Balika Vadhu 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nimboli telling Kamli that she will bring Gopal as soon as he comes. She says Harki is coming to take her. Kamli says she will do something. Nimboli rushes and collides with Harki. Harki scolds her. Nimboli apologizes for lying. Shivam asks Anandi why they are shifting to Shiv Niketan and refuses to go. He asks why did you decide? Anandi recalls Dadisaa asking her to go after Jagya comes back from Jaipur. Anandi refuses as Jagya will try to stop her and if she refuses then he might feel bad. She says she can’t do this. Shivam asks her to reply. Anandi tells him that she has decided and it is final. Shivam puts the stuff back in the almira and says we are not going anywhere. Anandi says my decision is final. Shivam cries badly and goes to talk to Dadisaa. Nimboli serves the snacks to the ladies. A lady asks her to keep the plate and they will eat. Nimboli looks out for Gopal and thinks he will come from back door. She looks at the security and thinks to do something. She goes to the guard and asks him to have food. He says nobody gave him water. Nimboli says you have to get food from the chef. The guard refuses to come as he can’t back off from work. Nimboli wonders what to do now.

Shivam cries and comes running to Dadisaa. He tells that his mum are shifting to Shiv Niketan along with him. He says he doesn’t want to go leaving everyone. He says he won’t fight with Abhi too. Ganga assures him that she will talk to Anandi. She asks Dadisaa what he is saying? Dadisaa says Anandi wanted to go to Shiv Niketan since many years, but now I have agreed. Ganga asks why you gave her permission? Dadisaa is silent. Ganga says she won’t let Anandi leave. Dadisaa calls Ganga, but she leaves.

Harki knocks on Kamli’s room and asks her to open the door for haldi ceremony. Kamli is crying and is tensed. Harki asks her to open the door else she will have to call Akhiraj Singh. Kamli opens the door and comes out cryingly. She wipes her tears and asks her to come. Ganga comes to Anandi and asks why you didn’t tell me about your decision. She asks why you are punishing us. Anandi says it is nothing like that. She says her relation is delicate and strange with this haveli. Ganga asks why you are taking this decision suddenly. You knows well that Jagya will blame me for this and won’t forgive me. Anandi says she will explain to Jagya that it is her decision only. She says nothing will change. She says she will think what to tell to Shivam. Ganga recalls her conversation with Jagya. Anandi says I really understand your problem. I should not stay here for everyone betterment.

Harki brings Kamli for applying mehendi on her hands. Nimboli gets tensed. One lady asks her to forward her hand. Kamli refuses. Harki threatens her taking Akhiraj Singh’s name. Kamli gives her hand with much pain. Disa peeps in to see the rituals. Other lady asks Nimboli to get mehendi on her hands. Nimboli refuses. Harki scolds her. Nimboli says she has to do so much work. Other lady applies mehendi on her hands. Kamli recalls about Gopal’s words and cries. She recalls Gopal asking her to elope with him. A lady says writes P on her hand. Kamli cries and looks at her hands. She ruins the mehendi designs. Disa gets in Devi Avatar suddenly and stares mehendi utensil. She closes her eyes and gets in Devi’s mode. She comes to the hall. Everyone is shocked especially Harki. Jai Mata plays………..

Disa applies mehendi on her hand and dances in her room. Chagani looks on shocked. Later when Disa is sleeping, Akhiraj Singh comes near her and touches her with lust. Disa opens her eyes and is shocked. Akhiraj Singh keeps his hand on her mouth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think kundan is better than his father… He is only thinking that nimboli is his wife…
    But his father!!

  2. I hate kundan anyway u hv ur own theory but .. kundan is the bad guy here

    1. I watch it for kundan(sparsh)… Hv u seen shake it up??

  3. Hey can somebody pls tel me why is anandi staying in her maika post shivs death ? Why her inlaws didnt take her along ?actually I missed a few episodes back then… PLZ PLZ tell me !!

    1. Thy went to another country…. But anandi is here for nimboli… To find her..

  4. Yes kundan is much more better than hi s father

    1. He love his wife… Without knowing him..

  5. Hey guys… I just planed a further story for balika vadhu…

    Kundan and nimboli having a relationship… And nimboli gets health problems… Kundan feels sad for nimboli…So they decide to take her to a doctor, they take her to jagya’s hospital…

    Jagya get to know that this is because of having a relationship and information that to anandi about nimboli…

    So anandi come to see her and she see nimboli then get shocked…
    While nimboli and anandi is talking akhijak enters…
    Anandi and akhijak seems to be shocked… Annadi gets to knw nimboli is her daughter and take her…
    Kundan feels wht he done was wrong and release his friends r bad… And says akhijaj he want to marry again…
    Then nimboli is living happily…

    After same years kundan and nimboli meet again… Kundan thinks nimboli is married but she was waiting for him…

  6. He won’t marry again****

  7. Oh ok thanks dhivya.. 🙂

  8. I just feel bullshit about anandis in-laws … I mean they were all against anandi when she lost nandini.. as if she fiddling a mistake which is unforgivable…. n now they left her alone to find her daughter.. without supporting . !!

  9. Your story is awesome. Dhivya !! Gr8 🙂

    1. Thanks…

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