Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 81

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Part 81:

They all went downstairs but no one was there.
Karan: Come on Aman, let’s go and get everyone.
Meghna: Thanks guys, Chiku you sit here with the twins okay?
Naina: Okay Di.
Karan and Aman went to Dadajis room and saw him sitting on his chair.
Karan: Dadu?
Dadaji looked at the door.
Dadaji: Come on in you two.
Aman: Dadaji, Meghu Di is preparing breakfast.
Karan: She wants you there.
Dadaji: I don’t feel like eating.
Karan kneeled down in front of Dadaji.
Karan: You can’t do that Dadu, your health with get affected.
Aman: Karan is right.
Karan: Dadu, eat for Bhai’s sake?
Dadaji gave in.
Karan: Aman, you take Dadu downstairs, I’ll get Dad and Mom.
Dadaji: They haven’t eaten either?
Aman: No.
Dadaji: I’ll call them.

Karan and Aman smiled.
Dadaji knocked on NK and Nirmalas door.
Nirmala open it: Bauji?
NK saw his father at the door.
NK: Babuji, come in.
Dadaji took a seat next to NK.
Dadaji: It’s breakfast time, what are you two doing here?
Nak: I don’t feel like eating.
Nirmala: Did you eat?
Dadaji: Not yet, I’ve come here to take you two with me.
NK: Babuji, you should’ve eaten.
Nirmala: It’s not good for your health to eat late.
Dadaji smiled: What about your health?
NK and Nirmala looked at one another.
Dadaji: I know you’re both worries about Kunal, we all are but we can’t fall ill and let him see us like this.
Nirmala: You’re right Bauji.
Dadaji: Come on down.
NK walked down with his Father and Wife.
Naina looked up at them and smiled.
Sandhya and Arjun also came to eat breakfast.
Meghna was distributing everyone their food. Naina called Meghna to sit and eat with her and she fed her older sister.

It was 8 am.
Aman: We’re going to see Kunal, only 3 more people can join me.
Dadaji: Meghna Bahu, Nirmala and Karan will go with you.
NK: That’s a good idea.
Sandhya: Make sure you call us on your way back okay?
Arjun: Me and Naina Bhabi will take care of the babies.
Meghna: Thank you.
Aman drove himself and the rest to the police station. Karan sat upfront, Meghna and Nirmala sat at the back holding each others hand.
Nirmala: My chest is hurting.
Meghan: Karan, do you have water?
Karan: Haan Bhabi.
Karan passed Meghna the bottle of water and Meghna fed Nirmala the water.
Meghna: Does it feel any better?
Nirmala: I don’t know.
Aman: Auntie, we’re almost here.
Nirmala: Don’t worry Aman betaa, just get us there.
Karan: Maa, if you’re not feeling well then we could take you to the doctors.
Nirmala: No Karan, I want to see my Kunal.
Meghna hugged Nirmala: It’s okay Maa, not long left now.

They got to the station. Nirmala walked in holding Meghnas hand, she looked around and saw things that scared her.
Meghna: Maa?
Nirmala: How did he spend a night here with all these people?
Meghna: I don’t know Maa.
Aman: Auntie, I’ll go and give the bail papers in.
Karan: We’ll wait here.
Aman: Sure.
Aman went and handed the papers and came back to them.
Aman: They’re going to get Jeeju out.
Meghna smiled at Nirmala and Karan who were also very happy.
They waited for Kunal, it’d been 30 minutes.
Nirmala: What’s taking so long?
Aman: I don’t know.
Meghna got up from her seat and then walked but stopped when she saw Kunal waking in with two police officers.
Meghna: Kunal?! What have you done to him?
Nirmala, Karan and Aman looked at Kunal.
Kunals hair was messed, there was blood on his head and lips.
Meghna ran to him and held his face.
Kunal didn’t feel any pain. He put his forehead onto Meghnas.
Kunal: Meghna.
Aman: What is the meaning of this?
Karan: How could you beat him up?
Aman: The justice system does not work like that.
Nirmala: My son is…
Nirmala went to Kunal and hugged him.
Nirmala: Kunal.
Kunal: I’m fine Mom.
Karan: Mom, Bhabi let’s take Bhai home.
Aman looked at the police officers: I’ll be back to discuss what you’ve done, this isn’t right.
Policeman: Son, you don’t need to tell us how to do our job.
Meghna: Your job? This is your job? Not knowing the truth and then punishing people?
Karan: Punishment isn’t even in your hands.
Aman: You’ll need to find another job soon.
Aman and Karan walked away in disgust.

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  9. Shruthy


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    1. Tamihna0808

      Oooh! Love the choice! Thank you so much! ?Kunal isn’t out juuuust yet! But will be soon! Trust me, people abuse their power and it’s horrible! Sorry this one was short! The next one will be longer! Hope you enjoy what’s to come! Loads of love! ?❤

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    Nonetheless, the words of karan and aman have shown me a ray of hope in this dark overcast sky of despair and strife and has revived me. They make me believe in the fact that there is still some goodness left in this evil world which may as well some day dispel the darkness around.
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    1. Tamihna0808

      Thank you so much! ? Your words mean so much to me! Everyone’s words do. I’m really glad that I get to know how you feel after reading my work. People in the world can be really cruel and I kind of want to show that by having the policemen beat up Kunal. It saddens me as well, that we walk amongst people like that. Thank you and loads of love! ?❤

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