Suvreen Guggal 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 17th April 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Suvi strolling in the same place, she looks at her watch and tells herself one hr passed and why didn’t Alisha come yet, she then waits for a bit longer
On the other hand RC tells Ira how can this all be theirs, looking around in the new office, Ira tells him excitedly if they pay the electricity, water and maintenance bill then this place can be theirs, RC tells her she is no magician to get this place so easily and asks her what’s the real deal

Ira then informs him that this office is Jolly’s but since his partner backed out and Jolly already bought and designed this place he doesn’t want to use it anymore and said its ok if they use it, she further tells him he has a small office up there and that’s it, RC surprised asks Ira ‘but Jolly’, Ira just smiles at him
Suvi goes to a phone booth and tries to call Alisha and says why isn’t she picking up and she said she will come and pick her up, Suvi then thinks if she should call Mamma but then chucks the idea as she knows Mamma will be worried, she tries for Alisha again thinking maybe her phone is on silent
Suvi then suddenly thinks what if she came and doesn’t know Suvi is near the phone, she goes back to the place where she is supposed to wait for Alisha and sits on the bench, she takes out the shawl Tannu gave and wears it, time passes by and Suvi is hungry and still waiting

RC tells Ira he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, Ira tells him idea bad or good doesn’t matter but this is the best one they have right now, she tries to convince him they wont get such a huge space to work anywhere and its just perfect, RC still tries to say something but Ira cuts in and says they have to build their business and she isn’t asking him to stay here forever, they will be here for just two months, after that they will have lots of clients and all so they can shift and she will go wherever he wants
RC is still stuck on the Jolly guy and Ira pleads him to say yes, Ira tells him he have to say yes and keeps nagging until finally RC says fine, Ira then tells him she has to go make phone calls and asks him to see the rest of the place himself, she goes off and RC asks her again if she is sure about Jolly, Ira shouts out to shut up
Suvi is having food still sitting in the bench, a car comes and stops, Suvi gets up thinking its Alisha but the car moves and goes away, Suvi cries saying Alisha ditched her, she goes to the pay phone again and tries calling again and again but in vain

Preeti gets a call from Ira and mumbles nervously good morning and then good evening, Ira greets her and then informs her about the new office, Preeti exclaims about it and Ira tells her to inform everyone she will message her the new address, and she asks them to inform to come on time, Preeti says ok and then says Suvi doesn’t have a phone, Ira tells her to leave a note with the guard and tells her how does people used to work before when there were no mobile phones, Preeti agrees and says ok

Suvi is still waiting on the bench when a police man comes and tells her to leave from there as it’s a park and not her house, Suvi says to herself she doesn’t even have a house, and takes her stuff and walks away from there, Suvi walks and thinks people even sleep in the stations and no one even asks them

Morning time Suvi suddenly wakes up from her sleep with the sound of the trains, she looks at the time and runs off for work, she reaches the office when the guard stops her and asks if she is Suvreen, Suvi says yes and he hands her a letter from Preeti telling her the address to new office, Suvi smiles and asks the guard about the address but he says he doesn’t know, Suvi then leaves
Preeti greets good morning to Ranbir Kapoor in the magazine when Udit and Geeti enter the office and admire it, Geeti tells Udit they should click a pic and she clicks with her phone and then says she will upload it and Udit says he will like it, Geeti becomes excited and hugs him, Preeti looks at them weirdly, Udit and Geeti walk off to admire the whole place
Alisha enters and is impressed with the new office, Udit keeps clicking Geeti’s pics, Alisha greets Ira who comes down and tells them they are going to get really busy now, they all wish Congrats to Ira, she thanks them and says they just need a logo to come there which RC is going to personally design it

RC enters the office and everyone greets him, Alisha wishes him Congrats for the new office, he wishes them all too and then sees and says Suvi hasn’t come yet, Ira looks at him
Suvi is walking and asking about the address to reach the new office, back at office everyone is setting their own desk, Suvi finally reaches and runs, she then stops in midway and looks at herself in the window and sets up her hair and herself and tells herself not to cry again and again, she finally enters the new office
Preeti sees her and exclaims and comes to her saying thankgod she came and asks her if she got her note, Suvi says yes, Preeti offers her diet chips and tells her it wont put on weight, Suvi says no, Preeti then asks if she ahs done facewash, Suvi gets conscious and says no, Preeti tells her to eat chips, Suvi takes and leaves

Suvi goes to Alisha and asks her why didn’t she come to pick her up, Alisha tells her she came but she didn’t see her so she left and plus she doesn’t have a phone so she couldn’t call, Suvi says atleast she had the phone and she tried to call her so many times but she didn’t pick up and she only said to wait in Demonte park, Alisha lies saying she didn’t say Demonte park but said Joggers park, she then makes it up that she searched for her so much and was thinking why couldn’t she get her
Suvi looks at her, Geeti comes and asks Alisha about something when she notices the photoframe in Alisha’s desk and exclaims whats wrong with her as its so last season, Alisha puts down the frame and diverts the topic to Suvi and asks her isn’t this the same outfit which she wore yesterday, Geeti notices it too and mocks that wearing a stole with it wont make the dress new and they both start laughing at Suvi

Suvi just smiles, Udit comes and says no wonder he thought he saw her somewhere and all three start laughing, Suvi tells them it isn’t the same one and says that when she likes any fabric or print or cuts she takes 2-3 sets of it, Ira watches her from other side, Geeti tells her it suits you mocking her, Suvi says so what, Geeti says nothing and tells Udit to lets leave from there
Suvi tells Alisha she will go set her work station as Ira watches her, Ira calls out Suvi as she picks up a sketch book and pencil, she tries to say something but Ira says enough and reminds her she is a fashion student not a college student anymore and she is a representative of RC’s brand and that’s huge, Suvi says yes, Ira tells her to change her habits like making 2-3 dresses of the same design, Suvi tries to say something but Ira cuts in and tells her she doesn’t want to know her reason for wearing the dress again but she doesn’t want to see it like that next time
Ira explains Suvi that her dressing sense and her behavior should be to the level of the brand, Suvi nods in agreement, Ira says only then she can be part of this huge and reputed fashion house, whatever she wears says a lot about her and them, she tells her it’s the last time and Suvi says yes, Ira then tells her to go right now to the clothes room and pick up something for herself from the rejected section, Ira leaves and Suvi holds back her tears

Suvi goes to the clothes room and is surprised thinking if it’s a stock room or a treasure room, she looks at the pool of clothes and thinks what to wear but thinks she can pick nay as its just for a day, she takes out the dresses and holds it in front of her to look in the mirror when suddenly someone screams out ‘OMG’
Suvi gets shocked, the guy exclaims what is that in disgust and Suvi jumps thinking it must be a lizard or ant, the guy tells her it’s the dresses in her hands that’s hurting his eyes and tells her to drop them, Suvi drops it in panic, he then walks to her and points to pick that one

Suvi rummages through thinking which one he said to pick out, the guy tells her finally she takes out a black dress, he tells her to close her eyes, Suvi looks at him stunned, he tells her to close her eyes again and she does, he thinks pink eye shadow and goes to the next clothes section and picks out a pink stole and ties it around Suvi and says now he can look at her
Suvi looks at him ridiculously, the guy goes around arranging dresses and Suvi asks what does he mean by ‘look at you’ and starts off that fashion is all about comfort and she wont wear what gives her comfort then what will she wear and goes on and on about what do they mean by last season and stuff they cant be a model all the time, she keeps blabbering but he ignores, Suvi finally screams out did he look at himself

The guy turns around and then looks back at the mirror and smiles looking at himself, Suvi walks to him and says something, the guy calls her a rag doll and tells her she cant tell him what he should be wearing or not, he then says someone like her he cant even call her a person, he tells her she is so far away from talent class and style that hse doesn’t have the right to be in this place, he then says to pack her bags and leave and go off to the village from where she came and screams out to her to go, Suvi looks at him stunned and shocked as he leaves and thinks about the words he said

Precap: Ira tells RC angrily that now their company’s credibility depends on a confused and fresher girl who is scared of every little matter, she says its just great and screams out she doesn’t believe him, RC is frustrated while Ira leaves off from there

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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