!!!”

Ragini “All this was a waste!!! NO!!! Ragini cannot loose!!!”

Lakshya “I am Lucky!!! Lakshya Maheshwari… I have never lost anytime in my life!! How can this happen!! Lakshya Maheshwari failed in his own mission…!!”

Sanskar “Dude!! There’s definitely something wrong!!”

Lakshya “Definitely!! You are saying something?? There is everything wrong…!! EVERY….. SINGLE…. THING….! I filled my form myself! Every detail of mine I had filled in it… And bingo! When we check it here,it’s missing!!! WTF!!!!!!!!”

Sanskar “Lucky relax… It’s a sensitive matter… We cannot even discuss this with Mom! Let Rohan come back… I am sure that we would be getting our answers in the college only… I am sure that the answer lies in Hecate… And I guess even Swara can help”

Lakshya “Why?? Why she has to be involved? Listen, I know she is your girl friend but that doesn’t mean that you will share even my stuffs with her… Do you understand that!!”

Sanskar “Don’t be so rude!! By involving her I mean that she is intelligent!!! Damn intelligent!!! No one can beat her and Rohan’s team… Don’t know from where she gets such ideas… You know, half of the ideas are thrilling and dangerous… Infact adventurous… Sometimes I doubt whether it’s Swara’s ideas or not… I am sure she will help us find out about this…”

Lakshya thinks….

Ragini “Now what Di??? Our plan failed… Not failed but I think we missed something… And what we have missed, that answer lies in the college itself…”

Swara “Yeah you are right… But now we can find that out only when your session begins… And we cannot do that alone… And I know who can help us… Rohan… Sanskar’s best friend… He is in Athena¬† house and is damn intelligent… No one can beat us in brains when we are together… (Ragini gives her a O REALLY look) Ok… Fine… half of the ideas were yours… And let me tell you, they were weird, risky and frightening…!!”

Ragini “You mean to say awesome, thrilling and adventurous…”

Swara “Sanskar also calls them the same… I don’t know how he gets to know that I can’t give such weird ideas… But I never told him who give those…”

Ragini “Yeah… My jiju send my types… Anyways… Soon he will find out who used to give such ideas… BTW, you are involving his best friend that means he will also be involved??”

Swara nods “We have to… We don’t have an option…”

Ragini “I don’t care… I just want Mr. Mind Reader… And the answer about where our forms are…”

Swara “Aha!! Someone is growing impatient…”

She smirks… Ragini’s cheeks turns red…

Ragini “You are just over reacting!! I gotta sleep…”

She lies at once covering herself fully with the blanket trying to hide her blush…

Swara laughs and lies down beside her after keeping the form book on the table…

SanLak are still sitting in their room…
Lakshya is upset while Sanskar is going through the book again and again….

Lakshya “It’s no use Bhai… I checked it… There’s no form there…”

Sanskar “Yeah Lucky… I guess you are right… You have to wait till your orientation…”

DP comes on the door knocking…

DP “Sanskar!!! Open the door…”

SanLak get startled…. Sanskar throws the book beneath the bed and gets up to open the door… Lakshya jumps on the bed and covers himself half with a blanket and sits so that it seems that he was sleeping before…

Sanskar opens the door… DP comes in…

DP “You went out at night??”

They both get shocked…

Sanskar shakes his head while Lakshya looks into DP’s eyes and reads his mind… He mentally palms his head seeing Sanskar’s answer…

DP “Lier!!! Then why I found this out side in the garden…”

He shows him Sanskar’s chain with a transparent ball which has blue fumes inside it….

Sanskar opens his mouth to give an explanation about the thing which DP has shown him but unfortunately no words comes out of his mouth….

DP “Do you understand the importance of this thing… It was given to you with some purpose… And as a reward… If you do not respect it at least don’t be careless about this… Just keep it safely…. can’t I expect this much from you ?? Listen… If this had gone into wrong hands,you cannot even imagine what wrong could have happened… Now tell me… Why you had to go outside at this hour??”

Sanskar “I am sorry Dad… But I went out because of Lucky… (Lakshya looks up at him in shock) I mean he threw my wand outside and I had to get that… (Lakshya relaxes but again gives him a Stern look… DP also gives him the same look) OK FINE! He threw my wand outside because while I was sleeping,I used the freezing spell and turned his shirt into an ice to tease him….”

Lakshya mentally praises Sanskar for handling the situation so well and giving such a reason which seems real… Coz they both are capable of doing such thing which Sanskar lied to DP…

DP “Sanskar Maheshwari… Come to my room in five minutes… I guess I have to tell this to your mom and you also need to know the importance of time turners or else it will be taken away from you….”

DP goes from there… Sanskar turns to look at Lakshya…

Sanskar “This time it wasn’t really my fault…”

Lakshya “It was… You see you had dropped that thing which Mr. Maheshwari was holding… BTW what’s that?”

Sanskar is about to tell him but DP shouts his name “I will tell you later… I guess it’s a bad day for us… Well see you in the morning…”

Lakshya waves his hand and asks him to shut the door…. After Sanskar goes,he lies down trying to sleep….

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