Tu Mera Hero 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Panchi driving the rickshaw faster and leading the race. Golu asks Titu to see what Panchi is leading the race. Everyone look on. Vaishaili says I think Panchi will win. Suddenly the chain pulls out and her rickshaw stops near the finishing line. The men laugh seeing the chain coming out. Govind and Kamlesh get worried seeing Panchi lagging in the race. Panchi sits to fix the chain and worries seeing the race ending. She cries having lost.

She sits crying. Govind and Kamlesh get sad for her. Titu goes to her. He says race can’t be won by forcing yourself energy. Manorama taunts Titu for his wife competing with roadside rickshaw men. She shows the red bangles and gifts it to Titu. She says this one is specially for you and shocks everyone. She asks why is he shocked, if wife works and husband sits at home, then he should wear bangles.

Titu takes the bangles and tries to wear. He says the size is not right, it will break if he forces, he will keep the gift as she got it by love. he says she should have given her a pillow and praises Panchi for driving well and can she see bangles in her hands. Golu says I can see. Titu says then she should not wear it, as weak people wear bangles, but Panchi is not weak. He says we will talk before the world was made, and says about Adam and Lord did not keep anything less. He says then Lord made Eve and says woman is biggets support, like daughter, wife, mum, sister and friend. He says a man is born from a woman, Nar is derived from Nari.

She asks men to know what they don’t have strength like woman. Manorama says he just talks. Everyone clap for Titu. Surekha smiles. Titu says no one can do any work by his wish, there is nothing wrong, when country got dependent, women also got freedom. Panchi thinks I did this to open his eyes and teaching others a lesson.

Titu says the one who won should drive and others should not work. The men apologizes and say his wife is very brave Titu. He apologizes to Panchi and asks her to drive rickshaw in Mathura. Govind says everyone’s heart changed except Titu, he is still the same. Panchi says I m proud that he respects woman a lot, but he does not care if I work on roads and he rests at home. Titu comes to talk to her. He asks shall I tell mechanic to fix the chain, or will you do yourself. Nikhattu………plays…….. She thinks he is like mystery, he can make two coins unite, like he made her won and lose.

Rachna cooks food for Chetan and shows the dishes to his friends. They are shocked seeing boiled food. Rachna says Manorama forgets things these days, please behave normal infornt of her, she made these dishes. Rachna recalls how Manorama made tasty food and she has thrown it and kept boiled food. Chetan’s friend ask him to show Manorama to psychiatrist. Manorama comes and they say she cooked well. They ask her to rest, as she has done much cooking. She says no, you are like Chetan for me. She says I will rest if you say. Rachna smiles. Chetan gets worried for his mum.

Govind sits meditating. Surekha comes and says Titu is brave to say all that, and praises him. She says Manorama came to taunt him and calls her shameless. She says Titu saved her son from going to jail, and she insulted Titu. Govind asks her to calm down. He says I know Titu said his talk so nicely and he has bear many taunts and showed good values to them. He says the truth is Titu has shut one mouth today, how many mouths will be shut tomorrow, if he does not do duty of good husband, society will taunt him, it would be good if we help Panchi in changing Titu and bring him on right path, Titu does not know whats happening with him.

Surekha says he does not have any habit, he is diamond, you be on your bahu’s side, I will support my son always. Vaishaili laughs and tells everything to Mukund. Rekha comes and says she has good news, Titu is gone, and now Sundar is also going to go. She says she will eat cake in her room and leaves. Panchi cooks food for Titu. She sees Titu sitting holding the bangles for her. She smiles and goes to him.

Titu asks Panchi where are they going. She says Surekha made me realize I m not taking care of you, so I got you here. He asks where did we come, where is food. She says chill, there is entertainment along with food.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wonder where panchi will take titu 2mrw…and titu shld get job as dialogue writer,he has a way wt words…anyway luvd manorama’s gift

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