Badho Bahu 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal apologizes to the guys. They say it isn’t necessary. We forgive you as you insist. we must leave. Raghubir ji stops them. I dint recognize you. You aren’t from Sirsa. Where are you from? Kamla ji says they must be from Bakriawal. The guy nods. Raghubir ji turns to Vardaan who hasn’t seen them. Are you new? A lady sees blood dripping from the wound again. Other guy says I will clean it. He takes out his kerchief with which some jewellery falls down. Everyone looks on in shock.

Jamuna ji is missing Komal a lot. Will everything be fine there? Payal says she dint go on Mars that you are thinking too much. Sit down.

Malti ji picks up the fallen jewellery. They seem to be ours. The guys panic. Kamla ji and Malti ji recognize them. The guys try to run out but Komal and Lucky hold them. Raghubir ji asks Rana to call police. get them arrested. The guys apologize to Raghubir ji. We had to do this for money. We are famished. Give us some work. Don’t send us to jail. They beg Komal also. Komal says people make mistakes. Everyone should get a chance to rectify their mistakes. It is your call. Raghubir ji agrees with her and forgives those guys. They thank Komal. Pinki is irked.

Raghubir ji looks happily at Komal. Lucky thinks this fattie is impressing Babu ji on everything. Kamla ji tries to say something but Raghubir ji does not let her. Komal’s grahpravesh will happen now. He sends Pragya to get another kalash. Ladies compliment Malti on getting such a DIL. Her entrance seemed to be beneficial for you. She made this moment memorable. Be thankful to her. She saved you. She has come as Lakshmi Ma. Your DIL is a match to your son. No one can stand in front of her. Komal smiles whereas Lucky is upset.

Pragya is filling kalash. Don’t know what fate she has come with. I went to trouble her but got troubled. Her friend comes. Pragya realises she has been talking to herself. Her friend asks her to come fast. Everyone is waiting. Pragya goes with her.

Pragya keeps the kalash in front of Komal. Malti ji notices her son’s sad face. Vardaan and Komal smile at each other. Komal does grahpravesh. Pragya and Pinki look unhappy. Komal happily enters in the house. Kamla ji says now you wont have any problem in the house. Right Malti? Malti ji nods reluctantly. Kamla ji says now women will do the rest of the rituals. Men aren’t needed. Raghubir ji welcomes Komal in the family. stay happy always. Men leave from there.

Malti ji takes Komal with her and Kamla ji takes Pinki. She asks Lucky to come in too. Everyone leaves except Lucky. He wonders what happiness people are getting by making him marry this fattie. They made my life hell!

Kamla ji tells Malti ji to make sure no one leaves empty stomach. No one should complain. Malti ji tells her not to worry. I have explained it well to servants. No one will say anything. Kamla ji nods. She asks both DIL’s to come forward now. Keep your left hand in mehendi thaal and put an imprint on the wall. Grooms should put their right hand in turmeric thaal and do the same. Rana smiles shyly. Pinki and Rana do it but their hands are not on the same level. Kamla ji scolds Rana. Malti ji points out that they are to be put next to each other. Kamla ji tells her not to make a big issue out of it. Nothing went wrong. It is Lucky and Komal’s turn next. Lucky looks angrily at Komal seeing the name on the wall (Komal and Lucky). He dips both his hands in turmeric and prints on the wall leaving everyone shocked.

Kamla ji scolds Lucky for not doing anything wrong. I told you to put one hand. She asks Malti ji how they will do this ritual with Komal now.

Vardaan is in temple. You have blessed our family which is why everything happened easily even after all troubles. Keep your hand on my sister always.

Pragya is muttering to herself. That buffalo escaped my plan this time. I wont spare her next time. She collides with Vardaan and the liquid falls on her dress. She scolds him for not looking out. my dress is so expensive. He says I dint see you. I was only turning. She taunts him. You wont even know anything. She keeps taunting her while he speaks nicely to her. Finally he gives her a fitting reply. She looks at him in shock. Vardaan excuses himself.

Kamla ji says you could have taught him something. He has mocked the rituals and traditions! Komal tells her not to worry. I will make place for myself. She dips her hand in mehendi thaal and applies it on the wall in between Lucky’s both hands. Everyone looks on in surprise. Rana compliments Komal. You did what you said. Kamla ji says all rituals are complete now. We have to do Muh-dikhayi now. Let’s go.

Vardaan says it is time for me to go. My work is done. Kamla ji asks him to have food. He politely denies. Ma must be waiting. I will keep coming now. Kamla ji says ok. Take care. Everyone leaves. Vardaan stops Lucky. Malti ji gives something to Vardaan. Vardaan folds his hands before Lucky. Everyone knows you are a good guy. I only have one request from you – take care of my sister. Forgive us if any of us have made any mistake. Lucky feels bad and takes his hands down. Komal looks at them from far. Lucky leaves. Vardaan walks up to his sister next. He shakes his head teary eyed. She tells him to take care of everyone. They are your responsibility now. Don’t leave without meeting me if you come to this side. He is unable to say anything and keeps crying. They share an emotional hug. Vardaan leaves.

Precap: Kamla ji tells Malti ji boys will eat in room. I will ask Halwayi (cook) to get that too. Malti ji is confused. I don’t understand. What are you saying? Kamla ji ends up shouting Suhaagraat. Komal gets tensed hearing it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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