The Buddy Project 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 23rd August 2013 Written Update

The Buddies in the canteen, praising what KD did for Kiya. Panchi is a bit sad and STTC wish Avi did something like this for her. Ruku comments that each girl wishes that her boyfriend did something like this for her. Piddi gets a text and goes all dreamy and excuses himself. Panchi also calls RV to leave but he’s all lost in Ruku. KD tries to stop them but Kiya says Panchi is right, they shouldn’t be kabab mein haddis and the three leave. Kiya thanks KD for whatever he did for her and boosts his confidence because he was still sad about his bad results. She tells him that everyone knows he’s hardworking and smart person, next exam he would rock it!

Piddi is being all smug that he was the one who patched KiSha and gave him the painting idea to KWG. The girl seems impressed

but then JJ comes there, catching Piddi bluffing. Piddi tries to get out of the situation saying he was just doing civil service and JJ tells him to meet in the gym in the evening. Piddi gets scared that JJ might make him run 10 kms today.

RV is all low and KD comes there, asking him about his “Ruku Baby”. Piddi also comes there and they push him to do something for Ruku. RV says he hasn’t committed to Ruku yet as such things take time. Piddi says they are together all the time and they do indirect romance and they haven’t committed yet. RV isnt’ convinced and KD says he likes her, she likes him so what’s the problem? If he wastes time, then he’d be left crying while she moves on with someone else! RV gets scared and disappears from there.

In RS, RV gets an idea and goes on-air and announces that he is going to sing a song for someone special, the one who gave him a reason to live. And he wishes once he’s done, that person will come to meet him. Panchi in the canteen hears this and STTC that it’s so embarrassing that RV is going to sing a song for her in front of everyone. She has to go talk to him. She gets up. There, Ruku hears this and shakes her head at RV’s actions.

RV sings, “Tujhko Jo Paya” on air while both the girls simultaneously walk towards him, both dreamy. Both thinking respective moments spent with RV. Buddies also getting romantic with the song and RV imagines Ruku coming to the RS. Near the RS, Panchi stops as she realizes that this song can’t be for her as it’s romantic and doesn’t go further. RV finishes the song but there’s no one in the RS.

RV comes out of RS but there is a crowd of girls, each claiming he sang the song for them. RV is trapped among them. Ruku comes there and is not pleased seeing this. RV tries stopping her but she’s gone. Panchi comes there and sees this and saves RV. He asks where did Ruku go, he did all for her and these stupid girls ruined it. Panchi tells him to go after Ruku and tell her he likes her! RV runs away and the girls follow. RV catches upto Ruku who doesn’t want to talk to him but he drags her to an abandoned classroom and hides beneath a desk. He says he did all for her and didn’t even notice the girls. He know she likes him but doesn’t want to say it. Ruku tells him to stop going overboard with his thoughts and RV replies he won’t force her but he knows two things.
1) He sang the song only for her.
2) He loves her.

Precap – KD blindfolds Kiya and takes her somewhere, saying it’s a surprise and today will be the best night of her life. KiSha celebrate Kiya’s birthday in KD’s hostel room. They are all romantic romantic when someone knocks the door, demanding KD to open it. KiSha shocked.


Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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