The Buddy Project 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 7th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 7th March 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with
Samar, Piddhi, Juhi n Bobby scene
Seeing Juhi Samar asks what happened Juhi Sahiba. . Bobby simply smiles n goes away while Piddhi starts dancing n teases Juhi show him the photo naa. . Juhi gets nervous n Piddhi say show him Vats photo naa. . She gets all excited n shows him d photos n all 3 of them laugh!!!
The scene shifts to:
a thoughtful Panchhi standing in the library , When RV comes there. . Panchhi a bit Apprehessives n uneasily he wants to ask RV something avoiding any kind of eye contacts. . RV says he knows what she wants to ask and tells she wants to know abt Kiya n his relationship
Panchhi points out but what happened in the NYP . . N is cut off by RV who says it was nothing jus an accident n YaRa are just friends . . Panchhi looks on n RV goes in his Nonu mode. Saying You are my BBF!! RaHi Have an awesome Moti-Nonu moment(OMG,OMG!! I was literally jumping up n down!!!These 2 are d cutest thing on Earth[8->])
While these 2 are in their own Moti-Nonu dreamland . . Our Angry young man KD overhears d entire convo n goes in a fb mode ( yup u guessed it righthe goes in his own KiSha Dreamland taking us with him[8->] [;)])
Next Scene
KD is sitting outside his home studying when d loan monsters come n ask him for his Father’s whereabouts
he casually says yhat his father isnt home but he wanted KD to give them something . . He asks them to wait outside n goes in takes out his hard earned money from his hiding places . .
Calls d camera n says I know I have to return this money to my students but right now I have no option but to give them d money to get rid of them for the tym being. . (awww. . KD looked so sweet)
Counting the money he goes out n gives them d money n d guys tell him its not even half d amt
KD requests them to give him 15 days he’d return d loan with interest
one of the men agrees n he thanks him n they start to leave d other guy asks y he agreed n the 1st one simply smirks that he knows ultimately they wont be able to pay n d house will become his own!!
Which doesnt go unheard by KD
when the loan monsters leave KD goes inside the house in anger gets fbs of Shubh saying he doesnt want to leave this house
the loan monsters making fun of him n his own dad saying he cant save d house if KD can then go ahead!!!! In anger!!
Keeping all these things in his mind KD calls TSG n accepts his offer[:o]
But wants money in advance. . TSG starts taunting him but KD in anger shouts to shut up before KD changes his mind
because if he does that this tym it wud be for guy. TSG is impressed wid KD’s Attitude n agrees to send d money as well as books the next day!!
Scene shifts to KD studying in the library when a hand rests on his shoulder. .
Its none other than RV who asks if he is okay startling KD!!
KD smiles n shrugs it off saying he is fine . . RV asks him to relax n takes a seat across him
saying he knos all these frndly talks seem so awkward between them!!
KD smiles . . RV says on a serious note if KD needs any help he’s there . .
KD simply looks on with a vague smile says thanks
RV is curious to know whats going in KD’s mind
KD simply smiles n says jus wondering what gud did he do to get such lovely frnds
RV looks on and says in his life he ‘s realised he’s lost every1. . . Every1 . . Every1 he can call his own . . The only thing he has are frnds. . He doesnt know whats KD’s definition of frndship but for Him they are the world. . School life is short lived and he doesnt know whr destiny wud lead them to but knows 1 thing that school friends are friends for life. . In all these years of school lyf the 2 of them might have been enemies but if feels gud to have u as a frnd . In d end. . KD who had been intendly listening to him smiles n says never thought I see such a serious side of RV . . The philosophical side of him. . RV smiles n says hearing praised abt him from KD ‘s mouth sound like abuses from him d 2 of them laugh n shake hands with each other holding each other n then placing d other hand on top of the 1st ones
(eeep. . God y m I still alive. . RanSh [8->] )
unknown to them Samar n Piddhi had been watching d whole thing . . N while RanSh are busy holding each other’s hand n simply smiling at eachother these 2 come out of their hiding place n keep looking wierdly @ these 2 Piddhi starts teasing them with each other (ehm ehm. [LOL] ) n d 2 of them blush n leave each other’s hand while Samar says any1 wud think d same if they saw them d say Piddhi n Samar saw them holding ea others hand n lost in each other’s eyes [:P] [:P]
RanSh go in their Tashan mode look at each other smile n start beating up Poor Piddhi [=))] [=))]
all d 4 of them in masti mode [:$] notice Vats putting up a notice
they all go to him in full tashan mode n ask him is he back wid his stupid notices
he says no gone are d bad days this notice is gud n says ” Pratham ji” plz read it [:P]
its a notice abt d farewell party n also declaration of Mr. N Miss Royal contest who’s results wud be anounced on d D-day [:*:] [:*:] [:*:]
Whole of Royal going bonkers n while d girls bet that the Mr. Royal wud go to either RV or KD
d Boys bet d Miss Royal title will go to either Kiya or Ruby(? [:s] ) as she is popular(!!!???? [8-}}] )
On d other hand d boys are having some fun encouraging Piddhi to do his best to become King of Royal
n KD goes on to sa Bobby will go crazy for him(d whole scene n guys expressions were [=))] [=))] )
the sceme shifts to canteen
whr Ruby is doing what she knows d best claiming herself to be d Rayal “Queen”
n on mention of Kiya’s name being a solid contender
goes all crazy . . Abusing. . N saying ill things Abt her. . Kiya who is hearing all this is abt to blast her off when RV comes. . N calms her down n then goes to Ruby n asks her to say sorry to Kiya. .
Ruby again goes on with her nonsense n on seeing KD coming adds here comes d ex
n much to KiShaRa discomfort asks who is gonna defend Kiya her current Bf , ex or both
d screen freezes on d faces of KiShaRa
Kiya viibly uncomfortable n RanSh angry

KD standing wid TSG
TSG taunting him its all abt money money n money for KD
KD luking visibly pissed when a hand comes on his shoulder
no prizes for guessing. . Its RV [:*:]
N he asks KD who d guy is KD hesitates
(OMG!! RV to KD’s rescue [L]

Update Credit to: blue Orchid

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