Ishqbaaz-Past Revelations- Part 3

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Ranveer:Soumya you need to go out.I have to discuss something important to Priyanka.

Priyanka:No she is family.She will stay with me.Tell me what were you saying.

Ranveer:(But Priyanka!!!)

Priyanka:Just tell me what were you saying.

Ranveer:Our marriage has to be cancelled for now because I have to look for my long lost family.Also there are lot of problems which need to be solved.Oberoi family can totally get ruined.

Priyanka:What are you trying to say?Just tell clearly

Ranveer:Dhruv is out of jail.His men had fit cameras in your washroom.

Soumya:Now who is Dhruv?

Priyanka:My classmate and unfortunately the father of my child.
(She tells this with tears in her eyes)

Soumya:(Shocked)What you are pregnant?

Ranveer:Yes,that jerk Dhruv mixed drugs in her drinks and took advantage of her.He had also made her dirty MMS.
(He says it clinching his fists.)

Priyanka: (Narrating the entire Dhruv incident to Soumya)U remember I went to Neha’s birthday party.I thought her Birthday party was at home but later she informed me that party was in her villa.All my classmates insisted me to come.So I went without informing anyone.Everything was fine in the party.I had no clue that Dhruv was continously keeping an eye on me.I ordered Pineapple juice for myself.Dhruv had bribed the waiter and mixed drugs in my drink.He then spent the entire night with me.
(She says all this and starts crying while Ranveer supports her.)

Ranveer:Yes next day when she woke up Dhruv blackmailed her with her MMS and videos.He asked her to do as he says or she will have to bear the consequences.She returned home.Next day I had my duty with the patrolling team on the MarolNaka chowk.She was running infront of the cars like a mad person.

This is all for today.Next chapter will have lots of Priveer moments.

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