Swaragini 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini asking Sanskar and swara to prove that they will patch up. She asks Sanskar to fill Swara’s maang with sindoor. Swara says okay and goes to get sindoor bottle from inhouse God, but she brings phone and plays the recording in which Annapurna asks Ragini from where she got the strength to bear all this. Uttara tells Ram that Chirag is a nice guy and I will not meet him if you don’t like. Sujata tells that Chirag is a diamond and asks Uttara to go out. She asks him to think with calm mind and says if this guy marries our daughter then he will keep her as queen. Ram asks her to stop the nonsense. Swara tells Ragini that she was doubtful about her decision and that’s why recorded this conversation. She plays the recording again and hears Ragini saying that Laksh will not return as he is dead. Swara and Sanskar are shocked to hear that along with others. Ragini cries badly. Swara asks Ragini what you are saying? This is nonsense and a lie. She asks her to say.

Sanskar asks Ragini to tell that nothing has happened to Laksh. He asks Durga Prasad, but he stands crying. Sanskar cries thinking about Laksh. Swara cries and asks Ragini, why did you hide such big fact from us. Shekhar says if Ragini would have told this truth then you both would never agreed to unite. Durga Prasad says Laksh is gone, but you both have to get back together to bring happiness in the house. He hugs Sanskar and cries. Sanskar says nothing is left now….my brother is left….It was my mistake that I let him go. He cries badly. Swara tells Ragini that Laksh can’t die. Ragini says Laksh is dead, and truth don’t change if you agree or not. Swara says Ragini….Ragini folds her hands and asks them to leave her alone for sometime. Sumi asks Swara to let Ragini go for sometime, and take care of herself. Swara hugs Sumi and cries.

Ragini walks on the road thinking about her marriage with Laksh and all the moments. Noore Khuda song plays…………..She thinks Doctor telling her that Laksh died 3 days ago. A car hits her that turns to be Mansi’s car. Mansi takes her home. Doctor tells that she is fine and says I gave her pain killer. Girl apologizes to Ragini and says my mum didn’t hit you intentionally. Mansi hugs Laksh and apologizes for going out and hitting someone. Girl comes and says aunty got consciousness. Mansi goes to her and apologizes. Ragini says mistake was mine, I wants to go home. Mansi says our driver will drop you. Ragini says no and says I will go. She comes out of room and collides with Laksh. He asks her to be careful. She thinks this voice and turns to look at the person. He turns out to be Laksh. Laksh also turns and looks at her.

Ragini looks at Laksh….surprisingly and gets emotional. Tere Sang Yaara song plays…………Laksh also looks at her. Ragini runs to him and hugs him tightly. Song continues to play. Mansi is shocked. Ragini cries happily and looks at him. She calls him Laksh. And asks where did you go Laksh. She asks are you alright and kisses on his hand. She says you are fine and hugs him again happily. Laksh doesn’t resist her hug and stands surprisingly.

Laksh comes to Maheshwari house calling Ragini and says she took my daughter with her. Everyone is happy seeing him alive. Annapurna asks where did you go? Laksh says I am Abhimanyu Khanna and not your son. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    *crying*… oh God… unbearable and i didn’t watch it again
    thank you so much Hasan mam…

    1. MAHIRA

      yeah first commenting!!!

  2. Aasthu

    What the ???????? eghhhhhh I’m all confused………why is there always a surprised look on that idiot’s face?????? can’t he understand it his his Ragini that is hugging him????? But then why didn’t he resist the hug?????? Why did he turn back to look at her???? I’m all confused……………I’ll kill you cv’s if u don’t unite RAGLAK……………..

    Swara is smart…………..Sanskar’s confession…….heartbreaking……precap even more heartbreaking…….how dare that Mansi hug Laksh??? I hate her……..

    Hey Micuuuuuuuuu…………you watched it!!!!!! I too have watched ot so many time……..but haven’t got bored…….I know I nvr will………u know what??? I made my cuz too mad abt ARDHIKA………she is not a serial person………..she said I spoiled her………….haha…………..its nvr too late Micuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……………………I told u na….just comment and u r frnds forever………………….if u r free read Jessie’s “My sweet mistake” and comment……..she is a really good friend………….and abt ardhika fans togetherness………yes……..that’s the imp feature……..u know what Micuuuu if we inform them that its our b’day they mi8 surprise us with updates dedicated to us……..I sy it frm my experience……….I had requested them just to update on my b’day and they dedicated their chappy’s for me……………that brings tears of happiness……………when is ur b’day Micuuuuuuuuu ?????????????

    1. Mica

      even me… hehehe, i will surely reply them if i miss them…
      yeaahh they are so nice, i read few jessie hard work and others, but mostly in OS, i have no much time to read ff…..
      i read almost all Sathya’s ff…..

      weeewww.. don’t blame Laksh, even he want to hugged her if only no mansi there ,,ahem ahem…

      1. Mica


      2. Micuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu u will never leave a chance for romance will u??????? I want to push that Mansi down the cliff…..u know the same in which Swara fell…..I’m sure sure some1 will be waiting on the shore ready to pick up girls who gall down the cliff………but still that lil girl remains a problem…….what will we do with her??????

        Ummm Miccuuuusry for being a bit demanding……..if u r free and if u dnt mind…..will u check out ” misunderstood by all but one” ???????? I wrote it…….u CN guess frm the title itself what it is about…….I didn’t complete it…..still pending…….I have a total of 3 ff’s pending…….I dnt know how I will……….

        I forgot……Miccuuuu can u help me with some childhood pranks????? Plzzzzzz????? You may ask others here……I hardly know any of them…..u seem to know almost everyone…….that’s why I turned to you for help……..ahh ya Miccu u didn’t tell me when your b’day is???? Is it over or yet to come?????

    2. Mica

      waa,, naughty you… so much pending ff…. *beat aasthu with wafer stick..
      childhood prank ??? goossshh i was a good nice child, never did that…:3

  3. Awesome wala episode……….. As usual swara was fantastic………. Sanky crying…… Feeling bad for ragini
    But one doubt if he is not laksh y didn’t he resist the hug???????? By seeing mansi’s expressions i can clearly say that she is hiding something…….

  4. IQRA222

    ohh my my
    that was a wow episode

  5. Maaira

    As per reports the show is going off air…

    1. No..they confirmed that is not going off air bull all depends on TRP..

  6. Look iam so obsessed with raglak and today wish to get nice raglak dreams and tk cvs putting my fav song in bg for my raglak o karam kudha omg

  7. Ye show December m khatm hone wala h kya kisi ko pta h ? meko to rona aa rha h????????

    1. No dear rumours h.
      The show is not ending

    2. Sumeeta

      its not a rumour.swaragini is under scanner.agar trp nahi bari to swaragini jan nd feb main off air hojayega nd its true.so jo bhi indian fan ho swaragini dekho mostly raglak fan kyuki unk track bhi start huye hain

  8. hann yaar i dono show should not go offair if it goes me tho going, to do strike in front of rashmi mathajis house u all should join me ,i know mica will shurely join we all will crall on road brake windows of rs mathas home will burn colortv posture what say hann

    1. Mica

      nooooo…..i won’t, i just want tickle them :3 :3…….
      huh! Keeeee…… why you don’t close mansi and her daughter’s eyes, let your Raglak hugging in proper way,,,i mean intense 😀 😀

      1. o gosh di ur telling me to go into my tv and close their eyes i cannt resist seeing then how can yhey hehee come to or county na well meet swasan and raglak then little bit we will tourchure our cvs

  9. teray sang yaara still in that hangover the way she hugged him he tho lost his balance but controled himself and what was that man i wonder how could u keep the sameexpresion comeon she is the same ragini ur baccha laksh i was felling to hit hammer on his head

  10. Woooow…..I am still jumping like anything ..I cant believe it….RAGLAK??????????????????????????????????????????????
    I am in Love with you guys….
    I am imagining my own stories of RAGLAK…
    I feel like start writing Fan Fiction of RAGLAK…
    Love you TEMISH???????????????????????

  11. Hi guys how are you all?
    Hey rids, neha, nik, lee and all how are you guys ?? Its been so long that I didn’t comment here. I miss you all my talking buddies. Please guys if you do seevmy comment then please do reply.

    1. I meant see my

  12. Mica

    thank you H hasan mam for update..
    huh! dammit Swara.. why you are too smart, you gimme fake hope yesterday…huhuhu
    Swaragini—– Sanskar/DP made me crying and crying..gooosshhh..
    RagLak….aawwww, *drag mansi and her daughter to store room.
    but huh! my MP cheated me,… *listen Daya, sit still, look pretty

    1. MAHIRA

      store room is already occupied *wink*

      1. Mica

        nooo…huhuhuhu, they are prefer spending time holding hand in park, hiks…

    2. MAHIRA

      ehem… wait for my FF update (it’s waiting moderation)… you’ll understand :p

  13. OMG sanskar was looking damn cuteeee today… n Swara watching sabsjar when he was blaming himself wowww….what an episode….
    n u Mr Abhimanyu…do u think we r a fool to believe you…. if u r not laksh… then why didn’t you said it while looking into your parents eyes… why were u avoiding eye contact…. huhhh…. n it was clearly shown that for a moment u were too emotional on seeing ragini… so don’t fool us….
    n thank God that SR is not going of air…. or I would have really killed rashmi Sharma… just see everyone is getting bored from sathiya and sasural summary kA… but she is not thinking to end them…. then how could she think of ending Swaragini… SR not even completed 500 episode also… so never think to end SR…

    1. Mica

      let’s us pull Laksh’s ear…

  14. Amrutha

    Yeah! Lucky is back, swara is going to abhi house as a maid to find the truth, wow mansi madam, don’t make hopes on our laksh, he will go back to his ragini and if u do anything more you will be behind bars because of swara. What about that girl , even this mansi is using her daughter for this hot guy?. Laksh don’t be late otherwise ragini will move in her life , mind it.

  15. A.xx

    i think he lost his memory of ragini and maansi (fake wife) THOUGHT HIM AS ABHI and they think they r married…but hopefuly the news of ragnik marriage will ignite his memory or the shine the light on his lies and unite raglak.xx

  16. it was damn emotional thank god no fake marriage of ragnik
    if laksh is knowingly breaking the heart of ragini then i will surely see him

  17. omg what a episode my raglak in one frame after so many days. song is so perfect tere sang yara now this become my fav after moh moh ke dhage n ragu ur outstanding yar u made me cry always n laksh plz don’t hurt my ragu. i’m waiting ur o mera bachha laksh.

  18. Thnk u H.Hasan mam for update !!!
    Swaraaaa u made me foooollllll !!!! whyyyy?
    i was almost ready with my fav foods to cherish that old gold scene !!!! but u ,,, u just dumped me.. !!! *crying in exam hall….
    Why CVs why u all made her sooo Smart?? puuuut puuut !!! ¿
    huhhhh !!! how can i forgot *mad me … that’s why she is SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI !!!
    *Raginiiiii Ur LAKSH is not died !!! huhh how can u say like that ….
    seeee Swara has full faith on ur LOVE … nothing can happen to LAKSH !!
    Waaaa i could feel RAGLAK hug warmness !!! it’s sooo blissful…. *pull Ragini’s red nose .. !!!
    *use glue to make them hug for forever… !!!
    ***************SWASAN … Plzzz one kiss !!! *illegal demand …
    AP DP *take my fav hanky !!!

    Gd mrng ev1…

    1. Mica

      we are a stupid shameless fans..huhuhuhu

      1. gimme hifi by leg !!! ;> ~~~~¿““

  19. MAHIRA

    soooo… what a beautiful awaited episode… another tissue pack used! God i i didn’t cry like that since Swara was missing/dead…
    Sanskar, mera baccha, why have you always to lost the persons you love the most in terrible situations?… first Kavita, then Swara and now your bhai Lucky… ok they come all to life after a while but the pain is here… it’s almost aajib that it’s Durga Prasad who’s consoling you… he lost his son but yest he’s worrying about you and your marriage… again Maheshwari’s are purging their past errors…
    Swara… just like said Mica dear, why have you to be soo smart? why have you to be that jasoos… i could feel the deception of Sanskar when you brought your phone and not sindoor…
    then the horrible news is set… surely some sadness for more happiness later…
    your worry for your sister and your worry for Sanskar… like feeling this thing you can’t repair it… losting hope is the worst!
    Ragini… my dear (can’t imagine my self saying that!)… how can you be so strong? Ancient selfish Ragini is no more and it’s good to see that this time you didn’t get back to your old demons again, but you kept trying to preserve everyone when you’re broken to bone.

    Then the bumping moment… i restained my breath like both of them…. Dear Laksh you can’t be amenesic… you can’t be abhi’, the moment you see Ragini, even staying still like statue, but your eyes were shining, you didn’t broke contacy with her, someone else having a stranger woman hugging him in front of his wife and little daughter he would immediatly back off, but it’s when you force your hand to not hug her back that you remember that they are just there behind you…
    the precap is promising… when Laksh shouts from those stairs “RAGINI!!!”… i sooo missed that… and i’m damn missing your cute innocent smile (like mica^^)
    and swasan are coming home together… waiting… waiting…

    1. Mica

      he literally crying as he is lost everything now,..
      he poured all his pain to his badepa, he tired to act strong in front of everyone…

      and his smart Swara, or his shocked/disappoint/proud face and daya lyric ” This queen don’t need a king ” made me curse Swara for her smart ass aarrgghhhhh…

      yeah,,we fooled by Swara already, we couldn’t get fool twice a day to believe that he is Abhimanyu….. 😀 :D…

  20. sasuram simar ka kitnan faltu serial he . jadutona or kya makhi banti hr. itna faltu serial itne sal se bandh nai hota or swaragini bandh karna he ye idiot logo ko

  21. Heltej

    Thank you H hasan…. Once again m back✌️?

    1. Mica

      Heltej deaarrr! *hug

      1. Heltej

        Hug… ? i m not watching SR… Reading the WU

    2. Kakali

      Diiiii !!!! *faint

      1. Heltej

        Double faint*

  22. Thank god swaragini is going off air in December?? ? party time? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  23. Kitini paltu show hai yeh.thank god its ending.mooh meata karna tho bahut jaroori hai???

    1. Kakali

      Waaaa dear !!! loo take sweet n full ur mouth !!! plzzz dear don’t say like that… we love swaragini… i love swaragini…. puuut puuuut !!!

  24. nooo nt again!!!swara will enter abhi’s home as maid.tz z ridiculous!it shud ave been ragini.last tym during kavya track swara fought for ragini while it shud ave been ragini fighting for herself.even nw its swara.why cnt ragini fght for herself??why always swara??wen it comes to swara problems she herslf manages,ragini nvr interferes.tn why tz?i knw if mansi turns negative again swara will fght.vry much disappointed.if ragini had been tr atleast we wud ave got raglak moments.plz atleast this tym let ragini solve her problem on her own…

  25. guise just came to know yesterday raglak scene was includeed in top5 best serial scenes which aired yesterday it was declared by fisuion omg iam on cloud 9some one pinch me

  26. Loved yesterday episode ?? I jst loved raglak track. U both keep rocking

  27. Full of emotions yar.can any one tell me any news about swasan or any spoiler

  28. Hi friends.i think Laksh ki vajah se abhimanyyu is dead.,is liye laksh replace abhimanyu for his daughter

  29. Love raglak!! Guys we need to keep supporting swaragini

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