Suvreen Guggal 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 7th March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Suvreen talking to her Mom about Yuvraj. Mumma guggal asks her: How is Yuvraj? She answeres with Good. Mumma guggal says that she knows why Suvi is talking about Yuvi. Mumma guggal says that Yuvraj is a nice guy.. She wanted to tell her that she is together with Yuvraj but before she says the door rings. Mumma guggal gets up and opens th door. While her Mom goes Suvi says He is my boyfriend. But she didn’t hear it.!
In the next scene Zorro and Annie (ZoNie) are sitting on the floor at the college. They are talking about their families. Annie says that the parents won’t understand that their child has another life. She says: They can’t decide everything because they are parents. Zorro cries.. Annie says that she can understand his feelings. And she says that the horrible thing is that their parents leave them. The reason is divorce or anything else. That doesn’t mean that they have to be sad.. They have to be HAPPY! She says : One minute! and holds her phone out. She calls anybody. She is reserving for Zorro anything. She says that he is her best friend. And then she hang up. Zorro hugs her and says I LOVE YOU!!!
In the next scene Rehan is driving the car. Vivaan is sitting next to him. Rehan is talking with the girl. He comes to the place where they wanted to meet. He says that he found her car before her. He goes out of the car. Vivaan says that he wanted to meet her too but Rehan says that he has to wait in the car. Rehan goes to the car. The girl comes out of the car and hugs him. Vivaan gets shocked.. He is watching them in the car. And then the girl goes. Vivaan says to himself: I’ll get your secret it’s not matter if you say it or not. I’ll know your secret.
Back to Suvreen. Puppa guggal is talking about valentines day. Suvvreen thinks that he is in good mood.. She will tell about Yuvraj now. Suvreen wanted to say it but Baby is screaming that they has to be quit coz she will sleep. Mumma guggal says that Baby was together with anyone and she catched them. Suvreen says that she wanted to go to sleep. And then she goes.
In the next scene Yuvraj calls Suvreen but she is not in her room. And baby is sleeping. Suvreen comes and holds her phone. She goes out. Yuvraj says sorry to her and Suvreen to him too. Yuvraj asks him why she is says sorry to him. She says that she said nothing good to him.. Suvreen says that he was right that their parents can not accept that they are together and all. Yuvraj says thank you to her and he was really worried if she is angry with him. She says that she is not angry with him. Yuvraj says that he is missing her. He says that he doesn’t know what happens to him. Suvreen answeres: THIS IS CALLED LOVE!! Suvreen says that the same is is happening to her too. Yuvraj says that she is blushing in college and talking romantic on the phone. She says that she is not talking romantic.. He says: Main.. main… main.. She says that everyone is sleeping right now. He says: Should I come??? Yuvraj says that he will not hand up.. If she wanted to go then she can go. She says that he called her so he has to hang up. He says ok but she has to say something before he hangs up. YuvReen bid each other saying I love you.. Jasleen is behind her and asks her with whom she is talking?? Suvreen got shocked.. And she asks Suvi to whom she said I love you?? She answeres: With a friend. Suvreen says that she is saying I love you to her friends. She says: go to sleep.. and then she goes. Jasleen talks to herself: There is anything you are not saying..
In the next scene Suvreen is sleeping. Jasleen wakes up and goes to Suvreen phone. She peeks into Suvis’s phone sees the number of Yuvraj. She sees a massage : “This was the beautiful valentines day ever!”.. And she gets shocked.. She tells herself she has been hiding her affair from so long, she says to sleepy Suvi now wait and watch what I do..
In the morning Yuvraj slept with the phone in his hand. He wakes up and looks at his phone and screams OHH SHIT!! Rathi and Mannu wake up.. Rathi fells down.. Yuvraj says that he has not much money. Rathi and Mannu get shocked and ask him how it can be. Yuvi says that it’s because of the mumbai trip. Yuvraj says that is happened first time. Mannu says that he has a girlfriend for first tim. Rathi got an idea.. He has to tell it to his friend. yuvraj asks him which friend?? Mannu says Alisha. Yuvraj says: Are you crazy???
In the scene Baby says to her Mom that she has to meet Yuvraj. Suvi hears it. Baby says that she told it to her friends. Her friends can’t believe it how Yuvraj saves her from the goons.. Suvreen begins to smile. Mumma guggal says that she is right.. They have to call him for a dinner. Ans she says that Suvi told her that he loves all the food what she cooks.

Precap: Yuvraj is at Suvis home. Baby asks him how long Suvi and he are together. Yuvraj massages Suvi where are you?? Yuvraj thinks: This baby wanted to tell it.. please come cuickly Topper..
Rehan is screaming at Suvreen.. He asks why she is going.. Will you go out with your boyfriend??? (Why is Rehan behaving like that yaar?? I think he forgot Suvreen completely!)

Update Credit to: nazomel

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