Suvreen Guggal 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 28th March 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suvreen in her room. Baby comes to her and hugs her and says congratulations. She has a paper in her hand. She says:Just imagine we are going to mumbai 😀
Suvireen says we are not going to mumbai! And you are not going to mumbai. Baby asks why? She says that she heard everything what Puppa said about that, she knows that he is against. She agrees with her dad. Baby says: It’s not fair! you can go but not me?? Your career is important but why is my career not important?? Suvreen says that she knows why she is saying all that to her parents coz she wants to do everything what parents doesn’t allow. It’s only an offer she doesn’t except it. If her parents says no then she would not go to mumbai. And then she goes.. After a while baby’s phone rings. Her friend says that they want to know baby’s lunline. If her parents gets out that she want to go to mumbai without telling that, it will get problems.!

Next scene: Ira is sitting on the couch and eats something. Rehan is sitting on the floor and watching TV. Ira says: Don’t feel like all the problems in the world is on your hot and s*xy shoulders. 😀 Rehan asks how she can call his shoulder hot and s*xy without embarrasing..

She asks: What is embarrasing?? Your shoulders are hot and s*xy 😛 RC says that he is tired and then he goes..

Next scene: Suvreen is hearing to Mumma and Puppa guggal behind their room. She wanted to talk to her dad but his mood is not good. Her phone rings. Mumma and Puppa Guggal hear that her phone rings. Yuvraj calls her 🙂 He asks what happened?? you are not meeting me or talking to me.. He asks is everything ok? She wanted to tell but her dad comes. Puppa asks who is it on the phone? She says it’s yuvraj. He says it’s late go to sleep. Yuvraj says that puppa guggal is right. She has to go to sleep. They can talk tomorrow morning. And then she hangs up.
In the morning. Suvreen is running to talk to her dad. Baby comes and asks where she is going. She says that she wants to talk to her dad. Baby says but he is not at home. Baby says that she can talk to her dad later when he comes. And then Suvi goes to college.

In the class. Suvreen says to Annie and Zorro that she couldn’t talk to her dad yet. Annie says that Yuvi can help. But Suvreen says no.. Not Yuvraj. Alisha hears everything what Suvi says. She is smiling ..

Back to Baby.. The phone rings. It’s university of mumbai. He wants to talk to baby. But then she says that Jasleen is not there. He has to call late. Everyone will be there. And then she hangs up.
Back to Suvi. She says that her parents did everything for her.. how can she say that she wants to go to mumbai?? If she says that puppa will do everything to go to mumbai for her. And then Alisha comes. She says that Suvi can not find an offer like this in delhi. She will get lots of offers and gets lots of money. Her dad has not go to work. Alisha says that suvi can tell her dad that she wants to go to mumbai only for the internship not forever. Zorro agrees with Alisha. Zorro and Annie are saying that she has to talk to her dad.

Back to Yuvi. He is talking with Rathi in the college. Yuvi says that the battery is empty.. Rathi asks hows?? Yuvraj says: Suvreen’s.. and then he corrects himself Suvreen’s phone. When is gets money he will buy her a phone. They are going to the cafe. Annie, Zorro and Alisha are there. Yuvraj asks where is suvreen?? Alisha gets jealous. She says don’t know she went.. Yuvraj says again??? Alisha says: She was in tension today. Zorro says that they talked to Suvi minutes ago.. she would be in the college right now. Yuvraj runs. And then Alisha goes.. Zorro wants to go to but Annie asks why? He says washroom.. She says that he has to come faster.. she is hungry. Rathi sits near Annie and says lets order something. Annie says that he can order but she will wait for Zorro. Rathi gets angry and says that she is behaving like he is her boyfriend. She can not eat anything without him. He can’t be a boyfriend of a girl. Annie says that she doesn’t want to hear anything. And then she goes.

Back to baby: Baby is waiting to her dad… if he doesn’t come at that time all the plane will go over.. And then Suvreen comes. She asks did dad come? Baby says that he will come. Suvreen says that she want to talk with her mum. And then Puppa guggal comes. Everyone is sitting and eating. Baby is holding the phone on her hand. She looks at the time. Suvi says that she wants to say something important. She says that RC sir has started a new profect. Before she says the phone rings. It’s the university from Mumbai. Puppa says that they are not interested. And then he hangs up. Everyone gets shocked.. Baby says it’S a problem when I go to mumbai but di is going to mumbai. Suvreen gets shocked. She says that she wanted to say it.. Puppa asks when? When you are in mumbai?? He says you didn’t tell me about that.And then Suvis phone rings.. She hangs up but her phone rings again.. she hangs up. Puppa gets angry.! and goes…

PRECAP: Yuvraj talks with ALisha in the college. He says that his mood is not good. He doesn’t know what is happening with Suvreen. Alisha says I know you are upset when you heard that she is going to mumbai. Yuvi says that she is not goign to mumbai. She says if you didn’t meet each other how can she tell you that she is going to mumbai?? Suvreen calls Yuvraj. He says are you calling me to say bye? Suvreen says please listen to me. Yuvi says: You had to tell me the first.. but I heard it from anyone else. Suvreen says: I’m sorry.. Yuvi answeres my mood is not good and then he says LEAVE ME ALONE!.. he hangs up

Update Credit to: nazomel

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