Swara – My Heart’s Solace Part 5

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Swara – My Heart’s Solace <3
Part 5

Episode starts…


Next morning….

Swara was awake and is in deep thought.

Swara's pov..

It's just like a dream.. Never In my life I have imagined.. I'll marry sweeto…. And also love him….. But I'm happy that it happens.. It's just like a fairytale… Everything perfect……

Pov ends..

Her thoughts are distributed by her hubby….

Holding her tight and nuzzling his nose in her nape.. He asked..

San: ( huskily) what are you thinking…..

Swa: ( breathing heavily) nothing……

San: Really. ( he travel his hands on her body everywhere…)

Swa: haan….

He came on top of her…

Swa: sweeto it's morning…

San: I don't care.. And even our parents went to out of city and moreover it's Sunday.. So only romance OK… ( saying this he places his lips on her's. . Both are kissing like manic.. And are caressing eachothers body…)

Swa: ( in between kiss) I love you…. Sanskar…

San smiled: I love you too Mrs sanskar..

And started caressing her mounds….. While swara was bearing her hubby's sweet love torture.. And was moaning loud.. Making him more crazy….

Soon he digged his face himself between her mounds and started sucking her and caressing her mounds one by one….

Swara was moaning with closed eyes…..

After some time.. He entered into her… Both are cherishing their moments.. With loud moans and love…… After that.. Session.. Swara drifted to sleep….. Because of tiredness

Seeing her sleeping he kissed her forehead and even he went to sleep


@ party…

After their performance… ( singing) Both were chatting with their friends.. And their parents…

Rakesh: so riya… Next what…

Riya: rakesh bhaiya.. Dance Dance.. ( she said excitedly)

Swa: aww baby.. Awesome idea…. I'll dance…. First..

Sanlak smiled at her excitement…

Riya: no like that dance in party on TV… Hmm.. Boy and girl….

Swa: ohh salsa ah.. Wow awesome….

San: offu cutie control…….

Swa: aww sweeto you know me na… ( pouts)

San: haan baba… OK dance..

While they are talking.. All started arranging for dance…

Before swara could say.. Laksh came..

Lak: Swara May I have a pleasure of dancing with you…

Swara looked at sanskar.. He is standing without any emotions… But she was not feeling good… Leaving sanskar.. But at the same time she can't ignore laksh na…

Swara: ( without interest) hmm yah…

Soon both started dancing
.laksh was enjoying it.. But swara's full concentration is on sanskar who was standing in corner and watching her… Both eyes are always on eachothers like a eye lock.. Soon swara broke it when.. A girl approached sanskar for dance.. He looked at swara.. And was going to say something.. But before that.. Swara said..

Swa: ( to laksh) excuse me

Before he could answer she went from there to sanskar..

Swa: ( to that girl) Sry miss… I'm his partner.. The girl went with disappointment…..

After that Swara dragged sanskar and both started dancing…..

This seen was seen by two people…..

The one was burning.. And other is having a happy smile… Hehe they are laksh and janu respectively…..

After party all left to home… Today JANU want to stay with swara…

Both janu and swara are in her room.. Today sanky went to his home soon.. As he know if JANU and swara join. Then they won't need him.. And sanky consider janu as his sister. Even though They are not close..

After setting bed. Both swara and rags sat on bed in sleeping position…

Janu: Champ.. Y you danced with sanky.. You are dancing with lucky na..

Swa: ( confused) even i don't know. I like lucky. But I felt pain while leaving sanky..

Janu: what say me clearly… ( she asked teasingly but swara didn't get it)

Swa: Actually janu when lucky asked for dance. I didn't expect it.. I was gonna dance with sanky. But I can't refuse him.. Even I felt pain while leaving him… And I when a girl came near sanky.. I got angry and and took him to dance.. Till now I don't know y I did that…. It's confusing..

Janu smiled and say: coz you love him champ…

Swara: what….

Screen freezes… On swara shocked face

To be continued….

PRECAP: let's c in next part…


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