Swabhimaan 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Host announcing the second round and asks the question. He asks what is the first gift which your husband gave to you, and says both husband and wife shall write on the paper and that their answers shall match. Meghna recalls Kunal giving him anklet and writes on the paper. Even Kunal writes. Host says they have written same answer anklet. He then goes to Naina and Karan. Host reads Naina’s answer and she writes that Karan’s precious gift to her is their friendship. He says your answer is sentimental, but you will not get any points as Karan haven’t written anything on his chit. Karan thinks I didn’t give you anything till out except my anger and sadness. Karan and Naina are about to lose. Sandhya thinks they will lose, I don’t have to do anything. He asks what color you have worn when you first meet each other. He asks Naina to tell her answer to audience. Naina says he had worn yellow color that day. Host says right answer and asks karan to tell which color Naina was wearing on that day. Naina thinks Karan might not remember. Karan recalls and says she had worn pink color on that day. Naina smiles and thinks he had notice me.

Host says Kunal and Meghna are on the first position, and says Karan and Naina are on third position. He says they will compete again. Nirmala thinks she has to take care of Karan. Vishal goes to Naina and tells her that Karan is losing confidence, and asks her to win next round, and says if you lose then he will lose confidence and says all the best. Karan goes out. He tells Naina that they are failing in each round and says maa and you might be feeling bad. Naina says this is a good start, and adventurous. He says did you think that I will come in your life while planning Jiju and di’s date. Karan says this adventure is temporary as you will not be in my life permanently. Naina says our friendship is permanent. Karan does hi five with her.

Meghna and Kunal also come out. Meghna shows him anklet which he gifted her and says she always carries it. He makes her wear it. He asks why all relations changes after marriage and asks why did we fight often. Meghna looks on. Kunal says I don’t want to play. Meghna says I won’t let you back off.

Host asks all the four participants women to make a dish and then their husbands have to identify the dish made by them. He gives them 30 mins. Nirmala is worried and tells that Naina and Meghna make tasty food and says if Kunal and Karan will identify the dish. Sharda asks her not to worry. Nand Kishore is irked. Sandhya shows her CM and Sharda’s pic together and tells a cheap headline. Naina makes soup as per Karan’s preference. Meghna thinks if Kunal will identify the dish. He asks all the participant guys to identify their wives cooked dish. Kunal selects the soup and keeps the flag. Karan turn comes. He looks at the soup and looks at Naina. He thinks he has to win the round anyway, and identifies the soup, tells that this soup is made by my wife. Naina is surprised. Meghna and Kunal smiles.

Host asks all the participants ladies to come and keep flag infront of their soup. Meghna scolds Kunal for not identifying her soup and keeping flag infront of other’s soup. Kunal jokes. Host announces that the first couple is Meghna and Kunal and the second couple who won the cookery competition is Karan and Naina. Everyone claps for them happily. He says Karan and kunal will compete for the final round, and that they are brothers and Naina and Meghna are sisters. He says final round will start in sometime and we will know who is best couple. Naina thinks she can’t think to compete with Meghna, but want to win the competition for Karan.

Naina sees Roshni crying and offers help. They find Piyush sleeping on the bench. Simar asks Naina why she is worried. Naina says she is competing with her sister. Simar suggests that they have to do something against their will for our loved ones.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. What is the reason they mixed worst serial in this show I think because of same channel if naina win karan confidence get high but what is the final task

    1. Titli

      Its dance competition.. they have to perform tap dance as well as a bit of flamingo(i dont know any??)

  2. Awesome serial.

  3. Dance and meghna kunal win the computation

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