Swaragini 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shekhar tells Dada ji not to worry as he will leave the house in the morning along with his wife and daughters. He says I will fulfill my duties of a son towards you, but can stay anymore. He asks Sumi, Swara and Ragini to pack their bags and goes to get the place. Everyone is shocked. Dadi maa is shocked and goes inside cryingly. Sumi tries to explain to Shekhar not to leave his home for her. Shekhar says they got happiness after many years of separation and asks whether maa is like this. Sumi consoles her. Laksh applies balm on Swara’s hands and asks if it is paining. Swara feels bad. Laksh wipes her tears. Swara cries and says I wish Dadi would have accepted this alliance. Laksh asks her not to cry and consoles her holding her face. Ragini comes and calls Swara. She asks if her hand is paining much and says she will bring haldi milk for her. Swara calls her.

Ragini thanks her for bringing Dadi maa’s truth infront of everyone. She apologizes for not believing her. Swara asks her not to be formal. Laksh says he wants to apologize to Ragini and says can we be friends. Ragini goes without replying. Swara asks Laksh to let Ragini stay alone for now as she is heart broken. Dadi maa asks Ragini, are you fine? She says whatever I did is for your happiness. She apologizes. Ragini asks her not to make her feel bad by apologizing. She says I won’t be able to trust you again. Shekhar comes and takes Ragini inside. Dada ji and Dadi maa try to speak to him. Dida thinks Parvati agreed for relation and then ruined everything. She tells that she let the marriage happen as Shekhar is taking stand for the first time. She asks Sumi to go happily with Shekhar.

Sujata looks outside and tells Ram that Laksh is coming at night. Ram sees him opening the gate lock and coming in. He says what is he doing outside at midnight. Sujata tells that Laksh didn’t change even now. Ram says he will complain to Durga Prasad in the morning. Sujata stops him and says she will tell him at the right time. She says she will use it in their favor at the right time. Laksh comes to his room and opens the cupboard. A bangle piece falls off from it. He recalls Swara in a flashback. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhage plays……………..He thinks why he is getting effected with Swara’s tears. Swara thinks about Ragini’s words and pain after losing Laksh. She thinks she tried hard, but something is left. She thinks she couldn’t do anything for Ragini. Ragini cries in her room holding Laksh’s jacket and seeing his pic.

Shekhar and Ragini pack their bags and come out. Ragini touches Dada ji and Dadi maa’s feet. Dadi maa hugs her and cries. Shekhar asks Ragini to come as they are getting late. Shekhar touches Dada ji and Dadi maa’s feet and comes out. Dida opens the door. Sumi and Swara come out with their bags. Dida blesses Shekhar and hugs Ragini. Swara looks on. Sumi goes to Dadi maa and Dada ji and touches their feet. They doesn’t bless her and stand heartless. Shekhar asks Sumi to come as they are getting late. Sumi asks him to bring Swara and Ragini’s stuff, till then she will make breakfast. Shekhar asks what are you saying? Sumi says she is going to her inlaws’ home as it is her house now. Shekhar reminds her of Dadi maa’s doings.

Sumi says we can’t punish our elders and family. Shekhar says I know, but they never thought about our happiness all these years. He says they might do yesterday’s act again. Sumi says they won’t do it again. She says she don’t want her inlaws and daughters to suffer. Shekhar asks Dida to make Sumi understand. Dida says she agrees with Sumi’s decision. She tells Parvati that even though they are enemies, but she can’t let her stay alone. Swara tells that they are with maa. Dadi maa says bengalan will dirty their home. Sumi tries to go inside. Ragini stops her and brings the aarti plate. She does her aarti. Dida smiles. Ragini makes her enter the house by stepping on the colored thaal. Dada ji and Dadi maa looks on shocked.

Durga Prasad asks Laksh to go to London and do MBA there. Swara says you will get good exposure. Laksh says I don’t want to go as I…….Swara asks what? Ragini says she wants to give second chance to her relation with Laksh.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Im very happy whatever happened with blo*dy ragini stupid

  2. gud thing family has united and sisters are not fighting hope dadaji wont be insufferable…….lucky be a man and express before leaving and ragini gud girl for welcoming sumi

  3. gud episode ragini nobody loves sm1 forever u will forget lucky eventually hope the second chance is for friendship and the new hero is 4 u and u will find ur happiness soon………….family united

  4. hater will hate but some of us love ragini for life……….. she is beautiful n nice n has accepted sumi and will get her happy endind with or without lucky infact i love swara too bcuz she is awesome. TEAM SWARAGINI

    1. yeah………..team swaragini

  5. why do i have the feeling that swara will reject lucky and lucky will go abroad while swara will meet and mingo with sankar ; the new upcoming male lead(varun)…………………..then our second love triangle btn the 3 like the news said

    1. Ya I also think that only

  6. i love swar and laksh cute pair.need to nee hero for ragini.laksh and swara and laksh frnds help to that guy for ragini love.

  7. Swara should not be so rude to lakshaya I mean she always scolds him and o think its overacting of swara (helly shah)

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