Swabhimaan 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dada ji telling Naina that today is last day of haryali teej fast, today you have been fasting and in the evening, Nirmala and Karan will have sangeet jugalbandi. He says we shall forget everything and get busy in arrangements. Karan says how I will sing. Dada ji says you sings everywhere, you can sing here also. Nand kishore taunts Nirmala and asks her not to fall weak. Sharda motivates her. Sandhya thinks I have to stop her puja. Naina asks Dada ji did he talk to Meghna or Kunal. Dada ji says no and asks her to concentrate on Puja. He explains to her that unmarried girl’s puja is not easy and says you have solve all the problems. Nirmala asks her to lift palki with Karan and make ropes. She asks her to take Shiv and Parvati’s names and make ropes. Dada ji blesses her. Dada ji says your Shiv will help you. Naina looks at Karan. Kunal comes back home alone. Sandhya gets tensed and thinks to go to farmhouse and check.

Nand kishore thanks commissioner. He stops Sandhya and tells her that no case is filed against meghna, he has managed so that no FIR is filed. Sandhya asks till when you will handle her problems. Nand Kishore says what to do. sandhya says she will go and bring Meghna back. Nand Kishore asks her to call Kunal and call them home. Sandhya calls Kunal and asks them to come. Kunal says he came back home and tells that Meghna is in the guest house. Sandhya gets tensed and goes to guest house.

Meghna reaches Chittorgarh and calls P (Pushpa), but the number is not in use. She thinks Sandhya is very clever and got the number changed. She calls her friend and enquires about the number. She gets Pushpa’s address and name. She asks driver to take her to city hospital. Naina makes rope, and worries about Meghna. She prays so that Meghna gets to know Chittorgarh truth. She gets meghna’s message. Sandhya reaches guest house and comes to know that Meghna left. She thinks if she went to Chittorgarh and calls Meghna. Meghna don’t pick her call and thinks you shall wait till I find the truth. Meghna asks receptionist about Pushpa and gives her number. Receptionist says this number is not matching.

Other old nurse gives her Pushpa’s address and says she left job 25 years ago. She says Pushpa had two friends and both of their deliveries happened here, one of her friend got married to Jaipur’s rich businessman. Meghna asks if her friend’s name is Nirmala. Nurse says yes and asks about Sandhya’s son. Meghna is shocked and thinks when did Sandhya marry and have son. If this nurse have any misunderstanding and goes. She thinks everyone must be upset as I am not there, and thinks both of them will fulfill their duty. Sandhya’s car doesn’t start. She gets tensed and calls Pushpa. She asks if anyone came to meet you today. Pushpa says no. Sandhya ends the call.

Meghna again gets Sandhya’s call. She picks the call. Sandhya reminds her that she has to do today’s puja and asks her to come home. Meghna says she is stuck and wouldn’t have come here. Nirmala tells Sharda that Meghna will come. Dada ji tells Pandit ji that they are waiting for their elder bahu. Nand Kishore taunts and says we have to wait for her. Pandit ji says there is no meaning of puja if mahurat goes. Nand Kishore says it seems Meghna is busy to write history. He asks dada ji what to do. Kunal thinks where is Meghna.

Meghna comes to Pushpa’s house. Pushpa tells her that Nirmala is not her saas and that she is not Chauhan’s bahu. Meghna is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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