Suvreen Guggal 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 23rd August 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with yuvraj alisha rathi n d other two female models staring up towards d white window frames in d spooky haveli whr d word DIE is written over with blood..these scares every1 n d two female models shrieks..hearing it samar rushes in concern..he too spots d die word n he sugests every1 to stay/stick together since that moment..sudenly they hear ash screaming out..every1 realizes ash ws nt with them..they fear 4 her n run in towards d source of her voice fearing that she mite b in danger..wen they reach d place 4m whr d screaming voice ws heard they cautiously move forward..they c a shadow crouched besides d seating arrangements of that place..samar tip toes n approaches d shadow..he finds ash shivering in fear n wen he places his hands on her shoulder to comfort her ash

starts howling dnt kill me dnt hurt me etc..samar assures ash its only them.

nw bak to iris..geeti rohan vikram preity n suvreen r shown sitting in a rum pondering y they hv bin cald to huddle together thr..ira walks in n discloses that she hs asked them to cum thr to declare d coveted title of intern of d month 4 d current month..nw every1 tenses up in anticipation of d result..ira declares alisha as d winner..tho alisha is absent bt every1 claps in appreciation..suvi claps sulkingly..preity c suvreen n fels sory 4 her..she talks to herself n says that suvi deserved d title more than alisha n she is luking so sad too..suvi is shown debating with herself whether due to her wrk as pepper lead to her loss in iris whether she is neglecting iris 4 her freelance job..she murmurs that she ws so sure she wd win bt alas..

bak in spooky haveli..ash on being probed y she screamed reveals that she saw a dead body hanging..she is in a state of confusion..she says it cd b a shadow i swear i saw sumthing..samar asks her to stop crying..samar further asks every1 to stay together n nt wonder away alone..specialy d grls..then samar decides to check d matter yuvi prevents samar 4m going alone..he offers to go along with him too..d others then automaticaly decides to go together whrevr they wd b going 4m nw..

bak in iris again..ira walks in ,in seemingly good mood inside warkholic rcs cabin..she asks rc so wat is it that he is trying to hide 4m her?rc doesnt reply..n so ira comments that hwevr busy with wrk pretense he puts up..she wnt leave him..she asks whether anything hapend in her absence..rc replies nothing..ira then probes further..she says she is his best frnd n she hs returned 4 him..she wd alwaz b with him as he hs alwaz bin 4 her in d past..ira puts her arms across rc n rc smiles bak..vivan is shown viewing everything..he is nt amused to c ira n rcs closenes..he luks on disapprovingly.vivan is shown turning choklates ..ira sees vivan n asks him to cum in..vivan walks in..ira very sweetly gives him a box of swiss choklates n remarks that he is growing very handsum da by da..vivan doesnt respond to iras ira fails to notice it n she leaves d cabin leaving behind rc n vivan thr..

bak to spooky haveli..every1 finds a t-shirt smeared in turns out to be max’ every1 except yuvraj n samar concludes that he is dead..ash expresses her desire to return n leave d yuvi insists that d blo*dy shirt doesnt prove conclusively that max is dead so they must search 4 rathi says aftr cin d t-shirt thr cd b no doubt max is dead so they sd samar suports yuvi n tels they cnt leave behind a team mate n must luk 4 every1 again starts luking 4 max..

bak to iris..vivan holds up d choklates he already hd in his hands n luks at d 1s given by ira..he exclaims loudly that he doesnt wish to hv iras choklates..rc surprised at this remarks that swiss choklates r tasty vivan sd taste this vivan replies country choklates r sweet simple n eating them brings a smile on his face whras foreign international choklates r fancy bt bitter..n he makes a yucky face..rc asks him wat he is trying to say?vivan says rc sd accept that he still loves suvi n confes his love to her..rc gts annoyed n disturbed n asks vivan to keep quite..vivan gts angry n goes away..

preity foolishly decides to use one of d least used phone of iris as peppers alternate contact no. 4 freelancing..n suvi agrees too..ira walks in they gt scared she ovrheard she she very politely asks 4 her lunch box 4m preity n praises suvi n expresses her desire to c suvi as d intern of d mnth next time..
bak in d haunted haveli..every1 except samar walks in towards a jungle..yelling 4 max..sun they hear sum1 lufing..then they hear max pleading 4 help..yuvraj rushes in..they c max tied on a tree..upside dwn..yuvi tries to climb up d tree to free max bt sudenly max vanishes..yuvi screams out in frustrations..samar rushes in..every1 informs him that they saw max’s body t it disappeared sudenly..

bak in mumbai..suvi n rc is shown cuming out of d car to c off vivan..jd cals..suvi hesitates to tek d cal..rc asks her to tek suvi goes away to attend ws 4m jd asking her to do more designs bt suvi informs her that she is too tied up to do d new project 4 nw…vivan coaxes rc to tel suvi he loves rc doesnt vivan tels f9 i wd tel her on ur behalf n b4 rc cd stop him he runs away to tel suvi..

Precap:Jd cals at d iris no. asking 4 pepper..ira receives d cal..max is shown with a knife in his hand luking possessed n abt to stab samar as his bak is turned towards every1 else can c that max wd b attacking samar any moment so they r petrified.


Update Credit to: JustMySelf

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