Junoon 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 28th March 2013 Written Update

1) Akash’s hiding behind the curtains and watching Prithvi and Miu. A drunk Miu is telling Prithvi about how he’s always going away from her. Even that day when she tried to clear the misunderstanding, he walked away without giving her a chance to explain. The day she saw his letter she was so happy …. Prithvi remembers how she hugged Akash and told him about her love……. Miu continues about how she ran to the pool side waiting for him. Before she can continue Akash decides to put a stop to her chatter, in case the truth comes out.

2) Prithvi and Akash enquire after each other (since one was shot and the other fought the goondas) and a clueless Miu doesn’t understand their talk. She’s busy swaying on her feet and giggling occasionally. Prithvi hands her over to Akash and leaves. Akash makes her sit on the bed and he too leaves (WHY? ) Meera sees herself in the mirror and the sindoor in her maang makes her smile. Aahhhh, Akash went to thank Prithvi and ask for details and finds out Prithvi bashed the goondas left and right , but unfortunately they got away before he could get details.

3) Poor Akash is upset because his hired goondas couldn’t do anything to Prithvi. So, no more delays, he has to do something for the wedding to take place immediately. Whole family at the dining table, Meera missing. Akash is waiting for a phone call and ……yes, it came. He’s going to US next week (you devil, so that’s your plan). Sudha ji (bittu) wonders what to do about the marriage if he goes to US. Akash says he’ll come back after two months. Sudha asks Akash to get married before going to America. Akash dropping hints about how far US is and how he won’t be able to come for quite some time and……. his plan works . Pappa Raj makes a few calls and it’s all set, muhurat in two days and all the arrangements can be made too, he’ll hire the best of the best. All khush except Prithvi and Ramdhari.

4) It’s a blow for Prithvi, he walks away from the whole discussion. Bittu goes to her daughter and Miu is awake. She’s smiling thinking of what happened with Prithvi while she was drunk. Bittu asks her if she had a dream about the wedding in such a short time, is that why she’s smiling? Miu can’t believe her ears. Bittu brings her down to join the family.

5) Prithvi takes over the job of getting the wedding cards printed. He tells Aksh not to step out as his life is in danger, he’ll take care of things. The whole family is busily making the arrangements for the wedding and Miu is feeling agitated at the thought of marriage. Miu wonders how Akash is letting this happen and decides to go and talk to him. She asks him straight out why he’s not doing anything and what is he waiting for, why doesn’t he tell everyone the truth? In his defense he says to escape the marriage he decided to go abroad but the plan backfired on him (yeah right) and papa fixed the wedding in two days. Miu tells him how she hates deceiving the whole family with the lies and how they’ll be devastated when they hear the truth that she doesn’t want to marry Akash. She wants to tell them right now that there will no marriage and asks him to join her. Of course Akash stops her saying now’s not the right time, he’ll talk to pappa in the morning and convince him. Miu agrees (why doesn’t she do the talking herserlf?)

Precap: Akash promising Miu that in mandap Prithvi will sit with her. Miu is really worried. Prithvi who’s passing by sees them together and leaves. Who will help Miu now?

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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