Swaragini 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumi searches Dida’s medicine. Dida asks her to give it fast. Swara says says he will go to washroom. Did says she will accompany her. Swara says she is not a kid now and goes to bathroom. Dida asks Sumi what did she speak to Marwadi taking her in. Sumi reminisces telling Daadima that Swara is her granddaughter, but says she confronted her and asked not to bathmouth about her and family. Dida says if Marwadi yells again, she will slit her throat.

Daadima comes to Ragini’s room and says Shekhar was telling lie. Ragini says she wants to stay alone and says she cannot digest what happened downstairs. Daadima says she will nurse her wound. Ragini says it is a simple wound and will heal soon. Daadima says she is downdstairs and will come if she calls her. Ragini locks door and starts crying vigorously.

Swara comes to her room after bath and asks Sumi where is Dida. Sumi says she does not know. Swara apologizes for troubling her. Sumi says a mom will feel pain if her daughter does this and says she did not know he freedom would be misused like this. Swara says she wants to talk about her dad. Sumi says she does not want to talk about him. Swara asks when she can come with him to find her, then why can’t she talk about him. Sumi is surprised to hear that. Swara says she felt happy seeing them together searching her. Sumi says whatever it is, both families are different. Swara says she wants both family to unite. Sumi says Dida will never agree. Swara says she wants her help to convince Dida. Dida comes and asks what are they talking about. Swara says she wants to go to academy, but Sumi is stopping her. Dida says she knows Swara’s demands are right and feeds her pooja prasad. Swara prays that Dida’s wishes are fulfilled. Sumi angrily looks at her.

Laksh tells his friends about Swara and Ragini being sisters and Shekhar’s daughter. Friend asks that means his sasur Shekhar has two ladies in life. Laksh says if his dad knows that Swara and Ragini are stepsisters and Shekhar’s family hid it, dad will break his engagement with Ragini. Friend asks what about Ragini. Laksh says Ragini will understand and eventually will open up. Friend asks what about Swara. He says Swara wish of uniting the family will fullfill.

Daadiji asks Daadima not to get angry and concentrate on Ragini as she must be shattered hearing the truth. She should confront Shekhar. She says she went to Shekhar’s room, but she is not ready to listen. All this is happenign because of Bengalan’s black magic, first her daughter trapped Shekhar and now her granddaughter trapped their damad Laksh. She asks to call Maheshwari and speak. He says if he speaks, situation will worsen, so they should keep quiet.

In the morning, Shekhar opens main door. Daadaji asks where is he going. Shekhar says he is going to see Swara. Daadima asks him to go back to his room. Daadaji says till now he accepted all his orders, now he is denying. Shekhar says he was quiet as it was up to him, now it is his daughter’s issue, so he will not keep quiet. He walks out of house and hears neighbours badmouthing about Swara and scolds them that they should look at their house first and then badmouth about others. Sumi and Swara hear him taking their side and smile. Dida hears this and says a rat has become tiger now, it is good. He walks towards Swara’s house, but Maheshwari comes and stops him. Shekhar asks him to sit at home while he will finish is work and come in 2 minutes. Maheshwari says he should think about his status and not go to small people’s house. He tries to confront, but looking at Sumi takes Maheshwari home.

Maheshwari says he came to apologize them. Daaadiji asks what he means. Maheshwari says he came to break Ragini and Laksh’s engagement. Daadima says Daadiji it is because of bangalan’s black magic. Daadija says Maheshwari let us sit and talk. Once they sit, he asks why he wants to break this engagement and says he has many questions in his mind. Maheshwari asks what he wants to say. Laksh comes there. Maheshwari asks what is he doing here. Laksh says he came to apologize him and agrees he was insulted because of him, he wants a last chance to become a good son and husband. He also apologizes daadaji and requests to give him a last chance. Daadija asks why did he come to Swara’s house carrying her in his arms. Maheshwari asks what is he hearing.

Precap: Maheshwari tells Laksh if he marries Ragini, he will let him inside home, else he will not. Shekhar says he needs time to think about this alliance. Laksh tells his friend what Shekhar told. Swara hears his conversation and comes in front of him.

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  1. Nice episode…. Going well

  2. Loving swara’s character !!!

  3. I hate swara she tries to overpower ragini,
    which is annoying because I like ragini’s character.

    1. Yeah …u are right shumi, even I don’t like swara’s character. She is being an oversmart.

    2. No she doesn’t do in promo episode you can see swara helping ragini

  4. i love both character and more over sumi character

  5. I like the show!!!!!!!!!

  6. The fact that swara is trying to bring her mom and dad together ……..

  7. Though swara is trying to get her Mom & dad together…shekar is not just swara’s dad he’s also ragini’s dad and swara is just doing what she wants then what about ragini? When she’s totally uncomfortable with that…and poor girl she can’t share with anyone what she feels!

    1. I haven’t thought about it like that …..thanks!!!

    2. thank you

  8. We are wasting our times in serial they are getting money to do this but we are just wasting our time

    1. Sorry by mistake

  9. Nice searil

  10. Nice serial

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