Swara – My Heart’s Solace Part 7

Swara – My Heart’s Solace <3

Part 7 ( proposal )

After the announcement…. Everyone started practicing for competition…. Individually ….. With their pairs…

Sanky was not participating as his partner was not well……

Swalak are participating in every competition in insistence of laksh….

Swara was much more irritated as she can't spend time with sanky…

Days passed…

Atlast the freshers day arrived…. Program were going on.. Everything was going perfect….. Last program Is couple dance.. After this dance.. They will announce the over all winner…..

There are many audiences for the final program… It's already 7 performance are going smoothly.. Final performance is of swalak….

Swalak performance is announced…

At the end of the dance.. Laksh kneeled down In front of swara in the middle of stage…. And proposed her…

Screen freezes on swara shocked face…


Swara was in kitchen making something..
A boy came and hugged her from back.
( what you thought sanskar… No its sid )

Swa: aww my baby when did you came back… ( she ask taking him in her arms..)

Sid: now mama… Aunty out.. ( pointing towards hall)

Swara came out of kitchen with sid… To see a cute family sitting in living room.. ( man women and a boy of sid age)
Swara smiled and sat with them. And they indulged in talking…

After sometime sanky too joined them.. All had their lunch together and again sat to chat …. . After sometime sid and the boy went to play..

Swa: sid sunny ( the other boy) play carefully.

Sid sunny: Ok ma / aunty…

woman: Champ you remember today ?!! ? ?

Swa: what janu ( confused) it's Sunday na.. ( yah the women is janu and man is sathya.. And sunny is their son)

Janu: you won't change na…today is the day sanky proposed you..

Swa ; omg I forgot.. ( biting her tongue turned to see sanky giving death glare. She made a puppy eyes..)

Sathya: you both stop. Don't irritatae my saali

Swa: Ha jiju.. Tell those idiot..

Janu: Acha. OK I thought to give you the dvd of sanky proposal. ??…

Swa: aww janu.. Pls give na… I wanna see it today. . Pls pls pls… Jiju tell her na…

Janu: Ha ha baby.. Wait I'll put on the dvd let's watch together…

All are set to watch the proposal. …..

The dvd starts on Laksh proposal…….. We can see swara's shocked face.. Soon she smiled and accepted.. Before laksh could react.. She thanked the audience.. By showing its a part of their performance… ( hahah how cute na… Poor laksh…) All clapped. While laksh is standing not knowing how to react….

Back stage..
Lak: Swara that was not our performance.. I proposed you yaar.. ( he said in irritation..)

Swa: I know.. I don't wanna make scene over there…. ( she said with cool)

Lak: but…. Before he could speak swara went from there and sat with sanky, shemish and rpsuji..

After that.. Price distribution ceremony went on. Swalak won some…. After when all set to vote of thanks.

There was an announcement…

Announcement: we request miss Swara godida to come on stage….

Swara looks on surprised.. And saw sanky, shemish, rpsuji… All ask her to go with a smile.. She went with nervousness…….

After she went to stage the person gave a flower bouquet to swara and went…… She gave a tight smile to audience and nervous look to shemish.. They sighed her its ok.. She took a deep breadth.. After sometime… All light went off and a light spot on sanky who is standing in a formal suit.. Looking towards her…. She was freezed seeing his look… She didn't even realized him moving towards her or their parents and thier friends around her…….

She came to sense when shekar and rp thanked the clg management..

She / rp: before you see the ceremony.. We would like to thank the clg Management for agreeing to conduct the ceremony here.. We like to personally thanks each one here for attending our children's engagement….

" engagement " this word brought swara back to sense….

Soon sanky came near her… And extending his hand to make her wear the engagement ring..

Though swara is shocked.. She smiled sheepishly and didn't give her hand.

Sumi whispers: what happened shona..

Swa: little loudly.. Ma he didn't propose me… All laughed..

And sanky smiled….. And sat on his knees immediately and spoke….

San: swara. My cutie. My childhood bestie. . My only bestie.. Non stop talker ( swara made a pout) .. My classmate. . My college mate. My bench mate… My partner…. My friend…. My support Innocent soul.. My love…. My sweetheart.. My darling….. My everything till now ….
( swasan smiled at eachother… Even others.. Are admiring)
From now I want you to be my love.. My fiance… My wife… My children's mother.. My soulmate. My companion.. My guide… And my everything..Till eternity…. Will you give me the permission.. To be so? Will you accept me till eternity? Will you be with me in all life? Will you allow me to shower you with my love? Will you accept to me as your love? Will you become Mrs swara sanskar Maheshwari? Here in presence in all important persons of our life.. Our parents.. Our friends.. Our college people.. I promise you that I'll never leave your side….. I'll be with you in every situation. I want to share my life with you.. Will you accept my all demands and wishes??cutie? ( he asked extending his hands with other hand holding ring..)

Swara was not having tears and all.. But has a sweet smile in her lips…. She extended her hand.. Sanky made her wear the ring……. Swara made him stand up and janu forwarded the box with another ring.. Swara made him wear it.. ???

Whole auditorium is filled with claps…..

Screen freezes on everyone's happy face…..


Swara blushed even now.. After seeing it… And turned her gaze to sanky. Who is seeing her lovingly…. Janu and sathya smiled seeing them. And then looked at each other. and sathya winked at her.. Janu blushed but gave a angry look and turned … Sathya smiled and shaked his head………

Screen freezes on… Sid sunny playing… And Swasan sathjanu gossiping. .

To be continued……….

PRECAP: Let’s see in next part…

What will be laksh reaction.. How did they plan engagement.. How did their parents agreed.. Engagement in clg first year… Something weird right…. Is there any reason.. Beyond it… Wait for next episode for the answers…

Done with third last part… 2 parts more…

This is subi signing off…. Take care bubbye….


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