Amrit Manthan 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 20th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sunita telling Agam that before she says to Nimrit to cook khicdi for him she cooked it her self , Nimrit told Sunita to sit , then she served food to everyone , She gave food to Tej and said that today i have cooked your favorite sabzi and with my own hands , Agam gets angry , then Nimrit told Sunita that mummy Ji have your food before your serial comes or else whole night you’ll be thinking what will happen , Nimrit said to Mahi that Papa what are you doing ? you know you have to take you medicine before food , so she gave him medicine , when she went to Agam to serve him food , Agam said that i have problem with this khicdi .. So Nimrit said oh i don’t know but i’ll make new for you , Agam said No and said that i am also not feeling hungry . He leaves the dining table .

Amrit went to the servant to ask him about the call , so he said go there , Bani was talking in the P.C.O but Amrit cannot see her face , as her face was in wall side , Amrit saw another P.C.O and went there , Bani calls Nimrit , Amrit calls Agam .
Amrit asked Agam why did you did this ? why did you save Nimrit ? while Bani told Nimrit about the incident happened in the camp . Nimrit told Bani that she had did good . Amrit said to Agam that there must be any plan of Nimrit inside by stopping you at the palace , While Nimrit told Bani that Mr.Sardar , is staying at the palace as he saved Nimrit from the snake , Bani said to Nimrit to take good care of him and keep him at home , un till Bani doesn’t comes home , Amrit said to Agam to get out of palace so Agam said No i will not as i got this chance to live with my parents , i would not give up this chance . Both Amrit and Bani turned off the calls and went away .

Agam was thinking about the thing happened in the dining table , one side he thinks about good that how Nimrit was caring Sunita and Mahi while at the other side he remembers Nimrit and Tej scenes .

Nimrit comes to Agam and said that i have cooked another khicdi for you , so Agam said i have told you that i am not feeling hungry , so Nimrit said that you disagreed but your health said to me that you must eat it , She gave the tray to Agam , the tray was about to fall , Nimrit hold it , and inspite of this she hold Agam’s hand too .
Then she said to Agam that i am serving this in the table so he come there . Nimrit served the food , Agam comes , he was eating then , the khicdi get little bit in agam’s face , so nimrit told Agam to clean it , AFTER he had finished his dinner , Nimrit asked him about the relations , which hurt him , so Agam said i don’t want to remember them any more , while Nimrit was leaving Agam told her everything and Nimrit adviced him that leave this hatred it will only get you in loss, after she lefted , Agam said that i told her everything and no sign of any confusion in her face , is she really good or bad ?

Sunita told Mahi that she feels as if Sehgal is his own relative , Agam was hearing this all , Mahi said that don’t forget what Amrit did to Nimrit , she hates her so much but Nimrit still try till the last to make her good , Agam got confused ,
The childrens were leaving , Bani went to take her luggage and the girl locked her , And ticked her name in the list ,

Agam said to himself that who is right Amrit or Nimrit i have to find out …When every one arrived , Bani was not there , Jojo cries . Bani was knocking the door , Amrit come and opened her both says you , you . Then Bani told she is lefted here alone , so Amrit said Oh in this night we have to stay here only …

Precap : Agam said to Nimrit that I have heard you was a princess and you have a sister , Amrit , So Nimrit said that she is not my sister so Agam said why ? Nimrit said because she had fetched the most beautiful relation of My life .. Agam said which relation ?

Update Credit to: Mehak

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