Swaragini 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanskar gets hysterical. Laksh promises to bring Ragini. Sujata and Laksh come to Ragini’s house. Sujata rushes to Ragini and requests her to come with her as Sanskar is getting mad and asking her to come. She says she doesn’t want to lose her son again. Sumi asks her to sit down. Sujata asks her to send Ragini with her. Dadi maa comes and refuses to let Ragini go with them. She warns Sumi not to take decision regarding Ragini. Laksh asks her not to take wrong decision. Dadi maa asks him not to interfere and says you kept quiet when Durga Prasad broke the alliance. She says why will I forget my insult and send Ragini to your house. Sujata falls on her feet and asks her to agree. Dadi maa asks her to send Durga Prasad and asks him to rub his nose on her feet. Everyone is shocked. Dadi maa says she will decide then, whether to send Ragini or not. Laksh asks her not to do that. Dadi maa says it is her decision. Swara tries to say. Sumi asks her not to interfere. Dida says we could help them if you were in our house. Sujata pleads infront of Dadi maa. She refuses.

Sanskar is holding knife to cut his wrist. Annapurna and others come and stop him. Sanskar asks where is my friend Ragini and asks them to call her. Dida tries to speak up. Sumi asks her not to interfere in her house matters, and asks her to go. Dadi maa smirks. Swara asks why you are saying this. Dadi maa says she said right. She asks Sumi to leave with Swara. Laksh asks Ragini to make Dadi understand. He then tells Sujata that he will go and bring Durga Prasad. Adarsh’s wife tries to take knife from Sanskar’s hand. Everyone is tensed. Laksh comes home and calls for Papa. He sees Sanskar holding knife. Sanskar says you all are liars. Laksh says Dadi kept a condition that she will not let Ragini go until Durga Prasad apologizes to her.

Durga Prasad tells Annapurna that everything is hers now. He gave wealth papers and says he is leaving the house. Annapurna is shocked. Durga Prasad says you all will get money, but you will have no relation with me. Annapurna tells Laksh that she tried to agree Durga Prasad, but he didn’t agree and don’t want to accept him. Sanskar gets hysterical again. Laksh requests him to give 30 mins and promises to bring Ragini here. Sanskar agrees and shows thumps up. Laksh rushes out in a hurry and comes to Dadi’s house. Sujata says she knew that he won’t come.

Laksh informs her that Papa left them. He says Sanskar is hurting himself and tells about his promise to take Ragini home. He bends down on Dadi’s feet and pleads infront of her to send Ragini with him. Dadimaa says it is enough now. My daughter can’t stay in your home. Your family have insulted us and throws us out of the community. Laksh says community will accept you back. Dadi says who has given you this right? Laksh says Ragini is still his fiance and he has right on her. Dadi is shocked. Laksh says he is ready to marry her. Dadi maa says your father sent the engagement ring back to us and broke relation. Laksh says he didn’t break alliance. Dadi asks him to fix the alliance infront of all neighbors. Laksh agrees and calls all the neighbors. He announces that Ragini Garodia is still his fiance and he will marry her only. He asks Dadi, can I take Ragini now. Dadi maa agrees to send Ragini now. She asks Ragini to go with her fiance. Moh Moh Ke Dhage……………..plays…Laksh holds Ragini’s hand and leaves.

Dadi maa tells Sumi that Laksh accepted Ragini infront of everyone. Sumi says he agreed as he was pressurized by Dadi. Shekhar asks Sumi, how can she blame Dadi. Laksh tells Swara that he can’t marry Ragini as he loves her. He hugs her and gets emotional. Swara is in shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Atleast today u updated thanx MA

  2. No this all happened cuz of ragini stupid thinking of laksh once he told she not his type then also … I feel sorry for laksh

    1. ohh please!!blame swara who put the idea back in ragini head,she was at a good place and even shocked upon hearing it………also lucky is always on and off on marrying ragini…….it can confuse anyone girl.

  3. lol laksh finally is going to confess his love to swara
    cool laksh and swara and
    sanskar and ragini
    cute couple
    what a rab ba ne jodi

  4. Hope tomorrow episode will be fabulous ??Laksh will tell his feelings to swara…Waiting for tomorrow episode…..

  5. But swara will slap him as he played wid raginis feelings

  6. Bsss ab bhaad m jae swra bhaad m jae laksh
    Ragini with mah super cool VK….wow wt a jodi

  7. Ragini should break the engagement in front of everyone and let swara and laksh get engage to each other

    1. i luv swara but swara is always pushing lakshey away n will award him with a slap tomorrow dont put this one on ragini,she doesnt control the actions of lucky or swara.beside swara doesnt luv lucky currently

  8. Offfo ..ragni if ur not upto laksh let u leave hm .bt u bth are cute sach me tum dhone cute couples he.aaa swara is als cool bt i luv u bth to becme one

  9. feeling bad.. for laksh.. superb acting laksh.. u did all that for your bhaayii… like that.. precap is super.. wot an idiot is that swara… she can’t even realize laksh and his love for her… and encouraging ragini to do foolish things . ragini very pity.. y u always behind laksh.. he already said that he doesn’t love her… if dhe really love him.. she didn’t stay quiet when laksh pleads before daadii.. dida u r superb .. I like ur acting.. english etc.. u r so cute.. I need a grand mother like u. but otherhand daadi I hate her.. I think she is like lady macbeth.. how can she stand like that before laksh and sujatha.. she is a vampire.. hate her

  10. Oh wow…..finally laksh confesses his feelings 4 swara……..soooo sweet……..gud luck…lucky!?

  11. OMG…..swara is gonna give a damn blo*dy shot at lucky…..poor guy……

  12. just waiting for the drama to come especially tomorrow ………..HEARTS WILL BREAK

  13. just 2 weeks ago it was a luv triangle btn lucky swara n ragini then 2 days ago we were confident with our two couples ragsan and swarky……..now its all going to hell……..CONFUSION again WHO is to be with WHO?!my mind is starting to shut down,cant think anymore

    1. Swara n laksh r main so u should write their name first

      1. excuse u? !!swakshy isnt the no 1 couple to every1 ,am not trying to please any fans just commenting like a normal person and the leads are swara and ragini or cant u read the title of the show or didnt see the press release on leads before the show started

  14. Ragini is the best . hope that she loves sanskar not lucky

    1. Excuse me swara is the best and main lead

  15. Excuse me elena bt shatad tumh shiw ka nam nhi pta….dt is swaragini nt swara…..both are leads SanRag nd SwaKsh…..SanRag nd SwaKsh…..SanRag nd SwaKsh

    1. I kno the name is swaragini but main lead is swara n laksh for example shastri sisters the name is SS but main lead is anu n rajat and in news (Google) it was wrote that varun kapoor will join as second lead so the main is swalak and then sanrag

      1. Ragini is d bst…..swara must die

      2. SWara Is the best ragini should die

      3. I lu VK….laksh must also die

      4. What r u saying dia don’t keep so much hatred.

      5. u are the 1 with hate helena.u keep jumping on people who love ragini like its ur mission in life.rafini n swara are leads but u are allowed to live in ur imagination little girl

    2. helena we know u love swara xo do i but ragini is a lead actress in this show like swara.so get used to it

  16. *shayad *show

    1. fine both r lead

  17. wow………….I LOVED IT.But next is again sacrifice or hurt the feelings of RAGINI. I wish she will get a good friend as soon as possible. But it is not in the Maheswari family.

  18. keerthana gupta

    ooo…..its really awesome!!!!!….i luv all specially laksh…!!!!luv u laksh….

  19. hey elena I want to say one yhing don’t take it serious. ok. title name is swaragini .both have equal importance. so both the pair has equal importance .. no second and all… it depends on the story situations…. here sanskar just arrived.. soon we will c his past and all… the main is all depends .. I think nowadays ragini has more importance .. sokn swara.. and go on… first I liked swara not ragini .. but now ragini is superb.. she is so cute ofcourse swara also.. but she made many misunderstandings in raginis mind.. varun is one of my favourite actor .. laksh also.. both r superb… I like both the pair… seeing precap I yhink sanskar is not mad.. he just acting.. something bad happened in his life… I think swara and sanskar will get married think soo… poor laksh… don’t worry laksh ragini is a nice beautiful and cute girl…. varun u looks cute when u have beard than clean shave… laksh ur acting superb

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