I love you to “Idiot”— TwiNj OS by Supriya.. B’Day Gift for SOHI

I love You “Idiot”

Hello Everyone….
I’m back with new OS…
This is for my dear Siso SOHI
Happy Birthday SOHI
May God bless u…
Gives u lots of luv, happiness,joy, gifts , chocolates…..
Luv u so much…..?????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????❤❤❤❤❤
Plot:- TwiNj are Bestie…they both read in same college…. Twinkle luvs Kunj…but she didn’t tell him…..

Bollywood leads us to believe that college life is all about love stories, friendships, breakups, fights and gang wars, ( lyk movie YJHD KKHH SOTY )……but it’s actually very different in reality.

During my college life, I happened to have all those fights and gang wars during the first year itself. I never realized how time passed and in my second year, I hardly knew anyone other than my so called friends.

I was hating my college life to the core, but in second year I made a few friends I could rely on and trust.

However, falling in love was something that was not on my list.
I had decided to never fall for the trap again after going through a bad relationship…but fate had something else in store for me.

When I started interacting with more people in 2nd year and making new friends,
Kunj and I became friends.

We instantly clicked and I knew he was going to be a very good friend of mine.

We started sharing everything with each other and our growing closeness did grab some eyeballs,
but we didn’t care as we were very clear about our feelings for each other and Kunj was in a serious relationship at that time as well.

We never realized when we went from just friends to best friends and by that time, our final year rolled around.

He was going through a bad phase at that time when his girlfriend Alisha ditched him, and I supported him throughout.

We all use to party a lot and enjoyed to the core in our final year of college.

Kunj’s birthday party was the last party where we would all be together, because after a few months, we were all going to be in different parts of the country.

This time, I was more excited than him, for his birthday. That’s what made me realize that I was falling for him…or may be was already in love with him.

I planned the perfect birthday party for him and in the end, I had decided to confess my feelings for him.

So while we all were dancing and having fun, I dragged him a little further away and shouted in his ear, ‘I want to talk to you, it’s important.’

‘Hey even I have to tell you something,’

Kunj shouted back, and a small ray of hope came into my heart…maybe even he wanted to confess his feelings for me?!

The party ended and everyone left. I went with Kunj in his car as he was dropping me home.

‘Hey you wanted to tell me something right?’ I said.‘Yeah, you know I am heading to US in a few months,’ he informed me.

This was sudden and I didn’t know how to react. ‘But college isn’t over yet,’ I said, controlling my tears.

‘Um, I’ll be back for the finals but I really need to go to US.

There is someone there waiting for me,’ he said with his signature smile.‘Who?’
I asked, fearing the worst.

‘Teri bhabhi,’ he said, and it felt like my whole world came crashing down.

Luckily, at that moment, we had reached my place. ‘Oh, okay then I’ll see you bye,’ I said, almost jumping out of the car.

I didn’t want him to see me in tears.‘Arey kuch toh bol, name to puch le kam se kam! Achha chal call karunga tujhe main,’were the last words I heard from him as I ran inside my home.

I switched off my phone and cried my heart out. For days I didn’t eat anything or talk to anyone.

I stopped taking any calls from Kunj after that night.

After some days of not receiving his calls, he left me amessage… ‘I’m leaving tomorrow, wish I could meet you for the last time.

My Flight will be leaving at 7 pm.’The next morning I gathered some courage and decided to finally meet him.

I got ready and went straight to the airport.

I searched for him on airport and found him sitting. As I approached him I could feel my tears swelling up.

‘Hey,’ I said, sitting next to him. He looked at me and stood up.

‘What the hell? Where were you? Why didn’t you take my calls?’

I looked up at him and I knew I had to tell him.‘I love you,’ I said.

Kunj looked at me pale faced, and he stood their staring at me for 10 minutes at least
when I finally broke the ice… ‘You really don’t need to react,
I thought I should tell you now because it’s high time. But don’t you dare burden your heart at all, get that?
Teri vali tera US me wait kar rahi na, ja ji le apni zindagi,’I said, and without waiting for his reply I left the airport.

I drove back with tears flowing uncontrollably, but letting it all out definitely felt good.

I stopped on a highway and cried to the limit so that I never cry again that way.

It was very late when I reached my place, as I reached my floor, I saw Kunj sitting outside my door.‘

Kunj? I said, and he turned around. ‘Where were you? I have been waiting for like centuries now!’ he said and hugged me like nothing had happened.

I broke our hug and opened the door
.‘You know you are late? Where were you anyway?’ he said as we stepped inside our house, and hugged me from behind.

‘I had some work,’ I said, feeling a bit awkward after my small confession at the airport.

He turned me around but didn’t let me go, until I finally gave in. ‘I love you’ I said again and broke down in his arms he tightened around me.

When I finally stopped sobbing, he made me sit on the sofa and went down on one knee.
‘I love you to Idiot’.

I was leaving so that you could realize that you loved me too! I always said I love you to you but you never took it seriously and tagged me as just a friend…’ I didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence, and almost jumped on him and kissed him.

That was the story of our filmy proposal, and I couldn’thave been happier with the way things turned out……
That’s all… Hope u lyk it

Sry guys I can’t write mature content stories more…. kyoki ab dimag kaam nai kr raha…..

One more thing….. 24 July se mere MBA classes start h so…. kuch din main Post na kr Pau….but Aap sbke post pr cmnt jarur krungi…..

Luv u all ….

And Once again….

Happy birthday SOHI
Luv u baby


  1. Sameera

    Wow yaar supi Di awesomeness ki height yaar awwwwww shoooooo cute twinj ??????????????????????????….
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    1. Supriya18d

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  2. Nishuu

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  3. Sohi


    Thank you for this precious gift
    I can’t express my happiness
    It was ur most sweet os

    Keep writing

    1. Supriya18d

      don’t say thanks dear…..
      happy b-day again
      luv u so much

    2. SanamMel

      Happy bday Sohi? ??

    3. Sohi

      Thank you soo much

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous cute lovely

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    Beautiful peace of writing happy birthday sohi

    1. Sohi

      Thank you ?

  6. Presha

    Awesome dii…
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    All the best …
    Love u..

    1. Supriya18d

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  7. SanamMel

    Wow yr Supriya . That was fab?????.
    Keep writing more like these.❤❤
    Have a nice day ?

    1. Supriya18d

      thanks dear…
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  8. lovely episode supu twinj scene soo cute awesome fantastic fabulous marvellous os dear????????????????

    new os ke saath jaldi aana dear ?????????

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    luv u bahut sarrrrrra

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    Awesome amazing fabulous mind blowing OS. Loved it so much. Keep writing more.
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  10. Awesome Di
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  11. Baby

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