Suvreen Guggal 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Yuvi gets a bouquet for Suvi and they reach home. Suvi is disturbed coz of Alisha’s sms and thus she tells Yuvi to not leave and come home with her. He agrees. Soni is very happy to see Suvi back and she hugs her. Maddy finds her back and to make Yuvi jealous he tries to hug her too but Suvi backs out and Yuvi stands in front of him.

RC gets Ira’s msg that she needs some space and thus she is in Australia. RC is upset with it and thinks that this is not the solution and they must talk about it.

Geeti comes to his cabin to ask him why did he reject her resignation.

At home,Suvi watches the video made by Yuvi and Maddy and gets pissed off! She doesn’t want to show that single women are so loose characters. She shouts at all of them and tells everyone

that Truth doesn’t need any drama and they should just prove this point to Khurana.

Farhaan drops Preeti back home and she is very happy to see him care for her.

RC informs Geeti that if she still loves Vikram then she must give him some space and understand that marriage is a very big thing and decisions must not be made in haywire. Geeti decides to talk to Vikram about it.

Suvi gathers few women in the basement and asks them to support her and Soni. She tells them that just because they are single, hardworking girls they are getting removed from the society? She tells them that they don’t want to fight with anyone just they want to change this thinking of people. All women nod in agreement. Khurana witnesses all this and gets pissed.

Part 2

The girls say that they can’t support them as they don’t want to take any risk. Khurana starts laughing at their failure and exclaims them to get out of the society the next day sbocking the two. A girl witnesses all this and is trying to figure out everything.

Preeti thinks of Farhaan and is confused with her feeling. She is thinking if Farhaan is her true soulmate and Rohan was just a part of destiny’s way of making the two meet again after years? She tells that if Rohan loves her gf so much then she never wants to come in between the duo. She is very confused.

Part 3

Suvreen and Soni are packing their stuffs and Soni tells her to pack their stuffs separately as they don’t know they may get a flat to stay together or not.

Suvi asks her to shut up as she won’t stay with anyone else. She continues by saying that she has got her habit and they both remember all the cute moments they spent together.
They hug each other but are crying at the same time.

Yuvreen enter the office together and Alisha comes to say hi to Suvi. Yuvraj moves away from there and Suvi is surprised what happened suddenly that Alisha is welcoming her and Yuvi is avoiding her.
Yuvi is trying to tell Suvi about Alisha when Alisha disturbs the duo.

Update Credit to: Jyo_ksg

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