Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 14)

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I am so disappointed .I am getting very very few comments .Did u not like the track?If so say me and I will stop it.Any way coming to the episode.

The episode starts with Goons getting ready to attack.Shivaay comes to Anika at pool side and ask her what is she doing here.She says that she is trying to call her dad but it is not connecting .Shivaay says her that she can call later and ask her to come.On other side Om calls ishana from back and ask her to come with her and says it is urgent.Rudra goes to sowmya in kitchen and says her moti come with me you can eat it later and drags her plate and is about to take.all the goons at a time attack them Shivaay fights with two goons and one comes from back to kill him with a knife .Anika goes intime and catches it.Her hand starts bleeding.Shivay sees it and bursts like valcano and beat him.
One goon comes to Om.Om tries to fight him but he couldnt and Ishaana helps him by beating the goon with a vase.Om is shocked.Ishaana says she is a daughter of military officer and smiles proudly.

One attack on Rudra .Rudra fights with him.Sumo tries to help him but instead ends up beating Rudra.Rudra asks what is she doing.She says she is trying to help him.He says no she is trying to kill him.She says he came in between and its not her fault.And both of them start fighting.Goon gets irked and is about to hit rudra but dis time Sumo slaps him so hard and he falls on ground and says rudra is her frnd.Rudra is shocked to see pehlwan side of sumo.
Two goons come to the remaining family and is about to kill prinku every one gets shocked but Randhawan comes in middle and beat both of them black and blue(all the above things happen at a time)
Police force comes and take them.Randhawan says he will do investigation and will inform them who is behind this.Dadi pinky jahanavi tej shakti and prinku thank Randhawan.Randhawan says it is his duty and ask ishaana to come and goes .Ishana bids bye to everyone and is about to leave.Om apolozise to her and say that because of him her life was in danger today.Ishaana says actually i have to thank u for such a great experience and leaves

Inside Shivaay is wounding anika and scholding her y did she come in between.and asks if anything happend to her what will he do.Anika is shocked .Shivaay says I mean i should answer to ur dad .Anika shouts y is he shouting at her and says that he should actually thank her for saying her life and give a gift to her for her bravness .Shivaay asks ok what u want?.Anika thinks.
Someone calls sundari and inform that her plan failed.Sundari scolds them and thinks that she her self should do something.

Sowmya comes to ruDra room .Rudra is still thinking of the slap and hides behind bed and says From today I will not call u sumo plzz leave me .I will do whatever u want forgive me.Sumo laughs and asks him to get up.Rudra gets up.Soumya says she didnot come to beat him but came to say that romi agreed for the date.
Rudra gets exited and says thanks moti.And says sowmya.Soumya says he can call her as he wants as they are frnds now.Rudra says he is also feeling the same and says that he was just joking and was not fearing to her.

Precap:Shivikas romantic dance.Sundari enetrs oberoi mansion.

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    Harshitha, your ff is really nice and good. Have some patience because you are very fast in updating episodes. Even I am also just now commenting your previous chapters. So some PATIENCE……And don’t you dare to stop your ff????? Please make the entry of Daksh in Oberoi Mansion soon.. Want to see love triangle.!!!!!

  3. Superb episode..loved it…

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    Actually u r correct i don’t like ur ff…………

    I just love it……just don’t stop writing…… next one soon……eagerly waiting

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    Itz nice… Dear itz n8 n not everyone is awake so comments will be less so don’t get depressed

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    I liked rumya part and overall whole story but rumya is my favorite as u can see from my username.

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    Fantastic…Loved it

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