Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet ‘s place
Manpreet is tensed at no response from Parmeet’s side. bani is also gripped with an unknown fear. Surjeet too comes and is tensed to see this. But manpreet makes up an excusew that he may have been on busines related tour, and changed his number, and he used to do this. ranveer says that he would call from the new number. She asks him not to tell Dadaji anything, regarding his health, and his tussle with parmeet. she asks bani not to worry, as he must be busy or stuck, and would call in a couple of days. asking her to rest, they all leave.

In her room, manpreet expresses her tension to surjeet, who tries to compose her. Manpreet says that after getting property papres, he hasnt called up, and she is getting bad thoughts. Surjett asks her not to imagine the worst, and hope for the best. manpreet remembers what dadaji did with another bahu of the house, and threw her out, when her husband betrayed her and their family too. Manpreet visualises bani in the dream and wakes up scared. She thinks what if bani too would face this. she tries to contact parmeet, and gets the same message. she decides that she has waited long enough, and now she would have to find out about parmeet, and very soon.

Bani is working in the kitchen, thinking about parmeet’s calll, and is unaware that a glass broke. she apologises to manpreet, who comes in asking what happened. She says that she understands what thoughts can come when loved ones dont talk. She assures her that soon parmeet would contact after his tour, and she would go to canda with him, once her visa is confirmed. She says that bani hasnt even decided to arrange stuff for canada. She asks bani to go to the city and take stuff for herself. She tells gagan to go with bani. Gagan says that she wont be able to manage today, as her health isnt right. manpreet says that its okay then, and asks bani to go alone only. Gagan says that she would go, seeing that bani will go with or without her, as she cant refuse manpreet. She sends bani and gagan to the city, and says that she would prepare herself for the dinner.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
In the night, buaji tells simran not to do all the work, and get rajji to help her and do whatever she wants for one month. rajji is sad. Guggi is aware of kuki watching her, and grows conscious. Angad praises rajji, but is snubbed by buaji to taste it first. Rajji gives a plate to soham and buaji too. As buaji takes the first bite, she throws it out of her mouth, finding fault in everything, from pulses, to curry to bread. Guggi tried to side rajji, but buaji says that rajji doesnt know how to make, only knows how to eat. she endlessly taunts her, and rajji is very sad. She asks soham to lash out at her too. soham asks her to do what she feels like. Buaji says that this is the first quality of a good bahu, and if she cant master this, then she would never be an ideal wife. rajji is tensed.

soham says that he has to go out to the city, and asks simran if she needs anything. When she denies, buaji presents a huge list of things along with a hair oil, for the headache that she’s having these days, pointing at rajji. Finally her list is over. He takes it, and asks from simran if she needs anything. simran says that she would go along with him, as he wont be able to shop all this himself. On simran’s motioning, rajji offers to go that he woulod shop with him. Soham denies, but she says that these are female stuff, and she can shop faster and better. seeing no way of working out of this, soham walks out, while she is tensed if he would say yes.

While buaji and kuki are unable to read the list, rajji assures that she wouldnt miss any item as she would remember everything. Buaji wishes them well, and they both leave. Soham and rajji get into the bus for city. While soham is curt, rajji eyes him hopefully. They are awkward when they accidentally touch. She continues to struggle as the bus moves on uneven roads. But soham’s ego and pain doesnt let him, help her out.

Scene 3:
Location: In the city
Bani reaches the mall in the city, along with gagan, who wards off with her friends, leaving bani outside the mall, and asks her to shop there, while she will catch up with her, after a couple of hours. Rajji sees bani and rushes after her. soham is tensed and maintains a distance. they exchange greetings, and both tell the other the reason of their visit. While talking to soham and rajji, bani’s eyes fix on someone, who she points out and she is shocked. She runs after it, while a troubled soham and rajji too run after her. Bani stares in shock at a rearview of a car. She is shocked, as she sees parmeet in it. Soham asks who, and she spells out parmeet, and they both look at him. The car drives off. The screen freezes on bani’ surprised face.

Precap: Bani is shopping in the market, and accidentally finds parmeet talking to someone on the phone, and getting in the car and driving off. She is surprised and wonders what is parmeet doing here. bani says that it was parmeet, and wouldnt want her to know that he was in india, and must be wanting to give her a surprise. She says that she has to rush home, so as not to spoil his surprise. rajji and soham are happy, and yet tensed for an unknown reason.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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