Swaragini 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumi reads Swara’s letter that she will not come back until she gets her answer. She checks drawing and says Swara must have cried whole night holding this drawing. Dida says if Swara has written she will not come back, she wll not. Sumi asks her to call her friends and check while she goes out and check. Dida starts crying.

Sumi searches Swara in whole market, trying to call her cell phone, but to no avail. She clashes with Shekhar while busy on cell phone. Shekhar sees her tensed and asks what happened. She tells him about Swara missing and her letter. Swara looks at them from window and thinks she wanted to see if her parents will search her together or if they will continue fighting, she got her answer now and will come back to them. Just then, someone sniffs her chloroform and kidnaps her. Sumi and Shekhar walks in oppisite directions.

Swara is in car with kidnapper and kidnapper is Laksh. His friend says he is driving car since half an hour and asks where are they going. Laksh asks him to continue driving and gies him dierctions. e then asks him to stop in a jungle.

Neighbour informs Daadima about swara missing. Daadima gets happy hearing that and says she knew Swara would elope, these spoilt bengali ladies could not control their daughter. Another neighor taunts her that she hypes issue so much. Daadima says even she has a granddaughter, but she is under control and not like Swara who eloped. Ragini hears Daadima’s conversation. Daadima asks if she forgot something. She says nothing and leaves home. Daadima continues her backbiting and tells neighbours that dida would be nervous thinking her granddaughte would be caught romancing someone.

Ragini calls Swara’s friends and gets more nervous. She even calls police station and tells dida that she canot file complaint before 24 hours. Dida starts crying. Sumi asks her to calm down, keep her phone with her and inform if Swara calls her and leaves to search Swara again. In market, she twists her leg and is about to fall when Ragini holds her, makes her sit on bench, fixes her mobile, and massages her sprained leg. Sumi feels better, thanks Ragini and tries to get up. Ragini asks her to sit, gets her water. Sumi drinks it. Ragini says Swara is an intelligent girl and wll never do anything wrong. She says she is going to academy if she finds Swara, she will inform her over phone. Sumi sees her leaving.

Laksh’s mom calls her and gets worried as he does not pick call. Maheshwari comes and snatches phone from her. She pleads to let her talk to her son. He says nobody should ingore his decisions, now Laksh is not their son. She asks him not to say so. He says Laksh ruined his dignity. He calls Adarsh and asks to call lawyer. Chacha asks why lawyer. Maheshwari says he wants to erase Laksh’s name from his property and asks Adarsh to explain it to lawyer. He says he will speak to shareholders also before meeting a lawyer. Mom cries and pleads not to punish her son. Chachi says when this happened to sanskar she was quiet, so she will not help her this time. Mom continues crying and prays god to protect her son.

Swara falls unconscious. Laksh’s friends get panicked and frees Swara’s extremities. They then tie her eyes. Friend asks Laksh why how much chloroform did he sniff her. He says he is not a professional. Swara wakes up. Laksh tries to shut her mouth, but she bites him. Swara asks her to leave her, and once she is released, she will punish her. Laksh thinks he cannot show his face, else he will be in trouble. He and his friends run from there. Swara falls back unconscious. Laksh says he is just taking revenge from Swara as his dad kicked him out because of her. Adarsh calls him and informs that dad called lawyer to remove him from property rights. Laksh asks how can papa do this and why did not they stop him. Adarsh says when dad this to Sanskar, they could not do anything, how can they now. Laksh angrily cuts call.

Laksh gets food for Swara and asks her to eat, if she tries to oversmart, she will be dead. She asks who is he. He asks he to eat silent and feeds her. She asks Laksh to give her water. He gives her water and thinks he has become servant instead of kidnapper. She tells once she is released, she will not spare him. He shuts her mouth with cloth and leaves.

Shekhar thinks to help Sumi searching Swara. Ragini asks him to help Sumi find Swara. He says what can he do. She says what if she was missing, Swara has only her naani and mom. Shekhar says he is happy seeing someone worried about them. Daadaji asks who wants to help who.

Precap: Daadima badmouths that Swara must have eloped with someone. Dida asks her to shut her mouth. Goons surround Swara and try to misbehave with her.

Update Credit to: MA

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