Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Raghav confronting veer to apologize to Nainaa and confess before daadi or r he will reveal every thing to daadi and he would find himself on the streets again .

Sanjana tries to take Veer’s side but raghav confronts veer again for making fun of every one’s life He Has taken advantage of raghav’s brotherly love too .. He better apologise to naina or he will not leave him.

Sanjana confronts veer for falsely blaming naina for trying to seduce him. How could he stoop so low . She orders him to apologise to naina , raghav informs them that Naina was a t market place so they could come with him. Sanjana then tells veer that she was faking all this for ragahv’ sake as he had veer’s confession video . Raghav thinks of naina and remembers all their close moments.
Romantic BG song plays …”. Tum hansi bangaye …”

At Rajbir’s house, he taunts naina for not getting her beer from grocery shop . Naina tries to explain to him but he gives her some cash and asks her to get beer from the shop .
He forces her to leave .

Naina is seen leaving thw grocery shop and thinkingnof Raghav and all their close romantic moments
Same BG song plays

Sanjana follows Raghav and veer as they reach the market , raghav persuades Veer to politely and respectfully tender his apology to naina .
Ragahv warns he would keep a close eye on him. Veer goes to naina . Raghav the asks Sanjana to go to naina and apologise as she too was involved in sending the fake SMSs and insulting naina and accusing her and supporting the wrong man
Veer and sanjana feel disgusted at being forced to say sorry to the waitress but this was better than being confronted by daadi

As veer and sanjana try to talk to naina she ignores him n avoids him .she accuses him of molesting her, defamimg her , cheating her.
Raghav notices a guy dressed as Santa remove his costume .
Next moment they hear firing , raghav screams naina’s name …
The terorist fires indiscriminately .. All run helter skelter … There is fear in the market place .

At Mehra mansion Sudha and Pam are taunting and sharing a joke over sleeping daadi .soon she wakes up and sudha and pam ask her to watch some TV for recreation , and mind diversion .

At market naina, veer, Sanjana , Raghav… Get separated as firing goes on

Precap for Monday
Suddenly Sanjana comes out of her hiding place and accidentally comes before the terrorist .
Raghav tries to save sanjana and naina runs after him to save him but naina gets shot and falls to the ground .

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. Spoiler :

    Naina gets shot while saving Raghav, in the terrorist attack. Naina falls down. Raghav holds her in lap and cries. He feels Naina was right and he could not do justice with her. Raghav acts to die and gets the terrorist close.

    He gets angry and beats the terrorist. He throws away the gun and fights with the terrorist. Raghav takes Naina to hospital. Raghav and everyone head home. Dadi gets worried hearing about terrorist attack.

    Dadi asks Raghav did anyone get hurt. Raghav says everyone is fine, none got hurt. He asks Veer to tell truth to Dadi. Veer admits to Dadi that he was mistaken about Naina, and she is innocent. Dadi says Naina got humiliated because of me, we should have supported her, and we have made her leave house. She scolds Veer and regrets for the matter. She worries thinking will Naina forgive her or not. Naina comes there to meet Dadi. She asks Dadi not to apologize, and bless her being elder. She says I m not annoyed, no need to apologize. Dadi cries and thanks Naina.

    1. thanks for the spoiler. i still feel this whole apology thing wasnt sincere especially last epi sanjana caught some girl who claimed raghav paid her to trick veer into a confession

  2. The world is a small place…… Terrorism has reached Austria.

  3. It is a only serial in which no dragging
    Good episode

  4. Sanjana seriously needs dentist job , her lower jaws looks ugly, I’m sure she can afford that , I can’t stand her when she opens her mouth

    1. Can you just stop shaming people for their looks…you need tk learn some manners..

      1. Thank you Ruby
        That’s why I stopped commenting on this page cause they were very rude to the actors & actresses personally.
        Her physical looks has got nothing to do with her acting.
        Mannerless & superficial people.
        Leave her that’s how God created her

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