Swabhimaan 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Meghna slapping CM hard on his face. PA tells that Meghna will be arrested. Kunal asks Security to keep gun down. Dada ji asks Meghna for her misbehavior and asks CM to calm down. He requests his security to keep gun down. PA says this girl have misbehaved with CM Saheb. CM signs him to stop. Dada ji apologizes to CM. Nand Kishore also apologizes to CM. He scolds Kunal for Meghna’s misbehavior. Meghna looks angrily at CM. Nand Kishore asks Kunal if he wants Meghna to be arrested and asks him to take her to farmhouse and don’t bring her. Kunal says Meghna is not mad, there must be a reason for taking this step. Kunal asks if he wants Meghna to get arrested and asks him to save meghna and let him save the house. Kunal takes Meghna form there. Sharda apologizes to CM and tells that Meghna gets angry fast. PA tells her that Meghna did a mistake by slapping CM. CM folds his hands and goes.

Nand Kishore asks Sharda if it is her childhood act to beg and folds hands. He asks her to come as he needs to talk to her. Kunal is in car with Meghna and asks why did she slap CM. He says you would have been jailed. Meghna says I can understand that you are worried about you, but don’t know what happened there. She tells that CM is after Sharda and he held her hand. Kunal says you are right, and says you should have slapped that man 10 times for his misbehavior.

Nand Kishore tells that it was our mistake and says one daughter is brought by Dada ji and other by me. He says since mother and daughters come here, our house is getting ruined. He says a swabhimaani woman’s daughter have slapped CM in our house. Karan asks him to listen to Sharda. CM says I am ready to listen. He asks what did CM do, that your daughter got angry. He says CM sahib is not fool to misbehave with a woman infront of everyone. He says if he misbehaved with you, how he dare and thought he could do such a thing.

Kunal brings Meghna to farm house. Meghna tells him that someone must have invited him for Puja. Nand kishore asks Sandhya if he invited CM. Sharda looks on tensed. Meghna tells Kunal that glass pieces get stuck in Naina’s feet on her puja place. Kunal says who would do this. Meghna says Maasi Maa. Kunal is shocked. Nand Kishore tells Sharda that she must have called CM here and accuses Sharda for making CM walk around her. He says CM was not talking to us, but roaming around you. Sharda tells that I have gone to CM’s house more than you, as I was in more need than you. She says for ordinary people like us, we have to knock on politician’s door to get justice, and for that we don’t gift our respect or cross limits. She says woman don’t give this right to anyone.

Nand kishore asks Sharda not to divert talks. Karan asks him why he is talking to Maa like this. Nand kishore tells that Dada ji and he have saved the matter today. Nirmala brings Dada ji there. Dada ji asks Nirmala to tell. Nirmala tells that she saw CM trying to hold Sharda’s hand and says Meghna haven’t done anything wrong. She tells Sharda that she didn’t do any mistake. Nand Kishore asks if this is my mistake Dada ji says Nirmala didn’t say anything wrong and have taken a decision that nobody will talk to Sharda about this matter. He asks nand Kishore to go and solve the matter. Kunal sits in car and goes. Meghna thinks whatever I told is truth. She thinks if I had not told you this then you wouldn’t have left me here, and thinks to go to Chittorgarh and bring the proofs. She says Sandhya is clever and now she will bring her other face infront of everyone.

Dada ji tells that today is the last day of haryali teej and sangeet jugalbandi between Nirmala and Karan. Nand Kishore taunts Nirmala. Meghna reaches Chittorgarh and comes to the hospital.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Lovely episode.

  2. the serial is good but put an end to Naina’s torture n Sandhyas scheeming n Please dont club it with Dil se Dil Tak as the essence of the story line gets lost with those additions

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