Pehredaar Piya Ki 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratan slips from terrace and hangs holding a wall and pleads to save him. Everyone get concerned. Diya is seen running to save him. Maan singh also runs calling Bannaaa. He climbs ladder asking him not to worry he is coming. Live electric wire falls towards Ratan and is about to hit him when Diya extends wooden stick and holds it. She says she will not let anything happen to him. Everyone praise her. Ratan reaches ladder and Maan holds him. Wire touches Diya and she collapses after getting electrocuted. Everyone get worried or her. Ratan waits outside her room and asks Maan if she is fine. Maan says yes, but he cannot go in. He walks in after sometime. Diya wakes up and see him. He says he thought she is dead. She smiles and says if she dies, who will marry him. He gets excited hearing that.

At night, Padma tells Maan that even this place is not safe for Ratan and he was attacked even here. He says it was an accident, but hopes her fear does not come true. She says if they pray Devi maa and do jaap in a temple where Diya’s engagement is tomorrow, Ratan will be safe and devi maa will protect him. Maan asks if it is necessary. She says yes. He agrees and says he will ask Sajjan to arrange.

Diya’s mother wakes her up early morning and says today is her engagement and they have to reach temple by 6 a.m. She gets emotional and says from today her new chapter of life is starting and she has to play dual rule of a good wife and a good daughter. Their emotional bonding continues.

Maan gets ready and informs Padma that Sajjan has arranged private car for them and they will perform pooja peacefully. He asks her to wake up Ratan. He then meets Sajjan who says he has arranged everything well. Ratan comes and asks if they are going to temple so early, he told they will stay at uncle’s house for 2 days. Diya comes ready for engagement. Ratan asks where is she going so much ready. She says she is getting engaged. Ratan asks with him. Sajjan laughs and says yes. Maan asks him to get ready. Ratan happily runs. He thinks of informing his kaaki saa about his engagement and calls landline. Padma snatches receiver and keeps it, but call continues. Maid gives phone to choti thakurayan and she hears Padma telling he should not inform anyone about pooja. They all towards temple. Ratan repeatedly peeps out of car and looks at Diya’s car. Diya notices from mirror and messages Maan to send Ratan to her car. Maan makes Padma agree, gets Ratan into Diya’s car and says Ratan is their responsibility for sometime. He walks towards his car and is shocked to see car blasting and shouts Padmaaa. He runs towards car. Door hits him and he flies and falls apart. Diya holds Ratan’s eyes.

Precap: Maan tells Sajjan that it was an attack to kill Ratan and says there is only one way to protect Ratan, to marry him to Diya. Diya says she will marry Ratan and become his guard.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Astra

    bravo diya..! I loved you a lot today..!! you saved chota ratan sa. and tomorrow you are going to sacrifice your dreams for him. you are really a brave n sacrificing heart.

    coming to today epi.. loved cute ratan, he is liking diya as his fairy.. pari. his love is innocent cute.

    and, diya has her first love with suyaansh..she built her dreams to marry him. (but, got shattered everything in seconds)

    poor ratan sa lost his mother and his father is serious. now, only diya is his protector. his only friend. who can save him from all the enemies.

    and, finally we saw today..the first villain of the serial. already enemies are around chota kuvar. now, the princess diya will fight alone with all of them.

    that’s why, she is pehredaar piya ki.

    very awesome and splendid story line. excited for next. but, feeling sad as diya’s dreams are shattered now.

    1. Astra

      Thank you MA for the update..?

    2. Angelk1

      Her dream can still come true, after marriage. When rat an grows up im sure he will do everything to make her dream come true

    3. IQRA222

      hey asthu di!! yes didu in love with our princess diya she is a brave girl with a selfless heart
      yup didu ratan is too cute
      feeling bad for both abya but i know our ratan will make us recover
      yup the villain has entered

  2. Fenil

    Hello everyone !!

    Aflatoon Episode.Action se bharpoor.Diya succeed in saving Ratan and proves her pehredaari glad i m.

    Today i m not in mood so no more words.

    Personal Request : If u want to read then read OS : DiRa: Princess Diya And Prince Ratan.

    1. Astra

      yeah, will surely read it…

    2. IQRA222

      hello fenu bhai!! yup bhai it was a aflatoon episode full of action
      and why is my bhai not in mood anything wrong??
      and yes bhai i will do read the os!!

    1. IQRA222

      yes didu it was a nice episode

  3. wow amazing I love Prince ratan he is super cute any girl will marry him love tejaswi as diya I m in love with this serial hi members my name is anu will u be my friend?

    1. Shrilatha

      No we cannot be friends we will be best friends OK .

    2. IQRA222

      off cource anu di we will be friends and that too best friends!!
      and yes our ratan is too cute

  4. Richa19

    What an amazing episode… Though missed the beginning but still….. Ratan is too cute….. And the last scene was just so terrible…. Literally closed my eyes the car blasted…. N it was so cute when abhay msgd diya ????

    N I’m literally shocked that just two episodes and ppl are bashing ppk like anything… Huh… Don’t understand y cant they just grow up.. .. Huh…. Teja’s feeling so low after all this…. But I’m sure all their mouths will be shut…. N my TT ( Tigress Teja) Don’t worry we all fans are with u.. Now and always!!!!! ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Angelk1

      Really people are bashing?

    2. Shrilatha

      Yes very badly and surprisingly it’s people from industry who can’t appreciate the concept is bashing it.

    3. Richa19

      Yes dear… U know Karan Wahi.. Even he too bashed the serial and it’s makers… Never thought he’ll do smthing like this….. Sic…

    4. Angelk1

      Wow i Did not expect that. But its not like they are romancing or anything. I like the concept of her being his guard until his old enough to protect himself.

    5. IQRA222

      yes richu di this episode was amazing.. even i closed my eyes
      yes didu even i am shocked!! how can people judge a show in just 3 days!! my teju is feeling sad
      and off cource we will be with our teju!!

    6. Richa19

      Yeah iqu dear… Teja is really sad that ppl are making opinions abt the show without even watching it… When I read her comment on suyyash’s post.. I could feel the hurt behind those words…. How can someone do like that yaar…… Seriously sic of these ppl….

    7. Diii you are right it’s not good to say against the serial it’s just for entertainment and It’s really going sooooo awesome then why people are saying like that.
      We should appreciate that she is doing a unique serial. I am totally in love with this serial and I will watch it no matter what people will say.
      It’s totally awesome. ???????

    8. Richa19

      Yeah… Don’t worry yashu dear… Today all will get their answers.. Everyone’s mouth will be shut…

  5. I loved today’s episode

    1. IQRA222

      me too love this episode

  6. Madhuchhanda

    Hello everyone I love this show and it is showing such a unique concept but everyone is bashing this show’s actors.Do you know that karan wahi had bashed this show’s makers,sony channel and he has even bashed teju.The show has not started completely and ppl are bashing this show in fb.There are many sites in fb where they give posts regarding pehredaar piya ki and all ppl are against this show and I cannot understand that why they are doing [email protected] a young girl is married to an elder boy it is completely accepted by every society members but when the same thing happens with a young boy ppl just go against them.There were many shows like yeh vaada raha,saathiya where a young girl was married to an elder boy and ppl had no problem with that but here the concept is completely different.Diya is just a protector of ratan sa and thats the reason behind their marriage but don’t know why ppl are against this unique concept they just like to watch saas bahu dramas.

    1. Shrilatha

      Madhu I agree with you but I never care for them.but what hurts me is teja is being bashed beyond limits..if people can’t understand beautiful bond that Dira shares that is their fault but they are pointing their fingers at teja…

    2. Lahari

      They r loosers..they couldnt digest d fact thst teju going to be rock..jealous fellows..
      Ignore shri dear..we knw how type of people they r..

    3. IQRA222

      yes shri di!! i am also very much hurt by all these stuffs

    4. Richa19

      Yes.. They r just seeing an older girl marrying a kid… They are not seeing and they don’t want to know the real story or reason behind this step…

      Koi kaam dhanda hai nhi so they just keep on commenting n bashing others show…. Huh…..

    5. Pluto

      you tejasvini lovers just have the habit to take name of bashing
      you all are just coward because if a person types a comment against tejasvini u think that if we will tell that they are bashing us we swasanian will stop

    6. Astra

      yes madhu, you are very right. i don’t understand, when there are many stupid shows in television, they are just back of ppk?? i know, it’s a different concept.. but, show makers aren’t that foolish to make whatever they want.. all have to wait and see the real concept. awesomely said madhu…

    7. Madhuchhanda

      Suyyash has already clarified that this show is promoting any wrong thimgs he has said tht a 10 year old boy can have a crush and the same thing has happened with ratan and i agree with suyyash and here they are not going to show any physical relationship between them.Dira will have a very cute and friendly relationship and i want to what wrong things are shown in the first 3 epi.You all tell me didnot you have a crush when you were small.I just donot understand how can someone jump to conclusions by watching the 1st epi.In fb everyone is appreciting karan they are saying that this serial is promoting child marriage but earlier there were serials like balika vadhu,ganga where child marriage was shown and ppl had accepted that but there the story is different so, first we must see show rather than jumping to conclusions

    8. Richa19

      Exactly… Let the story be clear then u can paas ur comments… But no.. They don’t want to wait… Just kick start their bashing… N most of them are haters of teju.. They might nit hv problem with the show.. But they definitely hv problem with teju…. blo*dy jealous creeps…..

    9. Neptune

      people have no problem with such shows because something like this happens in our society ever now and then… but the thing they are showing doesn’t its difficult for people to even imagine this…..
      in the name of UNIQUENESS they cannot show anything they want….
      and there are not many saas bahu dramas these days…
      people have become broad minded and clearly accept many things.. but this is something very much fictional and unreal so how can they accept it easily…

    10. Astra

      oh really?? we all are broad minded right..!! so be happy none of such shows will effect ppls minds. there r many stupid programs in tv industry and just bcz a 18 year old marrying a 10 year old has become a big problem? even though, the show makers didn’t support this. if you watch the 1st episode u will understand. plz don’t comment without understanding context.

    11. Richa19

      Yeah these ” broad minded ” ppl will accept nagin, makkhi, marriage with dogs n corpse and wht not…. But they won’t accept an elder girl marrying a younger boy just to save his life…… You r so right dear!!! ???????

    12. Pluto

      neptune is right and richa her name is tesjasvini and yess if you want to abuse us than its ok but dont forget that we know bad words too.
      but we never type bad words because we dont like to be like u so called teju fans

    13. Richa19

      Seriously madhu… The show is not even started properly amd here ppl are talking abt shutting it….. This is heights… N never expected this from karan wahi.. Who himself has been part of a show where the heroine marries a boy twice her age……

      This is so ridiculous….. Sic of these ppl…. They don’t know the story n wht the makers want to convey… Just know how to bash others…..

    14. Madhuchhanda

      Yes richa you are right.According to my opinion Karan wahi has no work when he does cheap comedy that is alright but here they are showing that Ratan has no guardian and Diya only marries him to save him from enemies.After hearing this some ppl are saying that why cannot diya became a legal guardian but they are not understanding that diya cannot get Ratan because she does not have any blood relation with him and his custody will go to his kakisa who is the real enemy.

    15. IQRA222

      yes richu di!! the show has just started and the people have started there showing their jealousy!!

    16. IQRA222

      hello madhu di!! even i love this show and off cource it has the most unique concept but dont know why people are bashing the actors. u kno wi never expected such an act from karan wahi!! didu you know i really dont care whether people bash this show or not cause i know they are just some senseless people. how can they judge a show just in 3 days!!

    17. Madhuchhanda

      Yes iqra I agree with you ppl should give some time.

    18. Richa19

      Yup dear I understand… But these dumbheads won’t…. They just want to spread negativity…. N abt karan wahi… By sitting in Spain n just reading a few articles or seeing a few pics may be he’s commenting like that….

      I’m really happy that suyyash supported the show n teju and gave. A tight slap on karan’s face…

      I really don’t know how can someone say something like this abt his friend’s show… N moreover without watching the show he’s commenting…

      Literally never expected this from him….

  7. Angelk1

    Even I am loving diya. She is so brave and understanding. Usually in some shows the bride would complain and cry about marrying another, but she didn’t even think twice an just said it.

    Rat an is so cute with his puppy love for diya, waiting on her until she’s conscious was so cute and his smile when they said its his engagement awe!!, I hope who ever plays the grown up rat an can pull his character off, because baby rat an is warming my heart.

    1. Astra

      yes angelk, you are right. diya is so brave..!! and, you were the write of dangerous love ashoka ff right..? i didn’t read the story.. but, once saw your name…

    2. Astra

      i mean, writer*

    3. Angelk1

      Astra yes i am ?, and iqra22 i know for now, But we will see if it stays like that because writers tend to ruin characters.

    4. IQRA222

      yes angel di in love with diyu. she has all the qualities of an ideal girl!!

  8. RSR

    The Wait Is Over. Finally, Tejaswi Is Back.

    Though its my exam time and I couldn’t watch it but I’m glad to know that she’s back. Its so so so………….overwhelming to have her back again in all her glory in most suitable character, Princess Diya. I’m so thankful that she made it back finally and with such a beautiful, charming and graceful character that she actually is.

    Little Prince Ratan undoubtedly is a heart stealer, such a cutie and for Suyash, he’s a fine actor. I’m just waiting to watch this show. Concept is unique, characters are amazing and m praying that story to also go as it promises in the beginning. Its not like everytime a show based on a taboo can hold it’s watchers heart for a least but I’m really liking this show.

    I just want to make a say here, I think there are many people who are so against the concept of the show. For those, living in a country like India, we needed to see it as it is, not from close then a glimpse so far. A dailysoap does not portray the situation well so far but nation can have an idea by these shows. Shows like this are putting the face of our land in front of our eyes, right or wrong, we’re to judge but not to the reflection we’re looking in a serial. Legal or not, this kind of taboos has been practicising under the shadow of the developing face of our land. Everything has it’s advantage and disadvantages but its on one’s own hand to choose in between. So, it’s the time we need to check our mentality.

    And for those who are making a big fuss out of nonsense with all the perimeter their mind occupies, there are a lot of social, economical and more entertaining issues you can make an appearance into.

    I respect critics and support criticism, if those are reasonable. If one’s makes such a harsh and unfair judgment upon something without a perfect ground then it’s a simple case of mental incompetence. So don’t argue with those, I suggest, ignore them.


    1. Lahari

      Happy to see u dear..
      Upload someone nd untold story

    2. Asw

      Our wait is also over like I think update ur ff Dr ?

    3. IQRA222

      yes teju is back!!
      hi fi even my exams are going on but i still take out some time for ppk
      you said your point with such a great politeness!! so happy for that.. claps for you
      but you know i just cant keep quiet or ignore people who bash my tigress!!

  9. hi everyone
    hey IQRA222 I m not that from devanshi but u can call me Di
    coming to the episode loved it? but feeling bad for ratan he lost his parents and for diya and abhay also poor guys have to be separeted from first love in one moment??.

    1. IQRA222

      hello anu di!!
      no problem even if you are not from devanshi and offcource you are my di
      didu pls do call me iqu as all my friends do!!
      yup loved the episode

  10. Berdilla

    Awesome episode i loved it

    1. IQRA222

      yup berdi di the episode was awesome

  11. CLA

    Aww!!!! Ratan u look so cute☺…. Teju as usual ur fabulous?? this story line s different from others seems interesting ?? just now… saw this episode….. Keeping going teju??✌✌ur rocking!!!! Let hater keeping barking?….. We r there to support u… ???

    1. IQRA222

      yes ratan looks too cute!! and teju is fab!!
      and yes we are with our tigress

  12. Outstanding story
    Brilliant casting
    It’s gonna be having highest TRP
    I just die for every next episode
    So suitable Title
    Had become my fav. serial

    1. IQRA222

      yes payal di its an outstanding show!!
      and the telcast time is 9am and 11:30 am

  13. Just please play the repeat telecast in evening time also

    1. Astra

      the repeat telecast will be on morning 9.

  14. Finallyyyyyy ????????… I saw it on TV today….. loved DiRa scenes… esp when she said “hum aapko kuch nh hone denge kunwar saa”…… loved their bonding… when dia got electric shock I was shocked ?… but ratan was soo cute when he said…. jab aapne aankh nh kholi humme laga aap marr gayi and diya’s reply was so cute… today ratan was very cute…. felt like pulling his cheeks…. such a cutie he is and his acting is superb….. today tge orangish red lehanga which diya wpre made her look like a true princess ???? just loved her…. but the last scene was soooo terrible… Padma died and Mann in serious condition……felt like crying ???….. but the precap was awesome…. now their actual story will start… really waiting for it….. Diya is such a brave girl…… she will sacrifice her love to protect ratan….. truly said in the newspaper that its more of a unique companionship than romantic story…. am in love with this story ???????

    I really like it’s music specially pehredaar piya ki waala part… who all do???

    P. S. just like all other serials got some time in order to know about its story so does ppk. it also deserves the same… its has just been 3 days includibg today of its telecast….hasn’t even completed a week of its run…. as the saying goes u can’t judge a book by its cover so we can’t judge the story by its one episode….ratan was not shown as a stalker… but just a little kid who was enamored by a person whom he thought to be his pari…. and diya was just joking with him…. there is no need to bash and get influenced….half knowledge of anything is dangerous and please remember we still don’t know it’s full plot so all the bashers please keep your mouth closed and don’t watch if u can’t tolerate something…. just give ppk some time to unfold its full mystery…. and it still has to unfold a major part of the story… so just relax and don’t spread negativity

    I will support teju fully… And I know all my tejaholic friends will do so…… so my dear tejaholics….we need to hold our ground firm for our tigress teja and not let her down……she said it’s her responsibility towards her fans that she will not support something untrustworthy…. so being her true fans we also should take up the responsibility and give our full support to ppk and teja… she is really upset.

    and guys the above msg was specifically for my tejaholic friends and they understood what I meant except the bashing wala part so others just stay away
    and don’t just start abusing anyone

    My love to all teja fans ????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????

    Waiting to see how a pehredaar patni saves her piya from still unknown enemies

    Love you guys ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      The episode was awesome….no words

    2. Astra

      yes dear.. you are right..!! so sweet of you…

    3. IQRA222

      yes jayu di totally agree with you
      you spoke out all which i wanted to say!!
      we are with are princess and will be with her no matter what!!
      love you too didu

  15. Today epi s superb ..just three days gone they started judging nd above all that industry ppl itself not understanding…Teju s very upset as a tejaholics we should support teju…

  16. yes jayanti as a tejaholics we give our full support to teju

  17. Hey IQRA222 you can me di…I got a choti sister here..

    1. IQRA222

      saru di i am so happy. didu pls do call me iqu as all my friends do
      an dyes today’s epi was superb

  18. Neptune

    to the makers of the show pehredaar piya ki:

    i understand that it’s just an entertainment show and is a pure fiction, but you cannot show ANYTHING on the name of entertainment. we should see what show teaches us and about the morality as well.
    the reason why people are so surprised with the show is because something like this has never taken pace in indian history.
    if they are showing this in present time, then in today’s world it is completely ILLEGAL. and when the roots of the indian society are growing so much, they cannot show something which completely takes it back.
    ts a fiction but they should have shown something that’s real. when something like this has never taken place how can they show it. especially in rajasthani royal culture.

    i understand that the show should be given time. but not only TEJAHOLICS but everyone has the right to put up their opinions. but if someone others does so they call it JEALOUSY AND BASHING.
    evryone has the right to give their opinions and i don’t understand why some people are involving HELLY in between.
    she or her fans has nothing to do with all this and so kindly don’t involve her, namish or varun in this.
    TV influences people a lot especially in indian society so please please think before showing something or even before commenting your views.

    1. Astra

      you have right to give your opinion. but, up to my knowledge this show is not taking back any indian values. and more over diya and ratan’s relation here is friendly and not more than that. their marriage will certainly have a reason and diya herself has accepted it and no one has forced her. yes, tv shows influences people a lot. but, ppl won’t get that much influenced do to whatever they want just bcz watching shows. there are many other shows which don’t even have a point. i need not mention their names. and, where was helly, varun and nami are involved here? i didn’t find their names here in any comments.

    2. Neptune

      but i did find helly’s name you can have a look….

    3. Neptune

      and the scenes shown between them are much more then friendly…. its really odd for people to except such show…. but when someone says their opinion that is so easily called as BASHING…..
      people don’t do everything that is shown but just think if a child sees the scene where ratan fills diya’s maang then he doesn’t have the sense to understand it.. and he might that step in any other way…
      i have seen such cases really strongly and from very closely….

      in indian society something like this has never happened so when they say it’s against such SOCIAL EVIL… i find it wrong…. very wrong…..

    4. Angelk1

      I think it all depands on how you look at things. If you dont like the concept or haté things like that, you will continue to hate everything raya does an see it as inappropriate, But if you find it interesting you wont find their action negative, But just plain adorable.

      It all depands on the mindset

    5. Astra

      well, i never used word bashing.. and u are continuously continuing ur mess here. u find everything wrong bcz u don’t understand anything. u r so feeling awkward that ratan filling diya’s mang? he is not filling ur mang right..! what’s your problem if diya herself accepted it. and u know, ratan even doesn’t understand the filling concept.. he just did it.. bca all does it.. just seeing promos and reading some reviews you need not just judge so simply. moreover.. we need not give damn attention to ur reviews. but, u came here to page, thats why I’m answering. and i don’t know who bashed helly here.. no i can’t see..!! may be a comment on her came later on..

    6. Astra

      after my comment

    7. Phoniex

      this was the most disgusting comment, Miss Astra. He was not filling your mang too that you are so fiercely supporting him. If that same case would have been happening in your neighbourhood then you wouldn’t have used such words. Supporting your fav is a good thing but supporting something utterly outrageous just because your fav is working on it shows your week mentality which is not able to understand the basic difference between something good and bad. I guess you are below 29 that’s why your mind still works on those childish ideas. I hope with age you will understand things.

    8. Neptune we still don’t know what is there in the story so just don’t start making assumptions…. atleast give it sometime to actually show its real story…. for lord’s sake… it has just been started only 3 episodes….. stop judging the whole concept… because u cannot…. and I fully agree with suyyash sir… if tge channel like sony tv has agreed to telecast such a show they must have thought of something…. and please don’t watch it or comment here if you want to fight… please… enough is enough….. already we all have gone through it in swaragini page… leave this show please….Let’s maintain peace… its high time now
      thank you ??????

    9. Astra

      as you mentioned i didn’t find any nk here and lahari shri only said her name after seeing your comment. not before your comment. so none here raised her name and we need not. and, u said good bye? I’m so happy..!

    10. IQRA222

      hey nepu di !! so happy to see you here. didu i know there is nothing ever shown like this own television.
      didu i agree everyone has the rights to display their opinions but didu the way which they chose was not correct. you know a person named sandy bashed that teju looks like a hag and bashed her. didu you know only one person involved hellu but there were many who did not like hellu to be involved in this and also told the person that there was no fault of hellu anywhere here.

    11. Astra

      hello phoneix, just put ur mouth in control. I’m not weak mentality here, but it’s you. who can’t understand the serail concept completly and just judging looking it’s cover. moreover i don’t really understand why all swasan fans are involving here? i used such words bcz she made me to talk like that. i kmow everyone here are below 25. may be you know everything.. come and teach us. we will learn from you?

  19. Neptune

    and to some people who are pointing out at shows like GULAAL, BALIKA VADHU AND ghulaam…
    gulaal was based on a ritual according to which a girl has to marry her devar if her husband dies. SO IT WAS BASED ON A REAL CONCEPT…..
    balika vadhu we all know was based on CHILD MARRIAGE… a really big social evil….

    ghulaam… in older times small girls were married to elderly men… so again SOCIAL EVIL….

    but when no evil like the one shown in ppk exists then why are they trying to give birth to it….

    these were just my views for the show… no word for any actor…. ONLY TRP DOESN’T MAKE A SHOW WORTH TO WATCH.. cause if it did then saathiya and ssk would have been off air a long ago….

    1. Astra

      and, there is nothing more to point of ppk too. they aren’t encouraging such marriages here. they are showing circumstances of prince ratan who is alone around his enemies. the episode why they have to have married was not launched yet, it’s not correct to go into conclusions. I’m not commenting any other serials here, i need not to. but, no need to point out ppk that much. may be it’s going to give some message, we have to wait and see.

      PS: I’m Teja’s and Namish’s fan equally. and, also ppk fan now.

    2. Neptune

      we are not….. we are not pinpointing the show or the actors involved.. yeah i know their marriage scene has not yet launched but still if they are showing it in today’s time its illegal…
      they might not be encouraging such practices but it definetly influences people’s mind….
      if they have to protect the prince then there are many other ways too…its definetly not the solution….
      some people are constantly telling that others have jealousy with teja’s success. but they really don’t see the point the other one says

    3. Phoniex

      Is marriage only thing that can protect him? For god sake he is just 8 year old.

    4. Shrilatha

      Dear Neptune I understand ur point of view but do you really think this concept does not exist do you have have proof of that?Well I do not have proof to say that this kind of things do happen or do not happen ? Because this concept is not only new but unique. .when someone marries a corpse in the name of love that is wow …but when someone marries a child to protect him you point fingers at them ..such a good judging system right?

      I guess it was you yesterday who said we live in such a cruel system that people love only love stories not something which shows different.Now everyone of us can ask you this what way Devanshi is helping society ? Dies it say anything against superstitions.earlier it used to when Devanshi was small it was something like that bit after helly shah’s entry it was like its encouraging superstitions making her self a mata.but we didn’t say anything di we? no.the reason we don’t know what unfolds next.
      And regarding taking back the progress does becoming Maya bad taking justice in their hands when you yourself put your sisters life in danger to save your neck and then snatching her love overall making sushi look like villain is it progressing India .no right?
      And involving Helly into this.are we wrong because I have seen the bashing comments myself in twitter by group called you have anything to say about it.

      No one of us is saying trp is going to save this show because there are still shows which are going inspite of not having trp and you know what SNS and SSK did have good concept once upon a time what about those shows I mean that show which is sucking from first day yet going on and on..
      I don’t know whether you remember or no I said yesterday on Devanshi one should respect someone’s right but this definitely not mean you can call me butch on our first meet.similarly this show has taken how many I think 3 episodes..give it some time..

      I ask you one thing when your helly married dead person he comes alive after that how many ladies when their husband died followed what helly one right .people don’t take inspiration from shows.they just watch it for entertainment .again the concept is never wrong it’s the eyes that see and the mind that thinks is wrong. And whom do you want us to respect that Karan wahi who has such low standard thinking about a mere concept.
      And talking about reality is Chandra Kant a for real. Do nagin really exist .no but then why did helly support guys also do not have any problem with this show except that this show is done by teja.accept it. And please don’t come here saying hello and her fans have nothing to do this because I have gone through most of the disgusting comments on twitter for this show and it comes from helly fans.

      Lie but already make sure u r not caught and please don’t be a face changer.
      And if Mica thinks working outdoors makes helly a best and dedicated actress then working on such bold topic make my teja more worthy.

      And why you are here today do I not know.I know very well that you r here to criticize teja .don’t I know that you a a face changer who is just here to hurt in the name of society because of u r that good then why didn’t u say anything when ur mata became mata. When we write ff on ragsan u r the one who tells us about marriage and it’s purity but yesterday u were the one who wanted romantic scenes between devanshi and veer where devanshi is someone else’s wife .so yes I r a person who cares their faces according to situation and who keeps on lecturing people on sanity when u r not sane yourself.SO AN OPINION FROM PERSON LIKE YOU IS NOT EVEN CONSIDERED..
      So please kindly get back to ur Mata.

    5. Neptune

      wow what are you speaking yaar…. do you even realise that…. shitt okay tell me on how many rag——————–san ffs i have commented and stopped the writers first see the matter on what i am telling..
      you didn’t see that its just 3 days the show is aired and speaking so much but we can’t?? WOW WHAT A JUSTICE……

      and after helly’s entry in the show she still fighted against the superstitions… but wait if you want to talk about devanshi come in that page i will not drag helly’s matter here…..

      those are purely mine views about the show… i am NOT JUDGING IT STILL… what i am telling is based on the promos and all…..

      see i don’t want to argue in useless topics i will answer someone other but definetly not you….

    6. Neptune

      and when did i say that DEVANSHI is helping the story… but atleast it is pointing at some problems which are REAL….
      i never wanted a romantic scene between veer and devanshi i just wanted to see them working in the same frame…
      see it properly and then point out at something….

      i have many things to tell against you too… but you see i don’t drag some other matters on some other page like you….

      god bless you…. and tejaswi is really good actress but how come such a humble girl has fans like you??

      may god give her all the success she deserves

    7. I don’t want to bash anyone but if I am not wrong then it was my ragsan ff in which dhruvi di told me not to make marriage impure by introducing divorce
      But di just tell me onething
      Is divorce impure????????
      If yes then Jennifer winget (maya) , sriti jha(pragya) etc. are also impure but they are touching skies by their outstanding performance
      Don’t get me wrong di but in 21st century u cannot call divorce as impure
      Its just the fact that two people after marrying think that their relation cannot work
      and so separate
      Don’t get me in wrong sense dhruvi di but its just that diya is doing this just for the sake of ratan , who knows what may happen next?????????????
      I love u dhruvi di don’t misinterpret me

    8. Shrilatha

      That was long but I know it won’t affect u people…may God bless you

    9. Phoniex

      Fawad Khan’s serial was based on this kind of marriage. And it too was bashed so much so don’t just say if you have so little knowledge.

    10. Shrilatha

      *mata not maya

    11. Astra

      even they know that there might be many alternate solutions to save prince. Neptune, if you are watching the serail then comment..! ratan loses his mother and his father is on death bed. he don’t have anyother well wishers. if you appoint a body guard he may leave ratan for his own life..!! but, diya here taken responsibility of wife. i know very well it’s illegal.. but wait n see how the director going to take the point. and show makers are not fools to direct whatever they want. there should be anything for true. so plz don’t comment just reading reviews or updates.. watch it and understand it.

    12. Neptune

      and regarding insta and fb and even twitter i am not present there… but yeah atleast on tu i have never shown anyone bashing teja.. yes many have bashed ragini…

      but yeah i have seen many bashing helly and swara too…

      so dear shrilatha and lahari why don’t you yourself see what you are saying about a girl and imply it to yourself and then tell it to others….

      i personally have no problem with tejaswi or any of her fans… i have never spoke anything and i literally MEAN ANYTHING WRONG ABOUT HER…..

      neither i was interested to write something here but helly’s name and that bashing and jealousy words forced me to comment here…. but i guess it was my biggest mistake…

      SORRY if i have hurt any and i assure you that i will not ever comment here because though i was talking in a polite way you people clearly didn’t do the same…. it hurts to see someone judging you so badly….

      all the best and goodbye to all

    13. Astra

      could u mention a name here who involved helly here? bcz.. i can’t find any. and u also said varun and namish.. i didn’t find even their names

    14. Neptune

      ya sure nk has involved helly here and just now dear lahari and shrilatha too…

    15. Lahari

      All have a right to gibe opinion but not in abusing way..we dont want to involve helly here but u people made us to drag..i was jst shocked aftee seeing those comments on fb nd insta with the name of helly fans…
      I wondered,how they talked about one girl like this..

    16. Lahari

      Yes u people r jealous about u all doing this…
      In ur hell devanshi man can married to a dog..nd marriage with dead body..these stupid things fine for u right..
      Before pointing to others first see urself

    17. Neptune

      don’t want to argue with people who don’t know how to talk

    18. Lahari

      Same here

    19. Phoniex

      Right and why people will be jealous of her?

    20. Shrilatha

      Hello Neptune don’t make me open my mouth where you started your shot about my ff and about Devanshi please do not lecture me about it .we know how how stupid that show has been .it was hellyhollics who started it I wanted to know-how teja founds fans like me well I am good enough unlike u and u please help me with Devanshi she became a Maya and was helping fight superstitions..just please OK and u seen I don’t want to talk to you and respect is given to those who deserve it

    21. Pluto

      how can u open ur mouth on internet will u call neptune///

    22. Shrilatha

      Neptune you are such a face changer I have seen ur comments so no need of lying here OK we do know very well u r here to hurt us and we have this courtesy not to say anything regarding shows until we see what happens next.u said I was judging u without know u.we’re u not the one who started the story same as my side story copying mine.were not the criticizing every ragsan ff in ur FFS .we’re u not the one who kept on blaming ragini and advising to make her negative in every ff.I read every comment of urs so don’t change colours upfront of me and if helly is involved here that’s because do helly fans who went out of the way to insult PPk and but find rather stupid show good for society…


    23. Neptune

      my mistake that i even came her a big SORRY FOR THAT

    24. IQRA222

      shri di pls calm down!! pls deal this matter calmly both shri di and nepu di
      i know i am interfering between you two
      but still both my didu’s pls dont include teju and hellu in your fights
      till the time it is PPk dont include anyother show in this section
      and pls do talk properly to each other cause i really dont like to see my sissy’s fight
      sorry to both if i had hurt you

    25. Shrilatha

      It was Sandy a jelly fan who started this now her comment was so disgusting it was deleted. And no replied her.and I don’t think no bashed helly and u r present on tu right I have seen u making comments on if u say no do u think everything becomes alright.yes Astra di twitter lo hellyhollics wala batch anta ela chudandi.

    26. Phoniex

      who is sandy here?

    27. Richa19

      Neptune dear… If this show was illegal know.. Then it would hv never been premiered… So just stop saying it’s illegal…. The makers n channel are not fools who will make such shows which will destroy their name…..

      If you don’t know abt the show then no need to comment on it…..

      NOT EVERYONE HAS THE COURAGE TO SACRIFICE ALL HER DREAMS TO PROTECT ANOTHER PERSON… But diya is doing this.. N y she’s doing u will come to know once u’ll watch the episode…..

      The scenes between DiRa! Many are saying it’s creepy n wht not… But u only tell me.. If u are abt to fall won’t ur friend who’s a boy, will help u so that u don’t fall??

      Won’t ur friend help u if u need him??

      He’ll… Right?? Then whts the problem if ratan is helping diya… Any friend would do that….

      So pls don’t just make things worse by commenting wrong things….

      N abt Helly.. Then one of her fans only commented so bad abt the show the actors that TU deleted that comment… N still that person didn’t got brain.. Again she commented bad n the comment was edited…. N then u ppl think that helly fans are so pure n they don’t do anything wrong…

      We never mentioned helly in this page.. But after one of her fans bashed teja then how were we supposed to keep quiet???

      So before saying anything think twice abt it…. Okay????

      Have a good day!!!

    28. Madhuchhanda

      Well said richa I totally agree with you.

    29. Richa19

      People will talk to you the way u talk to them… So no need to show any attitude n say that u don’t wanna talk to us… Even we are not interested…. Got it…

    30. Neptune

      see i talked to them politely only… see for yourself.. and i never said that the show should go offline or even bashed it.. i just said that why people are not xcepting this show…..
      i seriously don’t understand what so bad i spoke but its okay… if u feel so that i am bad and have attitude so be it…
      i didn’t even came to the scenes was just talking about the conept…. but its okay….

    31. Astra

      yes..! marriage is only way to protect him. what’s your problem phoneix? who asked yoi to watch show if you hate it? stop bothering and explore your dream world.

    32. Richa19

      Neptune dear no one wants u to feel like a criminal…. But no doubt I know how u ppl bashed me when I was just clearing one doubt… .u don’t even know how I felt… I can never forget that…. I was ready to apologise but u ppl just bashed me like anything……

      I never wanted to do the same with u.. Or rather no one wants.. But u only tell wht r we supposed to say if ppl are talking rubbish abt the show n teju….?????

      No need to ve sorry… Everyone has right to speak but this right shld be used in a good way not in a bad one….

      Ppl will talk to you like u talk to them…..
      Just remember that… If u know hindi.. Then mark these words in ur brain.. ” JAISE KO TAISA! ”


    33. Neptune

      have you seen my comment there…. then u must have seen i have not even told you anything bad there bashing is a far off thing.. if you want you can clarify once again…

      and you used the word ‘helly’ there just see my posts i have not told a single mind it a single word about teja…….
      i just said why people are not liking the show it was a general review but see what you people have replied me after that…..

      i am not present on twitter but if you can then please give me a link for that….
      i know the difference between reel and real life i have not in any of my posts bashed tejaswi……

      but still if you are hurt then am sorry

    34. Richa19

      Ik many ppl commented on my post and even forged an edit where it was shown that I hv written a comment where one person was bashing helly….

      I told tu to delete that post coz I didn’t want any negativity on my profile…. U were also one of them to comment… Ik… But I chose not to reply and till then the post was deleted…

      I also told I don’t hv any problem with helly but u ppl didn’t understood…. Right?? Tell me if I’m wrong… Ur companions never leave a chance to bash teja… Be it tu, fb twitter., insta…. Anything…..

      You know it’s not worth talking now…. This war is never ending!! Now if u hv watched today’s epi u might hv got ALL YOUR ANSWERS!!!!! If not then pls watch the show more to know abt it……….

  20. Riana

    Amazinggggggg Thrillling episode….Now Diya will be Ratan saa’s true pehradar !…???????????????

  21. Follybraverl

    Awesome episode when she tried to protect ratan it only shows her concern towards him and as diya she married him only inorder to protect him…..
    People Plz try to give a chance it is not all about love it is about care

    1. Astra

      yes folly, u r right..!!

    2. IQRA222

      yes folly di it was a wonderful episode!!

    3. Yup di totally awesome episode but the thing happened in last was really shocking

  22. Astra

    well, ppk is the new serial which has aired just three days ago. we have to have patience and wait what will be there in future. and, to spoil ppl minds or influence this socity a lot.. this serial is not a social evil..! it is just the story and some show. when, ppl has given chance to many shows in this television world, which has high crime rate and maturity, why not to a story which is trying to show a girl’s own life sacrifice for the lone little soul..? some are seeing only the story in marriage point of view..!! but. plz come out of it.
    there are many aspects in it..!! why don’t you see the story as the pure friendship between diya and ratan?
    diya’s fight to save ratan.

    ratan is now a guardian less boy, no one is there to take care of him. in such a situation, diya has taken the decision which no other girl can take..!!

    she has given up her own dreams and taken decision to marry ratan. and, we all know, in indian tradition a wife can do anything to save her husband. husband is not just the man beside. but, he is the crown of her prosperity. that’s why, Diya has taken such responsibility, who save ratan at any cost. being his pehredaar.

    may be i was right or wrong,,!

    judging a anything from one side is not at all correct. one has to see it from all directions. every coin has two sides. and, this serial also does..!!

    if you don’t like the show, stop watching, but.. don’t make unnecessary mess bashing the actors and the show.

    plz..!! it’s a request..!!

    1. Astra

      sorry, if there are any spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.

    2. Follybraverl

      True dear…… Bashimg is not new one for us but there is a limit for all..We are there for ppk

    3. Astra

      yes dear ?

    4. IQRA222

      asthu di totally right
      i agree with you
      we are all there with PPK no matter what.
      PPK ROCKS<3 <3

  23. Shrilatha

    Well loved today’s episode and guys I am in love with ratan anyone against me …I love suyyash and respect him.more now ..and today the first glance of Pehredar as shown and I guess this makes maan to decide that diya will be best to take care of ratan..very excited for tomorrow admit all this diya and abhay will be the ones who will be suffered most.I feel very bad for abhay

    1. Astra

      yez..!! excited to see diya’s braveness

    2. Richa19

      Ik dii… I’m already feeling bad for abhay as he’ll lose diya…. For ratan as he has lost his parents… N diya as she’ll sacrifice her dreams n everything to protect ratan……. Brave girl!!!

    3. IQRA222

      yes didu loved the episode

  24. Venni

    Dear haters think before criticizing someone or jst completed 3 episodes you are judging without knowing anything properly as u knew the whole story..
    Cant u people have shame to abuse/bash someone..
    If u dont like stay away frm teju nd her shows
    Plz dont hurt

    1. Richa19

      Seriously yaar… These ppl just want to find new ways to say against teja n her shows… Don’t know wht they get… I was literally shocked to see Helly’s fan comment here.. I thought wht happened to her? N when I read her comment then it came to point that y actually she has commented here… Just to spread negativity…. Huh….

    2. Neptune

      yaar i am not understanding when did i say anything against teja am just saying about the show but still if you felt bad then am reall SORRY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART….
      in many shows people give their views but they don’t treat themselves that bad its just my view for the story so far i have not said anything INAPPROPRIATE OR AGAINST TEJASWI…..

      dpn’t know why people are treating me as criminal… if someone else then me would have done this would you treat her the same??

    3. IQRA222

      yes venni di you are right

  25. IQRA222

    hey guys hello!! how r u all. i am toh all fine
    i am so sorry as i am late today as i ma preparing for my exams!
    now coming to the episode it was hell awesome
    i am so in love with the DiRa bond they do look cute and teju is a queen of acting in love with her and ratan’s expression!!
    precap was really fab
    just can wait anymore !! huh!!!
    anyways guys do keep commenting and i am so so happy that just two days we have 106 comments on both the updates!!
    so congo for that my sisters keep it up
    @Richu di you are correct in love with teju’s expression and the new name you kept for her is really nice but i call her princess tigress!!
    @Fizo di i am so happy that you love my way of expressing
    @ Berdi di so happy that you loved the name i gave you.<3
    @ NK yes fenu bhai was correct di you should not have dragged hellu into all this because you know a person who is basher can never be a loyal fan of other person
    @ Asra di totally correct they are just behind my tigress always bashing her
    @ Fenu bhai totally correct we should never speak about actors who are playing there role.. and bhai pls dont leave this page pls pls
    @Riana di hello and welcome to our family and didu you can call me iqu like my friends call me
    huh!! so finally finished
    take care
    keep smiling and commenting
    love you all!!<3 <3

    1. Richa19

      Iqu dear!!!! How are you!!

      When are ur exams?? Prepare for it well… We’ll pray for ur success and u pray for ppk n teju…. Pls always remember ppk, n its team, me n all teju holics in ur prayers…

      Keep smiling sweety!!!! Love you!!! ? ? ? ?

  26. Charms22

    I loved PPK, I don’t get why people have a proble with this serial, in reality girls who are younger than 15 are getting forced to marry old men, which is dissgusting.

    Saas bahu drama is too much now, bacause it’s the same in every serial

    1. Richa19

      Seriously ppl don’t hv any problem if a very young girl is forced to marry an older man.. But of they won’t understand this concept as here the wife is elder than the husband and is shown more powerful…. N here in our society still there r some ppl who think that men hv the only right to rule and the girls should never be given freedom n power…. N this is the reason why most of the girls in our society are harassed like anything…..

      I know I’m talking about smthng which is maybe not related to this but couldn’t stop myself…

    2. Charms22

      I absolutly agree with you Richa, but some people don’t understand that

  27. Shrijanaz

    Pehredar Piya Ki is definitely a fine production. But with everything new, there comes some goods and some bads, and that’s the thing when our mentality comes into progress. Its so sad to know we’re still in a clutch of aristocratic society. What’s the use of wearing modern outfits, using fine inventions and speaking about injustice and all when one cannot even break the walls of their own orthodox views. PPK is something fresh and intriguing concept. People making issues over this is their way of telling others that they’ve enough time yell nonsense. Stop overusing your fundamental rights guys, it’s the time to broaden your sense. If some people thinks that the serial is promoting such social evil, then please enlighten us in which way? If you think it will effect a group of little children then don’t you think there are lots of fantastic genres like cartoons they have been enjoying to even give an ear to such shows? Probably, its the one n only dire reason to go too much against this show because mature audience have enough right and mind to go through their own choice with the shows.

    And guys, stop dragging nonsensical arguments over this page. It will make you look even worse. You have right to say your heart but never will a mass of people respect or accept it unless it’s much more logical or reasonable.

    Make whatever you can out of this show. Take it in whatever way you like, afterall, you heard that say,

    “Beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder.”

    #PPK is in all honesty a good work in comparison with other serials.

    1. Richa19

      Hiii dear!!!! I’m glad you keep this view abt the show… It’ll be really fine if other ppl also understand this…. I’m sure once the story is clear ppl will love it!!!!

      N yup ppk is indeed a very unique and different show among those which are now telecasted…..

    2. Madhuchhanda

      Yes shrijanaz i totally agree with you even in cartoons like doremon and shinchan bad things are shown nobita and shinchan fantasises about girls so does not children learn bad things from that and here it is just showing that Dira have a friendly relation don’t know why ppl in fb and twitter and some actors from television industry find it bad ?? Only ppl with cheap mentality can think such things

  28. Fenil

    Dear Iqu,I’m fine now but again seeing this comments i m feeling upset.

    Dear Neptune,I agree with your points. I show your all comments u never speak word against Tejsss.Sorry from my side.

    I’m also Helly Fan more than Tejss because i m watching Helly from Talli of Gulaal ,Lakshmi,Aashi,Swara,Devanshi(i m not watching show Devanshi but current track as Kalki is good). I show Tejsss as Ragini first and truly saying both HeTej is talented actresses.

    I show how u ppls drags Helly and her show Devanshi here.

    I’m wondering show Swaragini ended and HeTejVarNa are living friendly but their fans are lilving as ENEMIES.KutteBilli o ki tarah nochne ko bhagte hain|O|O|O8):):):):).

    I’m Swaragini,SwaSan and RagLak Fan.

    Yes,imaginary pairs SwaLak-RagSan also looking gorgeous.

    1. Neptune

      why are telling sorry bhaiyaa. you need not apologise to me…….
      those were just the points in which i have shown the reason people are reluctant to accept this show…..
      i understand that maybe its my mistake in understanding the show. everyone of you is right it’s too early to judge the show…..

      a heartfelt SORRY to everyone who’s hurt…

      but i clearly didn’t bring swaragini here and don’t understand why others are doing so….

      you people will not find me as a disturbance now….
      sorry if i have hurt anyone

  29. Aasthu

    PPK is a good show….it’s not promoting child marriage in any manner. Ratan snapping pictures of Diya and talking about marrying her can be understood as child talk. Who wouldn’t have taken pictures of people who look pretty as a child??? That isn’t stalking. It’s the child in Ratan. Diya too takes it in that sense. Which is why she was joking with him about marrying him. The transformation of surprise to shyness when she heard about her engagement shows that she loves her would be. When Ratan held back Diya from falling, it was as child who wants to save the person who he loves from falling down and not a hero. He did say “you are very heavy.” A body guard can also protect Ratan. But even a body guard has limitations which a wife does not have. That is why Diya agrees to marry Ratan. She might also have thought that maybe by taking up the role to protect Ratan, she can finally repay Man Singh who saved her from being hit by a horse on move. It takes up huge courage to agree to marriage. So I think PPK deserves a chance.

    1. Astra

      i love your answer aasthu.. very nicely said

    2. Aasthu

      🙂 :)..Astra ignore those who are not ready to change their mind set….don’t reply…

    3. Astra

      yes dear.. you are right.

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