kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 147)

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Episode 147

4 Days Later
Wedding Day is the day where entire family members get indulged in many preparations n other works to be done before the actual wedding time n exactly the same situation was going on in birla mansion as it was the most awaited day the wedding day of rahul n nt only two people bt the 2 families were also stepping into new relationship.the relationship of coming in each other’s family.from today the 2 families will become one n will share all the problems n happiness with each other.where the entire birla family n sharma family were happy for the wedding they were still 2 people who were sad n upset n were lost in their own thoughts n were talking through their hearts with teary eyes.
Sayyam : ( Sad n Upset ) ( in mind ) Sorry Krishna i need to go..I don’t wanna go Leaving U n Our Kids at this time bt I need to go..Kash i could Postpone this work but..( Interrupted )
Krishna: ( Sad bt Smiles ) ( in mind ) It’s Ok sayyam..I know its important fr U to go that’s y u r Going..warna tum nhi jaate..So nw Come On Complete ur Packing warna u will be Late fr u ( Teary Eyes n Avoids Eye Contact with sayyam ) U need to Leave as soon as The Wedding is Over….

As Krishna n sayyam were Having their Talks through Heart sayyam Notices Tears in Krishna’s Eyes n He Immediately goes to Krishna n Consoled Her n Apologized to Her while Showing His Concern fr Her…
Sayyam : ( Upset n Hugged Krishna ) Princess M Sorry..I don’t wanna Go Leaving U n Our Kids in This State..I too Wanted to Cancel this u only Stopped Me from doing n nw U ( Release the Hug n Cups Krishna’s Face ) only Crying like this..hw can i go if U keep Crying like this ( Wipes Her Tears ) hw can i go ??
***********Flash Back**********
Sayyam went to Being Juice for Krishna during The Mehendi n Sangeet Ceremony sayyam Receives An Call n He In forms yuvaan to Inform Krishna n Goes to Attend The Call..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Hello Mr Verma..Hw r u ?? Anything important ?
Mr Verma : Hello Mr Sayyam… I’m fine..n i’m Sorry fr Disturbing U on Ur important Day..U might be busy with Wedding Preparations of Ur It’s Really important that’s Y i Called U..Hope U don’t Mind..
Sayyam : ( Serious ) Its Ok Mr Verma..Work Comes First..Rest All After wards..Tell Me what u want ?? N Hw can I Help U ??
Mr Verma : Actually Mr Sayyam We need to go to Mumbai fr 2 to 3 Days fr Our Meeting. Becoz The Clients has Arranged in Mumbai due to Some Emergency..N We need to Leave with in Two Days…
Sayyam : ( Shocked ) what ?? Bt Mr Verma hw can I go ?? ( Sees Krishna n Naina in Tension ) U know it’s naina’s wedding n U also Know about My Wife..Hw cn I Leave all of a Sudden like this ?? Hw cn Clients Arrange Meeting in Mumbai soo Suddenly.. When we have Mutually Decided that Meeting will be Held in Kolkata itself after 1 Week..This is Truly Not Fair … ( Worried )
Mr Verma : I Understand ur Problem Mr u think i haven’t Tried to Solve this Prblm ?? I have Tried Mr Sayyam bt They r saying due to some Emergency they r Pre-Ponding The Meeting n Arranging in Mumbai..n U know hw important this Project is fr Both of Our Companies..We can’t Afford to Loose this Project..Hope u r Understanding what i mean ??

Sayyam : ( Still Shocked bt Thinking ) Hmm U r right Mr Verma..This Project is Really important fr Both of us…n We Srsly can’t Afford to Loose it.. ( Sees Krishna ) bt i cnt Leave my wife also in this State.Well ( Takes A Deep Breathe ) Ok fine ..Don’t Worry I will Think n Inform U about this Matter…
Mr Verma : Thanks Mr Sayyam..Will be waiting fr Ur Reply..Take Care..Bye
Sayyam : Ya Sure..n U too Take Care..Bye…
Soon after Having A talk with Me Verma sayyam goes Near Krishna n Takes Her to Their Room n Made Her Sit on Bed
Krishna : ( Noticed sayyam’s Tensed Face ) sayyam..
Sayyam : ( Made Krishna Sit on Bed Properly ) Hmm..Kya hua ??
Krishna : R u in some tension ?? is something disturbing u ??
Sayyam : ( Hides His Tension ) No Krishna… Tension ?? What Tension will I have nw when M Facing Two Biggest Happiness of My Life .. ( Sits Besides Krishna with A Fake Smile ) 1st I Will Carry My Own ( Touches Krishna’s Baby Bump ) Babies in My Arms Soon n 2nd My Sister is Getting nw Tell after having these 2 Biggest Happiness Hw n Y will I Face any Tension ? U r Mistaken Krishna.. there is No Prblm..Khair Leave all these n U Take Rest ( Makes Krishna Lye on Bed )
Krishna: ( Keeps sayyam’s Hand on Her Head ) sayyam tumhe meri Kasam ..tell Me what’s bothering U soo Much ?? U Look soo Tensed ..i know something is Disturbing U n U wanna tell n Share with Me ur Prblm bt U r nt Able to Speak it out..( Cups sayyam’s Face ) Plzz sayyam Tell Me what Happened ?

Sayyam : ( Fails n Agrees Finally ) Actually Krishna ( Holds Krishna’s Palm in Concern ) when i went to take Juice for U i got a Call from Verma n ( Tells Everything in Sad n Confessed Tone ) abb ne U only Tell hw cn I Leave U n Naina like this..These 2 Moments were Really important fr Me n Hw cn I Leave at this Crucial time…
Krishna after Hearing all these was Blank n Only Tears Fell from Her Eyes n was nt Able to Speak anything in Shock..sayyam Notices Her Tears n Immediately Decided to Cancel The Meeting…As sayyam was Calling Mr Verma to Cancel The Meeting Krishna Stopped Him Making Sanskaar Shocked n Surprised.
Krishna : ( Composed Herself ) No sayyam..I won’t Cancel the Meeting..U need to go..i have seen u Working fr this Project Morning n Night n wen its Near hw cn U Cancel it..No U can’t..n Moreover it’s nt only about Our Company..its also about Mr Verma too..if U Cancel The Meeting fr Us then Mr Verma would too have to Suffer A Big Loss coz of Us..So According to Me U should go n Attend the Meeting..
Sayyam : ( Worried ) Bt..Hw Krishna ?? Hw cn I Go Leaving U at this time? ? When U cn Deliver at any time.( Wipes His Tears n Determined ) No Krishna ..I.. ( Interrupted )
Krishna : ( Keeps Her Finger on His Lips ) U will Go sayyam..n That’s Final ( Hides Her Tears ) n rahi Meri Baath toh papa Hai,Maa Hai n Aur toh yuvaan bhai bhi toh hai n Our Entire Family hai..Don’t Worry about Me n ( Touches Her Baby Bump ) Our Kids..Everyone here will Manage..U just start yr Packing n Go to Mumbai.. ( Sees sayyam’s Expressions ) sayyam ..Kaha na..U will Go matlab U will Go..n That’s Final.. ( Strictly )

**********FlashBack Ends **********
Soon after Hearing sayyam’s Words Krishna Wiped Her Tears n Composed Herself n Behaved Normally to Increase sayyam’s Encouragement so that He won’t Cancel His Trip to Mumbai just coz Her.
Krishna : ( Wipes Her Tears ) No No..Look..M nt crying..U plzz don’t cancel ur trip coz of Me..warna I will always be guilty fr nt sending U to mumbai fr ur important work..So Plzz U Go..
As Krishna was Re Convincing sayyam after sometimes Both of them went to Attend The Marriage of Naina n Rahul as it was time fr their Wedding..
Naina n Rahul’s wedding going on [I’m not going to detail those things]
Pandit Ji : Abb Vivah ki Saari Raasme Samparn hui n Nw U both r Officially Husband n Wife..n nw u both can take Blessings of all ur Elders n Start Ur New Life Happily..
Finally after soo Much Wait n Patience Both Rahul n naina were Married n were Declared as Official Husband n Wife in front of All The People Present in the Wedding Hall.Both Rahul n naina after Announcement of Pandit Ji took Blessings n naina was Sent Off to Her New House with Heavy Hearts n Teary Eyes..
As soon as wedding got over it was time for sayyam to leave… He came out of the room with a bag… He take blessings from elders

Yuvraaj : ( Blessed sayyam ) Khush Raho Beta..n Come back with Good News..
Sayyam : ( Fake Smile ) Thanks Bade Papa.. ( Sees Krishna wid Teary Eyes ) I need It..
Suhani : Khush Raho aur ( Cups sayyam’s Face ) Don’t Worry Beta..we all r Here to take care of Krishna..Dekhna wen u will Return u will see Krishna Fit n Fyn..Tum bad woh kaam pe Concentrate karo jis k liye u r going..don’t worry about here..we all r here with Krishna..God Bless U…
Soon After Taking Blessings from All Elders sayyam went towards Krishna n Consoled n Hugged Her Emotionally with All Love n Affection…
Sayyam : ( Hugs Krishna ) Take Care Princess..Don’t Cheat Haa..Remember Ur Promise..Ur will Inform Me if U need anything..No Matter hw much busy i m u will Immediately Call Me if U need anything..I will Immediately Come to U..( Cups Krishna’s Face ) Coz u r important fr Me n nothing else..Ok ??
Krishna : ( Hugs back Tightly ) Come Fast ..Me n Our Babies can’t Stay without U..They want to come in this World when their Papa is with them..
Sayyam : ( Teary Eyes ) Haa Princess I will try My Best to Come U Take Care haa..take ur Medicines on time ..Eat Well n ( Continues Instructing Krishna Concern n Childishly )
Seeing Both Krishna n sayyam’s Bond The Family Members Present there Adored n Smiled at their Relationship n Blessed fr their Bond Happily.Soon it was time for sayyam to Leave n sayyam had Left for Airport in The Car along with Mr Verma by Waving Krishna n Everyone with Heavy Heart…

Precap- krishna’s Delivery.. Will sayyam come on time..
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  1. Mayesha

    I feel soo sad for Kriyam..plz make the Sayyam on time for Krishna’s delivery..plz plz..I want to see the tensed,scared Sayyam..and obviously super duper happy and glady Sayyam after the delivery..but I know something is turning around ur head..And I’m waiting for that..emotional episode..keep it up..

    But whatever happened, aaj to mitha faal zarur milega, r8 akka?

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Annie ? it’ll be published soon I guess… Let’s see what will happen…

  2. AnahitaAnnie

    It was fantastic as always.. All the expressions were shown beautifully.. Loved the part where Saiyyam was addressing krishna as princess and was telling her to take medicines and stuff.. As usual u nailed the episodes..and precap is ??. Can’t wait to see what happens next..

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Annie ? I have submitted the next episode.. It’ll be published soon I guess…
      Yeah.. Let’s see… What will happen..

  3. You r such an amazing writer . U just perfectly penned down every emotion… Loved Sayyam as a responsible husband & father.But loved Krishna more as a understanding wife. Hope to see u soon with another bang epi

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much muniya?
      I have submitted the next episode… It’ll be published soon I guess… Keep reading.. Keep commenting ?

  4. Something different story plz next raj ki vapas reentry karo plz

    1. Mayesha

      At first learn to evaluate and praise the hardworking of the writer..only then u will have the r8 to request… took much courage and hardihood to write an least respect that..and negativity isn’t always needed. stay positive and think positive..

      sry,if i have hurt u…

    2. Try to be appreciative …every time u want villan..First of all You don’t understand ff writer’s hard work and the time they take to write epis for us…They have also studies and all but they give time for their readers..kriyyam had already faced a lot…You should try to write one WE would be interested to read it… I am not at all sorry for what I am writing as u have crossed ur limits ? by discouraging many talented ff writers..
      All Ff writers and readers u guys are awesome …
      Ignore haters!!

    3. Mayesha

      Yea..Isha..I was wrong that I say sorry 2 this person..?? whn I came 2 know that he/she not only discourages this ff but also the others,I was soo angry..Is there any epi that he/she likes??.no..not at all…..we should really just ignore him..gosh!!!

  5. epi was vry emotional…n u hv pen down it vry well…ik dat sayyam will b der at d tym of delivery coz he cant leave krish alone at dat tym…but i really dk whats in ur mind…but ik it will b a nyc u r good at it..waiting fr nxt epi…update soon pls

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much…. I have submitted the next episode ? it’ll be published soon I guess… Find it urself dr…? keep reading ?

  6. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Nice episode Di…..feeling bad for kriyam??….

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ? don’t feel bad dr… Everything will be fine ?…

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much shivanya?

  7. Amazing episode… ? Feeling bad for kriyam. I have a feeling that sayyam will come for his princess… waiting for the next episode ❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ? I have submitted the next episode… It’ll be published soon I guess… U can find it urself dr… Thank u so much for commenting ?

  8. Shani?emotional episode??And emotionally very well written ?❤I hope sayyam will be with krish during her pain❤?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ?… Let’s see what will happen next… I have submitted the next part it’ll be published soon I guess

  9. Nice and emotional episode. Please send saiyam on time of krisnha dilvery

    1. Shaani

      Let’s see what will happen… I have submitted the next part also.. It’ll be published soon i guess… Keep reading thank u for commenting Samaria dii… U r elder to me na.. That’s why I called u as dii.. Hope u don’t mind

  10. Minerva

    Amazing in all aspects. Intensely emotional and lovely. The dialogues and actions completed this episode and lent it a perfect touch. Perfect presentation and wonderful wordplay..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Minerva ? it means alot to me… I have submitted the next episode also.. It’ll be published soon I guess.. Keep reading?

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    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ? I have submitted the next part… It’ll be published soon I guess

  12. Emotional one shani loved it feeling sad for kriyam n cant wait for the precap

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much.. I have submitted the next part… It’ll be published soon I guess..

  13. Emotional one cant imagine kriyam waiting for precap

  14. …nice episode sad for kriyam but you would never keep us unhappy for a long time

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much.. .. U know me well Na.. Yea everything will be fine…. Don’t worry.. Just enjoy the story

  15. Emotional but nice episode…

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?

  16. Hi shaani episode was awesome yaar. Why did you bring such a twist????. Really saaaad. Kriyam’s going to suffer a lot. Plz bring saiyyam on time at krishna’s delivery. Previous episode was also an awesome one. Cute conversation btw the babies kicks and our kriyam was outstanding dear. Thank you shaani ?????

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