Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Samrat is tensed wondering what to do now, as he strolls nervously on the roof. Damini comes and asks whats their plan fopr today as they arent going anywhere today. Samrat frustratedly tells damini that they cant let the lovers unite, and shall have to finish this once and for all. damini says that she has thought of a permanent solution, and hence has planned to meet someone today. samrat is tensed wondering what is she upto now. she starts talking about some peer baba who could put in an evil spell. He smiles at her naivety while she says that recent happenings havemade her desperate and that she can resprt to anything. He suppresses his laughter and asks her to carry on. she leaves. Damini leaves, while samrat thinks that he doesnt need anyone else, to change his destiny.

In their room, ishaan eyes urmi arranging the room, while reprimanding him, for being so careless. she hollers at him, and finds him lost in her. He says that he is looking at his wife, and if she has a problem. she asks if he doesnt have to go anywhere or any other work. He denies saying that he would be here only, despite any emergency, and asks her to carry on, and he shall not disturb and do his won work. He teases her while she is unable to concentrate. he asks where is his gift, and she says that the gown in nicely in the almirah. He says that he is talking about the other one, the sensual lingerie that got her so angry. She is embarassed and shy too. He teases her that she shuld wear that only. She turns around and glares at him. he asks her not to be angry, and not wear if she isnt in the mood. Her foot slips, and he leans on top of her, saying that this is just the beginning. An awkward romantic eyegaze and embrace follows. She shuts his eyes, while he leans into kiss her. Just then, the maid comes in. he asks whats the matter and that she should knock before coming. urmi is embarassed and rushes down. Ishaan is amused. urmi finds shaurya playing and defeating anirudh at chess, and is happy. She is happy to see shaurya opening up to everyone in ther family so nicely. Ishaan too comes and finds this camaraderie, and praises it. Ishaan says that he taught shaurya who now outwits him. Anirudh says that he feels he shall lose today. On ishaan’s signal, urmi asks anirudh why were they called. he says that he has to give something to them, which is their secret and a surprise for ishaan and urmi. they are boggled. he asks them to wait and goes to the almirah, while they are confused. They turn to find him him taking something out.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Asha continues to pester while gaurav comes back tired from office. He asks for cheeku, whle she tries to sniff him for any foreign smell of perfume, and he is surprised. he is frustrated with her rant, and asks her to leave. she leaves muttering in anger, but before that she asks about his secretary, and her marital status, and gets irritated when knows that she is single. She vents out her frustration and leaves, while he is boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Later, samrat gets busy in cutting one of the legs of the bed, with a saw, with evil intentions, thinking that their would share their wedding night, by breaking their spines, so that they cant lift themselves from the bed, for a couple of months. He thinks that he is lucky to have got a chance, and to turn the love bird couple, into a handicap. He tries to get out, but a sudden door knock, makes him creep back under the bed. The maid arrives with a load of fresh clothes, and he hopes to god that she doesnt sit, or else he shall die. While she gets busy in keeping clothes in the wardrobe, he sneaks out and escapes. Later, samrat anxiously waits for them both to arrive, so that his plan works. urmi calls him, and he is surprised to receive her call. when he receives it, urmi straightforward asks if he is waiting for them, while he is surprised, and tries to hide his nervousness. She says that he has done such labour and efforts, and hence its apt for him to wait. He nervously asks what does she mean. She says that he should have done the work with a little more accuracy and dexterity. he asks what she means. She says that the axe that he used was carelessly under her bed. he is speechless, while she is amused at his plight. he rushes to find it there only, and gets frustrated. urmi says that he should get their bed back, in the normal condition, by the time they return back, or else she shall tell everyone what he did. He gets anxious. He asks where are they going. She pretends to be tensed as to how could she forget to tell him, that they are at the airport, and hence he shouldnt wait up, and go to sleep. says that they are going for their honeymoon, as anirudh is sending them to Maldives. Samrat is enraged and furious. He asks her to return back this minute, as they shall not go. urmi is amused at his frustrayion, while he sits down on the bed that he had dismembered for ishaan and urmi, and falls hard on his back, and winces in pain. the screen freezes on his pained face.

Precap: tani asks anirudh to send them too on the honeymoon. Anirudh asks how dare she think that he wouldnt send them on their honeymoon. he says that he has planned something for them too. samrat and tani are happy. Damini too is happy and excited, and she asks Anirudh, if he would arrange for them too. he sasy why not. samrat is amused that now he too shall go to maldives and disturb them completely.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. And this crap continues…!!!Total Bu*****t!!!

  2. fan of the show

    Glad to see Urmi getting the upper hand for once.

  3. tooooooooooooo much shitty scripts I find samrath is playing toooooooooo much childish games with urmi and Ishaan and this should stop we the viewers find this serial to be toooooooooo annoying now with all this childish tricks that samrath and his mother in law is playing and so this serial needs to come to an end it is going on way toooooooooo long and not reaching a peak where people would enjoy

  4. *Hiss*

  5. Yes! writers you did the right thing to send them on their honeymoon, but I think Samrat should be going some -where else and not where they are.When Urmi gets back they would have been already cohabitated.What is wrong with Damini ?She is looking for black magic to keep her son away.Samrat should have broken his spine by doing such evil and immature act.Urmi should expose him.This episode was ok.

  6. The way Samrat is happy abt going on honeymoon thinking he’s going to Maldives, tells me he’s not going there. But, with these writers you’ll never know they might be sending him there.

  7. Anirudh will send the rat & Tani to some other place I’m sure.

  8. But why did Urmi feel she had to tell the rat where they were going? Why not just let him find out himself, and by then hopefully they’d have consummated the marriage??

  9. Don’t understand, why tell Samrat where they are going. Urmi is an idiot to tell him everything, in an effort to be bragging..

  10. Exactly why did Urmi tell Sameat knowing he already tried to ruin their nuptial night.
    Dumb writing

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