Suvreen Guggal 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 20th March 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with RC shocked saying ‘What’ to Ira who tells everyone to bunk the class for today, Ira tells RC that all his students are coming with her today, he can either call it a class bunk or a special assignment

Ira gets up and asks everyone to come with her, all of them look at RC for approval who nods his head and they all head out with Ira bidding RC goodbye, who on the other hand thinks to himself that it looks like Ira studies in college not the others

Pappa G. in his office thinks about Suvi’s words about falling in love, one of his colleagues come to him asking him if he is not hungry, Pappa G. tensed replies that Mamma G. fed him a lot for breakfast so he is not hungry, the man asks sure, Pappa G. says yes and the man take a leave for his lunch

He then gets a phone call from Mamma G. who asks him if he had his food, he replies a bit ticked off that he had and is about to keep the phone when Mamma G. says he hasn’t learned to lie yet, she tells him she knows he is worried but not eating will not drive away his worry, Pappa G. tells her off he doesn’t know if his worry will go or not, he cant understand what going on, he cant understand whatever Suvi has done, he cuts the call, Mamma G. gets more tensed

Zorro and Annie praise Ira mam for being so cool, Zorro says if he would have been straight then he would have found her very hot, Ira comes with food and exclaims how much she missed canteen food and its good to be back to college
She offers popcorn to everyone but they refuse, Ira says they should eat and tells them there is one rule for canteen food, before asking they should eat otherwise they wont get the chance to eat, she offers them again and they take popcorn

Ira then asks them how are they at multi-tasking, everyone looks confused, Zorro says don’t know, Ira eating popcorn asks they can hear while eating right, everyone laughs and says yes
Ira says there they have their multi-tasking, she tells them she was thinking of giving them a task to know them better, Annie says task again, Ira says not task exactly but an exercise, task are difficult but exercise is sufi, Suvi asks confused sufi, Ira says sufi as in cool

Ira takes out a pack of dvd from her bag and says she wants them to watch these fashion shows carefully and come up with their own ideas and make the designs more Indian-ised
Annie asks they have to copy the designs, Ira explains to her not copy but to do something uinque that will suit the indian clothes, everyone nods and says they got it except for Suvi who is tensed and a bit absent-minded

Ira notices Suvi and calls out to her and asks her ‘what makes you beautiful’ Suvi asks what confused, Ira says before coming here there was a song going in her head and asks her what song is going through her head, Suvi says its not like that, Ira asks if she fought with her boyfriend, Zorro and Annie giggle, Suvi gives them a look and says no to Ira

Ira then says she will divide them into a team and tells Annie to be with Alisha and Suvi and Zorro can work together, she further says apart from all of this she wants them to come up with individual concepts, they agree and Ira says she is very excited to see what they four come up with, while Suvi goes back to her tension mode
Yuvi comes out of class searching for Suvi and asks people around but no luck, he then tries calling her but no response

Suvi in the corridor is talking to her mom on the phone and asks her if Pappa G. said anything, Mamma G. says she never saw her dad so tensed like this before, she tried to talk but he isn’t talking, he’s not even eating, she finally tells her maybe her dad wont understand this matter, Suvi depressed keeps the phone
Suvi tried to work for her project but cant concentrate and keep remembering her mom’s words, she finally gets frustrated and throws away the papers while Yuvi stands and watches her(damn poor Suvi everything is affecting her concentration for studies)

He goes to her and asks her what happened and if her dad…Suvi cuts in and says he isn’t saying anything, Suvi asks seriously what if her Pappa says no, Yuvi gets tensed, Suvi says what if he tells her not to talk to him anymore and not to meet him, it might be the last time today she is talking to him, she asks what if something like this happens
Yuvi thinks and says then they should talk nice stuff, Suvi gets irritated, Yuvi holds her hand and says it cant be last time as love never ends and he really believes this that their love story will never end so there isn’t any last time or end(aww that was soo cute what he saiddamn Yuvi has become so romanchak)
He further says whatever happens tomorrow will be tomorrow and they will see it then, they should pre-pone sadness but post-pone it, Suvi smiles at him

Annie tells Zorro thinking about Alisha she remembers Orange, Zorro says orange and when people wear it with purple it looks so disgusting, Annie shouts at him Orange the fruit, Zorro is confused, Annie says the reason is that whenever she sees her she feels like putting Alisha in the juicer and grind her to pieces and make her juice
Zorro looks at her bewildered, Annie frustrated says her juice wont be orange but will be a disgusting mixed colour of red and brown, Zorro asks her if she is reading too much vampire novels lately, Annie says yes and wishes she would have been a vampire then she would have taught that vamp a lesson(Go Anniee become a Vamp and teach the vamp a lesson)

Zorro tells her to get over it and forget whatever happened in the fashion show as Alisha is ok now, Annie screams at him if ever he takes her side then she will add him also to the juicer and grind him, Zorro says sorry and Annie tells him she can never forget what she did with her in the fashion show project and again this time she is stuck with her to do the project and whines she doesn’t want to work with Alisha and why cant she work with him

Zorro tells her so to do the project with him, Annie becomes confused and Zorro says what does Alisha care who Annie does project with and all, Annie exclaims that means she can do the project with him and hugs him
Ira comes out and says loudly ‘let’s go Charles Brownie’, the students stare at RC, he goes to Ira and says what is she doing this is his college, Ira says exactly its college and they should have fun but he will always be the boring one, she then says to lets go

RC tells her he will drop her, Ira says no he doesn’t need to she will drop herself, RC says confused he thought that her driver took her car, Ira tells him who says she will drive her car and go and shows him his car key, RC gets shocked and asks how did she get that, he tries to take it from her but she doesn’t let him and says he is predictable he still keeps it at the same place from college time, RC calls her a thief as they head towards the car

RC then asks her how were they, she says good, RC says just good, she says she liked them all but she is a bit unsure about one(uh-oh), RC asks who, Ira says Suvreen and gets into the car
RC asks her why and tells her Suvi is the best student, she is so talented and that she made her first outfit in 20 mins only, Ira exclaims ‘OMG’ and says someone has got a favorite, RC says not about favorite but she is really talented but doesn’t know why she doesn’t feel the same

Ira says she doesn’t know but Suvi seemed a bit lost, she asks why is there a problem, RC says no but he knows she will work through it as she is very hard-working, and she will surprise her tomorrow, Ira says we will see about that(damn hope Suvi gives her best in her project), RC then thanks her for shifting their dream project to Delhi

Musu Musu Hasi song sequence(aaahhh YuvReen magic back on, gosh they are soo adorable, the most cutest adorable couple)- In the empty classroom, Yuvi makes Suvi sit and sits opposite to her trying to make her smile but she is all grimed, he tries to cheer her up with food but no luck, he then finally finds a way to make her smile and they both smile lovingly at each other
Annie and Zorro work in the atrium on the project having fun with each other, Rathi depressed watches the two from far, he thinks he never saw her this happy and whenever she is with Zorro she is so happy(aahh i feel horrible for Rathi)

Yuvi drops Suvi back to home, Suvi says to Yuvi this is it, Yuvi holds her hands, Suvi apologizes to Yuvi that she couldn’t hide it from her parents and if she did then, Yuvi finishes for her that it wouldn’t have been right

Yuvi says he fell in love with her because her heart is so pure and clean and she can never lie, and no matter what anyone says she always listens to her heart and if she wouldn’t have been truthful from her heart then it would have been a betrayal to her, to him and even their love
He gives her a piece of paper, Suvi asks what is it, he says not to open it now, it has magical words written on it and if she is ever scared then she can read the words and calm down, Suvi smiles and gets off to leave, Yuvi watches her going away and says ‘I Love You Suvreen’ she turns to look at him and then runs back to him to hug(awww that was sooo damn cutee luvd this scenethe pain the love the fear everything was beautifully portrayed)’

Mamma G. opens the door for Suvi, she asks about Pappa G. and Mamma indicates inside, Suvi sees her dad sitting tensed in the hall room, she remembers about Yuvi’s words about the paper he gave, she takes it out and reads ‘YUVREEN’ and smiles(OMG hahaha that is soo effing cuteee)
Pappa G. luks up at her and she luks at him tensed, he goes to Suvi and says to tell Yuvi that he wants to meet him tomorrow, Suvi and Mamma G. are shocked

Precap: Suvi indicates Yuvi to come inside to the hall room where Pappa and Mamma G. were already seated, YuvReen come and sit with them, Suvi asks her mom alter at night if Pappa said anything, Mamma G. looks at her tensed

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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