Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika comes to live at Agarwal house as Yash’s fiance

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Yash tells Vaidika how her mother pleaded in front of Baba. Bari Amma didn’t hear anything and even snatched her business. Baba was blinded by Bari Amma’s love and threw them out of the house. His mother didn’t have a single penny when she went to Lucknow and fall ill. He returned once to request Bari Amma’s help but she got him pushed out of the house by guards. His mother didn’t leave bed then. He recalls how sick she had fallen. Yash says the days of Bari Amma’s ruling have finished, he will snatch everything from her. Vaidika says she understands his pains, but revenge…. Yash tells her to help him in his revenge then. The family has wronged her as well and spoilt the life of her daughter. She must help as a mother fighting for the right of another mother.
Bari Amma was afraid that Yash might spoil her house and her business. There, Nidhi is filling poison in her family. She must gather some courage and get up. She tries to move but helpless. Nidhi and mother come to the room, she wipes Bari Amma’s tears promising to take care of everything. She says she will take care of everything, this house and Sahil as well. Today she is going for a huge plan and places Bari Amma’s hand on her head as blessing. They turn to leave happily when Bari Amma tries to speak a few words from behind forbidding Nidhi. Nidhi and her mother were shocked, Nidhi’s mother was fearful that everything will ruin if Bari Amma gets well.
Sahil orders his secretary to publish in press they won the contract against Leela Jewelers. He wants them to be questioned about it. Gauri comes there and tries to forbid Sahil do all this, he is never happy by making someone else suffer. Sahil says Vaidika broke his heart twice. This time he has his ways.
Mohid holds Aarya’s hand and apologizes for all the mess. He got into the greed of a car worth thirty five lacs. Vaidika comes to slap Mohid and scolds him to leave. Aarya says she wants to know if he loves her or not. Vaidika scolds Aarya to ever think she can love in such a tender age.
Later in the office, Vaidika thanks Yash for informing her about Mohid. Yash says he was never sure of Mohid and made a man stalk him. He shows her another important footage on his laptop. Vaidika plugs the data traveler from the laptop decisive of what she has to do. Nidhi had come to Leela Jewelers to meet Yash and hides herself from Vaidika. She thinks she came to meet Yash to make her position strong, if Bari Amma gets well she will get her thrown out of Agarwal house.
Vaidika comes to file a complaint against Puneesh Tiwari with proof in police station. Puneesh sat on the inspector’s seat. He makes fun of Vaidika attempting to register complaint against him, and says he was the one who got a fake case against her of girl’s trafficking. She should now rest at home, this all doesn’t suit her. He warns if she ever comes in front of him, he will not leave her recognizable in front of anyone and pushes her out of police station.
It was night, Sahil was asleep in his room. There was a thunderstorm. Sahil wakes up taking Vaidika’s name, he goes to look at Vaidika’s photos pasted at the inside of his wardrobe. He decides not to go to her if she doesn’t want. He was upset about her betrayal, and thinks she didn’t value his love. He spends the whole night restlessly in the bed. In the morning, Sahil comes out of his room and sense something wrong. Anjana was worried as the aarti flame was also going out. Gauri says may be there is a good news. The main door of Agarwal House opens then. Vaidika enters in heavy makeup and jewelry and an expensive Saree. She asks them all to welcome the to be daughter in law of Agarwal house. Sahil was in disbelief. Vaidika says she will now live in this house as a fiancé of Yash Kumar. Yash comes in and introduces himself as the owner of half of Agarwal’s property. Sahil complains Vaidika of betraying him and his love. Vaidika asks if there ever was a love story between them. He must accept the reality of her engagement, and Nidhi as his wife. Puneesh tells Vaidika they need not to show off whose fiancé she is, she can never be a daughter in law of this house. He charges over her to get lost. Vaidika says they must shut the mouth of this illiterate man. Yash says the truth is, he is the eldest son of this family – Yash Kumar Agarwal!

PRECAP: Vaidika forbids Sahil touch her fiancé. She walks into the house with Yash. Karan tells Sahil she has got all the property papers named after himself, they must only find out who is behind this all. Nidhi was fearful.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Just bcz vedhika is Yash’s fiancee, doesn’t mean that she should show attitude to Sahil.. She can do anything with others but not with our chweeto Sahil.. she could have trusted him a little and seemed his help.. He would hv done anything to give Yash his rights.. but instead hurting him more and more..
    Though she’s gonna be in the same house with Sahil, she’s gonna hurt him alongside Yash everytime.. but we will get to see more Sadhika moments now ?
    And juz bcz she’s gonna be the Agarwal family’s bahu, does vedhika need this makeover? She was nice as before.. more respectable too..
    Now she’s looking more like d serial vamps that are plotting and gaming and manipulating..
    But my hope is that vedhika will realise her love more living in such close proximity as Sahil.?
    In a way good all the dark secrets of the Agarwal’s will unfold before Sadhika one by one.. our simple Sahil will come to know what’s happening rgt under his nose..???

  2. I didn’t like Vedika’s attitude towards Sahil. All he did was loved her dearly and she is continuously hurting him. That revamp does not suit her. It’s a little ott.

    I agree with you Dolly. there was not need for that make over. Her simplicity was her beauty. Hope this twist does not drag for too long and the truth will unfold soon. But will Sahil forgive her??? That remain to be seen.

    1. Sahil will forgive as he’ll understand that she does all this for the love of her daughter.. He loves her truly and so he’ll never be angry on her fa long..

  3. Vaidika new dress code and make up are not good she now only look like aged woman more than in saree please sahil whenever u get a chance u hurt more Vaidika to realize ur love not to bend her she easily slap sahil but not others

  4. Irritating episode

  5. Muniya

    Episode was nice but didn’t like Vedika’s attitude towards Sahil…and also her new look.
    But one thing is good…as Sadika will live together so they’ll come close and also the mystries will be unfold one by one.
    Can’t tolerate this Nidhi and Puneesh’s drama anymore.
    But also…though Sadika will be together and Vedika may realize her love for Sahil…but Sahil will be heart broken everytime Vedika shows this attitude to her and hurts him.
    Now let’s just hope for the best.

  6. I wonder whether Nidhi is the one giving information to Yash. Before she left she told BA that she is going to sort things and then we saw her going to see Yash in the office.

    Also her reaction in precap when Karan mentioned that they need to find out who is behind the changes in the will. She is capable of anything.

    1. Pooja, it seems that Nidhi is the informant, I was thinking it was Puneesh previously but all indications point to her. Conspiracy theory here right, do you think that it’s possible for Yash to be the father of Nidhi’s baby??……by a long shot, OK?? …although he looks like he’s never touched a woman before, doesn’t have to be possible though, just saying, ok…. I feel that the wheels of motion was in play long before Yash beamed down at Kanpur, he’s been planning like forever. You know what, I do feel sympathy for him though, he was dealt a huge blow in destiny but it doesn’t give him ANY right to want to destroy Sahil, what has Sahil done that’s so bad for Yash to want to destroy him? ..nothing, other than being an Agarwal.. The thing is, Sahil’s dad and Yash’s father maybe brothers, so he should lay off our hero and focus on Badi Aama, his agenda is with BA, not lovable Sahil!! ??..did you notice the consternation on Vedika’s face when Yash told her the sequence of events, I hope she has brains enough to realize that Yash is using her to achieve his goal..the way she’s thinking these days, I don’t know what to expect from her..not to mention, being a total pig to Sahil.. No disrespect here…

  7. I think…
    1. Yash is funding Nidhi in her schemes, where did the car for Mohid come from, she can’t use so much money from the safe without raising some red flags.
    2. Yash and Nidhi have same goals..to destroy the Agarwals’..for their separate benefits.
    3. Yash says it’s his rights to the Agarwal’s empire and Nidhi wants it for herself..i hope they cancel each other out!
    4. Both of them are using Vedika as their trump card..
    5. There still could be a chance that Badi Aama will ask Vedika to help her expose Nidhi.
    As for now… I don’t know where Vedika’s thoughts are..and she looks like a granny these days, I hope those behind the scenes could soften her appearance, she looks like Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter movies..too rigid and blunt… Sigh!! Who would have thought that an innocent girl like Nidhi would turn out to be a b*t*h, slithering snake and gold digger all rolled into one neat package!!! And her mother.. I swear that woman feels she’s a young sixteen thing…i can’t stand her…yuck!!! The fruit didn’t fall far from the tree after all…

  8. Naz… I think she looks more like Cruella Deville in 101 Dalmatians?. Those earings wow…

    I am curious about what Yash showed her on the laptop that make her so angry . No doubt about Puneesh as she went to the police straightaway .. Any thoughts ladies?

    1. ? ??..you noticed that smile, that’s for saying Vedika looks more like Cruella …more hilarious and apt than aunt Petunia…hmmmm…was thinking that it’s something to do with Puneesh as well..can’t say what though.. Have a wonderful weekend Pooja ??????

  9. Obviously pooja that’s y she went to complaint against that lizard..
    And Naz where do u get these ideas from of Yash being the father ??
    And ya I too don’t like that strict masterni tone of vedhika, that too towards our cutie pie Sahil..

    1. Dolly dear, you made me laugh…but you never know!!! Writers are crazy people sometimes… Anyways, I saw on YouTube where it’s said that zee introduced a feature where we see the various serials in a movie form??? I don’t know what that really is about, but we’ll know soon… And Vedika looks hot and beautiful and youthful in her s*xy saree… Pooja did mention it before or maybe it was you…but it’s something to look forward to…both of them in royalty attire or maybe gypsy…it kinda reminds me of an old Indian movie by the name of Dharmatma in which Hema Malini was a gypsy… Cathy, you are going to think I’m really crazy when I tell you why I post so many comments it’s because I like seeing our AKAJS forum filled with a high number of comments I don’t like seeing it kinda bare… ??

  10. And ya I like our friends gang too.. when we chat about this serial.. saying our minds out.. teasing too ? it’s turning like a family now..??

  11. Hi… Happy Sunday!
    I also look forward to our chat. Naz I have seen something similar too, it’s Vedika and Sahil movie where she is a princess and Sahil her bodyguard. I think it will be shown next weekend. We’ll just have to keep checking.

    1. I’m definitely looking forward to it but I don’t understand what the need for it is about but anything with Sahil is welcome….with me here in the Caribbean, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to see it… ???

  12. Sahil.. like in the bodyguard movie?? He’d be a cute prince rather ?

  13. Guys did u read the spoilers? Y d hell are they changing a beautiful storyline?? Hope this should be a dream..
    Sahil and Vedika’s past birth love tale will be seen. Vedika performs as Mastani in Sahil’s palace. Sahil plays the King, while Vedika is his lover. Sahil and Vedika’s period romance will be seen. Sahil dreams of her. He gets mistaken that she has killed his dad. He goes to confess her love, but she stabs him with a sword. Sahil learns about the past birth by a fortune teller.
    Now what is this guys??? ???
    But then even in the past birth they dint come together is it??

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